2016 Chevrolet Volt – Behind The Technology – Video


General Motors’ latest 2016 Chevrolet Volt video is out and it focuses on some behind-the-technology details:

“We took what our owners loved about the Volt…and then made it even better! Go behind the technology of the Next Gen Volt and see how we made it all possible.”

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made it better LOL

bolt is wack, make a good looking car please


Don’t you drive a Smart EV?






Mic dropped.


The Bolt is polarizing, sure. But this article is about the Volt. The 2011-2015 Volt is a good looking car. The 2016 looks even better!


Going from 38 miles of AER to 50 miles is huge. I get 46 miles of AER in my 2013 all the time (albeit just 9 months out of the year) and I am not hyper-miling. That would seem to indicate I would get around 60 miles of AER in a Gen II Volt.


I’m glad they not only fixed a few things, but also didn’t overly de-content it. Rear seat heat, heated steering and the return of perforated leather seats. Some nice gravy, in there.

Josh Bryant

They de-contented my favorite color (formerly cyber grey) unfortunately.


Cyber Grey may not be listed but the mobile site lets you configure a grey one and the main site shows a grey one under the safety section.


The only place I saw a grey car in the safety section was during the rear cross traffic alert demo. That grey car was not a Volt (it had no shark fin).

I can’t find the 2016 Volt at all in the mobile site.


Scratch that!


Heather Grey Metallic it is!


Sorry boys, no gray on the color choices. Cyber gray is long gone. Replaced in 2014 by Ashen gray – different flecks in the metallic and slightly darker. See same color on Camaros, Corvette – GM likes to use the same colors all-’round it seems.

I like Ashen gray better than Cyber Gray in person. Too bad no gray for 2016


As was just pointed out, the mobile site for the 2016 Volt shows Heather Grey Metallic as an option (not Ashen Grey, as in 2015).


Meh..I like the Tesla mindset a lot more.

Think about the conservative mindset here at GM, where they live, how we live vs Cali.

Volt is a compromise product of its surroundings.


I find myself going to the 2016 Volt website more and more. The more I do, the more I like it. I wish wish wish it had an AWD version, but it’ll be a good placeholder until the 2017/2018 time frame.

Then again, I’m a guy who keeps cars for 8-10years so who knows? maybe I’ll still have this Volt in 2026!

My last cars have been Dark grey, silver, Dark blue.
I’m not sure I love the black shark fin on the back of the Volt or not… so was thinking about going black (or the dark grey on the mobile site) to hide that black fin…

but I will say that the blue and the red are enticing to me!

Bravo Chevy. Never thought I’d buy a big 3 car again in my life.


It’s soooo close for me. I wish it was just a bit faster. I really want 6s 0-60 or better, but would probably settle for 7s if everything else was great about the car.

8s+ is giving me pause and making it feel like a compromise.


The 2016 Volt is in contention for my new car.

Bill Howland

Look at it this way – would you rather take a chance on a 2016 volt or a 1971 Vega?

Come to think of it, an old Vega may be a good candidate for electrification, since absolutely none of their engines made it past 100,000 miles.