2016 Chevrolet Volt Configurator Now Online, Plus First Deliveries Update

SEP 25 2015 BY JAY COLE 46

GM Launches 2016 Chevrolet Volt Configurator!

GM Launches 2016 Chevrolet Volt Configurator!

We have known the basics surrounding the all-new, 2nd generation 2016 Chevrolet Volt for some time; such as the starting MSRP at $33,995.  But what about if you want to know the cost of the fancy “Illuminated Charge Port” option that is both functionally useless, but also pretty cool?

2016 Chevrolet Volt "Green Ring" Option

2016 Chevrolet Volt “Green Ring” Option

Now that GM has put the 2016 Chevrolet Volt configurator online (check it out here), you would know the “green ring of light” will set you back $225.

Editor’s Note: The 2016 Chevrolet Volt (and hence the online configurator) is only available in the US in 11 states, before the 2017 Chevrolet Volt is released nationwide in early 2016.  Those states are: California, Oregon, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Of course, being the sophisticated outfit we are, we set out to fully deck out the top of the line Premier version (starting from $38,345) for no particular reason, just to see how high one can option out the 2016 Volt – as a point of interest, the answer is $44,605

Wait For It, Wait For It...Go!

Wait For It, Wait For It…Go!

As to actual first deliveries of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt will occur, we had expected those to have occurred by mid-September, and well, that did not happen.

From what we have been able to piece together, it turns out that 2016 Volts built at GM’s Hamtramck, Michigan facility from August through time of press have been sitting in a protracted quality control hold.  And that some early completed California orders that where intended to head west, have now been re-assigned/rebuilt (with new VINs), for unknown reasons.

That being said, we now expect first deliveries (including the rebuilds) to happen in the first week or two of October.

Hat tip to Andrew S!

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Wow, I knew about the general pricing details, but didn’t realized a fully loaded Volt would run that high. Does that price include all the extra accessories as well you can order (car cover, all weather floor mats, etc…)?

Yes, lots of “fluff” option.

For example: it includes indescent pearl tricoat color which is $995 option. The siren red and kinetic blue are only $395 and rest of the nice colors such as silver, gray, white and black are all $0.

The 17″ glossy wheel cost another $1895.

Combined with dealer fluff such as all weather mats, cargo nets, “tablet holders”..etc you got another $1300 of fluff…

If you remove those fluffs and keep all the essential safety, luxury and tech options such as heated steering/seat, leather, navigation, lane avoidance, backup sensors, auto brakes, wireless phone charger and cooling, MyLink…etc, it only max out at $39.8K.

2017’s will be out in early 2016,right?

Word on the street is that production begins Spring of 2016. That probably translates into a late spring/early summer launch. I’d guess sometime in June or July.


“the fancy “Illuminated Charge Port” option that is both functionally useless, but also pretty cool”

I chuckled at this. But in reality, it is not completely useless. If you are trying to plug in your car in a poorly-lit location, the light ring on my CMax certainly helps me align the cord. I would guess the Volt’s light right would help as well.

“$44,605 as a point of interest, the answer is $44,606”

Well, which is it? $44,605 or $44,606? This could be the difference between buying and walking away to someone!

Now the illuminated cup holders, on the other hand, seem completely useless. Well, maybe not if you used your ’16 Volt for Uber or something. “Hey, check this out!” followed by “ooooooooooo”.

Honestly, I disagree with you. Try driving on a dark night. Take a sip of your drink, and then go to it down.

My Cmax and Leaf both have illuminated cup holders, but the CMax has the ability to turn that off. Well, it got turned off at one point, and I had the darndest time finding the cupholder again.

Illuminated cup holders on a Leaf? I’ve had two 2012 and one 2015 Leaf and neither one had illuminated cupholders! Are you talking about the dim light that shines down from the courtesy/map light that lights up the shifter so you can find it in the dark? This a carry over from the gas cars, my 2000 Corvette has it shining right on the shift knob. I’ve never thought of it as a cupholder light just a way to see the shifter in complete darkness. Maybe im wrong.

Re assigning VIN’s?

First a delay until the next model year and now they are re assigning Vins.

The quality control issue must be a pretty big deal. Must be a battery problem.

or the new transmission is having problems. The battery and the transmission are two major changes fro Gen 2….at any rate it isn’t small potatoes.

Seems likely.

That’s the only thing I have misgivings about in the new Volt. Why was there a necessity to ‘redesign everything’?

Surely the 3.3 kw charger, which has been trouble free for all these years could have been left alone since the 3.6 isn’t that big of an increase, and if the 15 amp limitation of all gm products to date is STILL in effect, then that means at public charging stations (which is the usual place you definitely need a FAST charge), there will be no improvement at all anyway, and you’ll be forced to charge at between 2.9 and 3 kw anyways.

People here mostly dislike Lutz, so I know I’m in the minority here. But there is not denying he MicroMananged the design of the GEN 1 volt, and there is also no denying that the car, from the very first, has been more rock solid than any other car introduction in history.

I wish he was MicroManaging GEN 2.

Or emission related issue.

Maybe Chevy is re-tuning cars to meet whatever new CARB requirement is.

Remember that 2011 Volt didn’t qualify for the HOV carpool lane access until 2012 revisions in California with its emission tuning.

Maybe GM wants to make sure that CARB doesn’t come back and fine GM for violating any TZEV requirement.

Maybe they decided to remove the “defeat” device before getting too late:-)

Wasn’t the first reported actual Gen 2 Volt on the ground in Michigan, at the hands of a GM marketing exec?

If so, how come Michigan is not one of the 11 states?

There are a lot of 2016 Volts on the road in Michigan as company cars, but they are not for sale to individuals.

Company such as GM often has early “pilot” cars driven by employees for “real world” testing before former production release.

So, they often have cars up to 1 year before general public gets their hands on the car… It doesn’t mean they are available for public sales.

Yes, there are quite a few “captured test fleet” vehicles running around in MI…and have been for months. I park right next to them everyday here at the Powertrain HQ in Pontiac MI. Wish I was one of those lucky drivers.

I haven’t heard anything internally about why the launch was delayed/restricted to 11 states and couldn’t talk about it even if I did know.

I wouldn’t assume it is battery related. An issue with just about any component in the vehicle could hold up the launch.

To get to 44k you’d be ordering an extra set of polished wheels for almost $2,000 which already comes with the premium model….

And 2nd 120V EVSE apparently…

Wow.. For them to completely re-assign orders to new builds means there must be a serious problem with those Volts, something they can’t just repair on them easily. I wonder if it was a manufacturing issue, or a design issue. If it is a design issue, I would wonder why it wasn’t found during the testing phase with the pre-production models. A manufacturing issue would make more sense since it is the first run of the vehicles off the line. Maybe something wasn’t been built or assembled correctly. For example, remember how the Leaf had that issue with some missing weld spots?

I am guessing it was about the engine. Though GM has said it was not drive-train related.
Well WTF. Since they are being so close-mouthed about it, it only makes one speculate all the more that the problem was serious,as I predicted previously.

I’m surprised this delay hasn’t been more up front in the press. Sounds like a big manufacturing/quality control issue. Pretty late in the game to be finding this issue now. Maybe this was rushed out a little too early.

I’m thinking the first units off the line are what caused GM to delay 50 state production til March of next year. IE: they saw the problem on early the first weeks production and then they decided that something big needed changing, so they will only produce what has been guaranteed and ordered, and not one unit more. Might be a cost issue as well.
Huh! Our Volt lease runs out in September, I hope GM gets the line rocking next spring so the cars are prevalent by late summer. I don’t want to pay extra to be one of the first on my block.

You know what? All I care is I can get the base model and the heated seats and steering wheel without any other options.

I don’t need fancy lane assist or leather. I got auto a/c, remote start, and all the other stuff standard.

Though I wish the LED headlamps also were for high beams too on the base package. I’d love for them to be auto since I drive in rural parts a lot.

In your case, you should be able to get one for less than $35K MSRP which is about $33K invoice if you can get at that price.

On a 2015 I had to add a backup camera. Cost $110 and 4 hours of hard labor. Does the new one come with a backup camera. It is really a safety issue.

Mandatory on all new cars, so yes, and yes I confirmed it.

Back up cameras are not mandatory until 2018.

Good point but probably easier to add it now to a new generation car instead of later.

Backup camera is standard on the 2016 Chevy Volt.

Decided it prudent to remove the emissions cheat device?

How much does the price max out when you include dealer-installed pin stripes, undercarriage coating, fabric protector, vin etching, etc?



That already included about $1300 of dealer installed stuff such as “tablet holders”, “all weather floor mats”, “cargo nets”…etc

I was super-torn on whether to wait for the Gen 2 Volt vs. buying the Gen 1. Really glad I went with Gen 1 now, since I’m not sure my last car would have lasted for these delays.

We have a 2011 and its rock solid, no issues and still delivers 40 plus batt miles in good conditions. And I have all the bells and whistle, and it all works great.

“if you want to know the cost of the fancy “Illuminated Charge Port” option that is both functionally useless”.

Does the standard model have a lighted chargeport? If not, it is not useless at all. If you are parked in a dark spot, it can be really hard to insert the black charger into the black charge port in the dark. This forced me to quickly repair a broken light in front of my garage.

$225 is the cost of the illuminated port.

That buys a lot of nice flash lights… =)

+1 Lots of options I’d skip. Not this one.

“just to see how high one can option out the 2016 Volt – as a point of interest, the answer is $44,605″ Here is what I got: MSRP1 from $37,520 Destination Freight Charge $825 Options Iridescent Pearl Tricoat $995 Jet Black/Jet Black, Leather-appointed seat trim $0 17″ split 5-spoke ultra-bright machined finish aluminum wheels $0 Driver Confidence Package $495 Driver Confidence II Package $495 Low Emissions Package (T-ZEV) $0 Chevrolet MyLink Radio®1 with Navigation2 $495 All-weather floor mats $140 Following distance sensor indicator $0 Reflective Window Shade $110 Universal Tablet Holders $105 Ambient Lighting $575 All-weather cargo mat $110 Cargo net $60 17” aluminum, Split 5-spoke wheels, ultra-bright, machined finish with painted, gloss black pockets $1,895 Wheel Lock Kit $60 Illuminated charge port $225 IntelliBeam® headlamps with automatic high-beam $0 Rear Cross-Traffic Alert1 $0 Forward Collision Alert1 $0 Lane Keep Assist1 $0 Side Blind Zone Alert with Lane Change Alert1 $0 Low-speed Front Automatic Braking1 $0 Options Total $5,760 Total MSRP $44,105 The difference is that InsideEV Ordered a 2nd 120V EVSE with the car. Including that is definitely misleading. But if you look it closely, The paint color and upgraded wheel accounted for nearly $2700 out of the $5K… Read more »

Ambient lighting is $575 as well. I can do without ambient lighting.

I think Gen 2 was determined mainly to save money and most of the savings has to be done or made from changing drivetrain components and also stay in 30,000 dollar range. Since battery price has come down GM can come with longer range battery. Also demand for longer range is normal. I think GM should have an option for level 3 charging. I would gladly pay for level 3 charging. Level 3 charging would give you better range in big cities. Also municipalities would purchase fast charging Volts because there are a lot of miles in big cities and no chargers where ever I go.

DCFC is NOT cost effective for owners.

There is already an onboard “DCFC”, it is called REx. =)

In additional, DCFC a 18.4kWh that uses only about 12-13kWh doesn’t really make any sense. You would get 8-9kWh in 30 minutes of waiting.

A 7.2kW or 10kW onboard A/C charger would have been far more useful. But that would significantly increase the cost of the Volt.

But I would pay for it over a 17″ polished wheel…

Agreed. I would pay for faster AC charger before polished wheels. Still no word on lease rates.

Yeah, I remember when the volt was ‘talked about’ in 2009-2010, someone at GM claimed the battery could be charged at 240 volts at 48 amps, or in other words be a perfect candidate for the ClipperCreek LCS_60 (60 amp circuit, 48 amp continuous load, or, 11 1/2 kw), but that GM isn’t thinking “in that direction” right now.

In view of all the 30 amp, 200 volt public stations around, it would be nice if GM would ‘split the difference’ and at least put a 30 amp, 6 kw charger at least as an option.

But the charge rate is a small point, if the car is reliable then it is a fantastic buy. Chevy should sell alot of ’em, and you’d think that would encourage them to come out with a Colorado or Equinox EV.