2016 Chevrolet Volt – Full Frontal Reveal


 2016 Chevrolet Volt Rear Teaser

2016 Chevrolet Volt Rear Teaser

Through the magic of Photoshop, we present this almost-full frontal reveal of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

Too much fake chrome, we’re thinking, but other than that we rather like the Volt’s new appearance.

We’re told that the overall exterior design is more aggressive in appearance, but that aerodynamics remain a key factor in the Volt’s design.

Just in case you missed it in all of the Volt excitement, blue is back.ย  We believe this is Topaz Blue, a color that was discontinued on the current Volt.ย  However, it appears to be back by request.

Most of the improvements made to the next-generation Volt come directly from feedback/requests from current Volt owners.

Now that you’ve viewed the front end in its entirety and the 2016 Volt’s rear partially, what’s your take on the exterior design based on these limited reveals?

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I am starting to like the new look. Eric is right about the fake chrome being a bit over the top, but it seems to be more aggressive looking and with the comments that the Volt as whole is “sportier” in the Gen II version, I think that I will like the rest of it, too.

I agree on the grill. I might have to go with a silver paint color so it doesn’t stand out so much.

It is not fake chrome it is fake aluminum. Body shops will be quite busy blacking out this gaudiness.

A can of Plasti Dip could fix this…

Seriously, we are 4+ years into EVs now. We can get rid of the fake grille.

To me, the grille is nothing but a symbol of automobile failure. A grille says “This vehicle is so inefficient that it requires an unaerodynamic grille to suck in air and help dissipate waste heat.”

Exactly right. Who is going to do a grill that looks like it functions?

Tesla’s nose cone is pretty good. But even they seem to have some unnecessary nose flair to make it blend in with conventional cars.

I hate the Tesla nose cone. (please do not put the nose cone on the Model 3)

Note the Volt still has an ICE and other electronics which probably benefit from the heat dissipation.

What about a series of highly efficient fans to charge the battery

Grills look nice. As long as they don’t negatively affect efficiency, I don’t see any reason not to use them as a decoration.

The windows on a lot of nice houses have grids on them. Those grids are a throw-back to when glass manufacturing processes weren’t good enough to produce large panes of glass inexpensively, but they look nice, so they’re still used. The grill on the car is the same thing. No big deal.

Agreed. Eliminating the grill means either you are going for a grill-less Real Sportscar look (which is too aggressive for the target market segment) or your car has a high probability of looking like a spacepod.

Even the much-ballyhooed Model S has a fake grill. There are certain design choices that have historical association with failed “futuristic” technology, and fake grills are an easy and essentially cost-free way to avoid those choices.

I mean, for all the hoopla about fake grills, both the Volt and the Model S have a better Cd than the grill-less Leaf.

And most houses have shutters which don’t actually close or do anything. Just for looks.

It took a long time for early automobiles to stop looking like horse-drawn carriages.

Black PlastiDip – check!

Come on – why design a car around a possibility that some Pixar movie needs a smiley-looking car to design a character around.

I absolutely love it. Front looks aggressive, like get out of my way. Side looks good from what we have seen so far. The interior with the rear bench seat in the back seating 5 now will help a lot. I hope the rear looks as nice. Looks like I will definitely make it my 3rd new Volt I buy.

Lookin’ GOOD!

The back and the front look like their from different cars!

The back is soft and curvy, the front has more aggressive lines. An artifact of aero optimization?

No wheels? ๐Ÿ˜‰

This hype will go on for one year?

Full reveal in January.

Don’t care about fake chrome. More range and quick charging. That’s all I want.

Full frontal reveal. (teehee).

(pssst: tell the photo-shop guy he forgot to fix the bowtie)

New Chevy emblem, obviously ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I see functionally pointless cosmetics on vehicles I can’t help but wonder what useful thing was omitted in order to make room in the budget for the tinsel.

Presumably the process of sacrificing useful for useless is a process of negotiation within manufacturer organizations. Would be interesting to be the fly on the wall in meetings where these things are decided.

Perhaps it would be good for customers to be able to see line items for cosmetics and be able to participate in the decision process?

This problem affects Tesla as well. The needlessly extravagant gull wing doors on the model x is pushing back the delivery by months!!!

Ofcourse gull wing doors will be a super cool feature, but really, is it going to have any positive effect on the goal of proliferation of electric vehicles.

Has the exterior changed? I don’t see any important difference between them.

Well, I can barely tell a Volt from a Prius. As long as it’s still a hatchback I’ll be happy.

It looks like it has a gaping mouth ready to chomp down and swallow the competition – oh, wait, no one else actually makes a mass-production EREV like the Volt!

Yeah, it is disappointing that no one makes a ~40 mile or greater electric range PHEV except GM. Some of the other PHEVs are relatively good but it is completely inexplicable to me that they don’t offer at least 16KWH of battery because THE GOVERNMENT WILL PAY FOR 16KWH OF BATTERY! (The >$400/KWH tax-credit completely covers the cost of the battery in a PHEV up to 16KWH.)

Except the i3, but it has other issues.

True. I tend to forget about the i3 since it is so different than the other PHEVs. It really is the ‘EREV’ . . . primarily an EV but with a little range-extender add-on.

The i3 has so little extended range and so little long-climb mountain power that it isn’t really the same. Tom’s recent article showed that even with his REx, he had to think about gas station strategies for his wife so she could get to/from a rural area. Only the Volt is a true all-purpose, go anywhere EREV that just works like a car when the battery is depleted..

Nice smile.

I hope they made it longer to give the rear seat some more leg room and head room.

But the most important reveal of all will be the price. If they can get the price down, everyone should buy this instead of a Prius. Why get 49MPG when you can drive all on electricity for your commute & local errands? And that makes up more than 90% of driving.

If the back seat has enough legroom and headroom for a 6′-4″ person (like me) then the Volt will go to the top of list of cars to buy.

You’re going to let your chauffeur drive while you ride in the back?

I kid…. I kid….

Yeah, I’m 6′ and I was a bit cramped in the back of a Volt. At 6’4″, you must have bumped your head.

The hell is that?

Looks like a honda civic SMH.

The current front end on the Volt is almost sexy. This new front end looks cheap. Not impressed.

News Flash!

(image of swirling newspaper)

EVer doesn’t like something

This time he may be right.

How in the world does the front look like a Honda Civic? I’m not seeing it.

To me it looks like a Camry. It looks cheap and gaudy and generic.

Very NICE!! I can’t wait to see what Gen-III will look like!

I like the look of the current Volt, but from the front this appears to be even better. I’m not sure about the rounded rear-end, though. I’ll have to wait until more is revealed, possibly seeing it first hand in Detroit!

Far more interesting is what’s under the hatch. The biggest drawback for me is the tiny trunk. I barely make do with my compact Insight, with 16 cubic feet. I would never be able to step down to a mere 10!

I’ll take the old style with more range, quicker charger, and a 5th seat. Way to make it look more like an import.

If they’re bringing back blue, sure wish they’d consider bringing back that fantastic green of ’68-’72 – if you Like green, that one was about 2 dozen different shades in the sun.

I’m not sure why so many people are complaining about the “fake chrome” of the pseudo-grill.

The Gen1 Volt has been out for years and that design aspect is nearly identical between the two.

Because it’s new. And the rule of the internet is all new things must be attacked regardless of personal opinion.


…obscure 80s reference FTL

In the real world, the front grill won’t have a high powered photography light pointed straight at the front grill bouncing the reflection straight back in your eyes all the time.

In the real world, with lighting from the sun from above with the shiny parts not getting hit with light directly, it will look just fine. Not anywhere as shiny as in the pictures.

Ever notice that your driveway shots of your car never look quite as stunning as the advertising shots from the manufacturer? Lighting baby, it’s all about the lighting.

Grill looks fine… it’s not “fake chrome” it’s polished Aluminum which is much better than the old chrome… lighter more durable… and looks better. The Volt has real chrome on the steering wheel which looks good there and is appropriate. Will be interesting to see the rest of the car.
My Volt is just turning 2 years old … I’ve used 18 gallons of gas to drive 17,000 hard city miles.. one oil change… and I don’t miss the 70 or so trips to the gas station it has already saved me… amazingly reliable and efficient with performance better than any car I’ve ever driven.

The grill looks frankly “ghastly”. I wonder if like with the original prototype of the first Volt, they will surprise with a completely different design.

Actually going back to that first prototype, as far as looks went it was awesome, yet they ditched it

It’s quite possible there will be a second grill for the “budget” version GM claims will be available, possibly blackout. Classic GM move to differentiate high end trim levels from base trim.

If the new Volt has five seats, we will see Dr. Lyle Dennis trading in his C-Max, and retuening to Gm-Volt.com as a forum member.

I like the nose crease, the brushed aluminum and form of this front end.

The only problem being too much brushed aluminum. I’d narrow (top to bottom) that band of alumium trim and close in on it using the same form, but a painted surface and black surround, similar to how the brushed aluminum on Volt1 doesn’t run flush into the painted surfaces.

Tesla went simple, in a commendable way, with their black plastic nose.

Easy, fun little plastidip job for a Sunday afternoon will fix that to your taste.