2016 Cadillac ELR With “Enhanced Performance” To Debut March 3 At Geneva Motor Show (Update: Or maybe not)


"Old" Cadillac ELR

“Old” Cadillac ELR

elr badgeHere it is…official confirmation from General Motors stating that the 2016 Cadillac ELR will make its world debut on March 3 at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show:

“This year Cadillac and Chevrolet Europe will celebrate a number of key European Premieres as well as display our exciting range of new cars and SUV’s at the Geneva International Motor Show 2015.”

“At Cadillac we are proud to present our exciting new power players as European Premieres: the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V.”

“In addition, we will show for the first time the 2016 Cadillac ELR Electric Premium Coupe with enhanced performance and the new and updated European Cadillac range.”

We’ll speculate that this “enhanced performance” will come directly (possibly with some further tweaks) from the all-new hardware found in the 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

We look forward to seeing the 2016 ELR when it hits the stage in Geneva early next month.  Expect more details soon.

Update:  More details apparently means it might not show up at the Geneva show, as GM’s media press release now omits entirely any word of the 2016 Cadillac ELR.  Ironically, the 2016 ELR was earlier scheduled to bow at the LA Auto Show in November, and also got pulled at the last minute due to “system integrations issues” – wonder what the reason is this time?

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Hoping it has a better price, but not holding my breath. General Cadillac strategy appears to prefer going up the food chain with content rather than down in price.

Yeah, I’d be surprised if they were still producing the old transaxle and battery just to keep up production of 2000-ish units per year. So I’d also guess they are using the new Volt’s drive train.

So, a corvette V-8 as the range extender?

You’ll have to wait for the electric Vette a little longer…..but it will happen and it will be an i8 configuration only faster and a lower price. Smaller V8 with an electric front axle.

Going off-topic, I was reading the Nissan GT-R, Vette Z06 comparison MT did, in its latest issue. The ~2 second GM deficit they chalked up to be mid-turn oversteer, and an inability to put power down. The GT-R uses all wheels.

I wouldn’t get a GT-R, with its reputation as a Nanny car, but having at least some power go to the front reminds me of when Stuck and Audi first crushed it with Quattro (1989 IMSA). There was no going back.

Would it be that much more surprising than the Bolt, if a CTS PHEV rolled out using Volt2 tech? I don’t believe Cadillac has to roll a BEV out, to compete with Tesla.

Part of the ELR’s lesson is its two doors/room.

“I don’t believe Cadillac has to roll a BEV out, to compete with Tesla.”

I agree, at least for now. I think this issue is an excellent example of how quickly things will change as battery prices continue to decline. In just a few years I suspect we’ll see many more PHEVs and BEVs on the market, and GM will feel considerable pressure to compete with Tesla.

This will likely happen around the time Honda and Toyota have to drop their hydrogen charade and bring out their own BEVs and try to convince us that they invented EVs, cars, electricity, roads, etc.

The ELR is still a non-starter if it utilizes the Volt powertrain with a MSRP in the stratosphere. @ or around $50K it might have a chance otherwise not so much

You mean, so its not “on again, off again, on again”. It’s “on again, and IEV didn’t get the “off again” memo 😉

Somewhere, DeNysschen is laughing at us.

MSRP-32k isn’t helping the car’s prospects. My periscope sees $44,997, and I’m not promoting depreciation. That’s new, before fed/state rebates. Why I haven’t pulled the trigger, I haven’t got a Cue.

Making it an all wheel drive, when in EV mode, would make for an appealing addition to the GM lineup. My guess though is that it will be another cosmetically enhanced Volt.

Cadillac finally gets it…

If they want to sell at premium price, then they need to provide premium performance. ELR just doesn’t have the performance to back up its price…

It needs CTS-V level of performance to justify its $75K sticker price…

I’m curious about the “European Mileage”.

Does that mean we’re going to get a caddy with 15 miles of AER just like Porsche’s and BMW’s?.

I assume the enhanced performance is the whopping increase from 1400 cc to 1500.

Cadillac only sells about 400 cars/year in Europe, so it will be interesting if the new ELR will help bolster those #s.

“wonder what the reason is this time?”

Given the large drop in Volt sales as a result of the 2016 announcement, they probably want to hold back on the ELR as much as possible while they move current model year inventory.

Just a guess.