2016 Audi Q7 e-tron To Get Optional Wireless Charging


Audi Q7 e-tron.

Audi Q7 e-tron.

The upcoming 2016 Audi Q7 e-tron will have an available wireless charging option for those who desire this feature.

For plug-in hybrids, like the Q7, that offer a shorter range on electric, this may be a valuable feature, provided that it’s not too costly and efficiency/output is sufficiently high.

Audi Q7 e-Tron.

Audi Q7 e-Tron.

Audi’s Technical Development boss, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, stated that plug-in vehicles will have more potential if the charging cables are eliminated.

Hackenberg added these comments:

“It’s not so convenient today to take a cable and plug it in and [unplug it] repeatedly for some people.”

“In my own garage, I sometimes have to go around the car with the cable or over the car and around the tools to get to the plug-in point, so I know we have to hurry with inductive charging.”

In regards of the Q7 e-tron, he added:

Audi Q7 e-tron interior shot.

Audi Q7 e-tron interior shot.

“It will be available in the Q7 e-tron TDI as an option and the convenient part is that whenever the car is parked in your garage, it’s effectively plugged in. And we’re not far from the time when the car will park itself, so it’s perfectly aligned with the induction plate. Our system will start with 3.6 kW of charging and it will go to 7.2 kW soon, and there are ideas to go higher.”

While we agree with Hackenberg’s comments, the downside is the package’s availability early on; however, the pricing seems reasonable.

The cost for this wireless charging system is claimed to be ~ $1,000 USD, and so far, it will only be offered for European Q7 buyers.

The US will not be getting the 3.0 TDI diesel engine version of the Q7 e-tron. Instead, it will have a 2.0L turbocharged gas engine.

We can only imagine that the US will have a wireless charging option at some point as well, based on Hackenberg’s stance on this subject.

Some additional Audi Q7 e-tron specs here

Source: Car and Driver.

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Wireless charging will be the stepstone drug for non-geeks – should be mandatory on all hybrids in order for them to get government incentives.

Cool. I think wireless charging makes for a great OPTION for high-end EVs. Personally, I’m not interested in it but I think many people would love never having to bother plugging in.

Wow, a $1000 is much, much cheaper than my Plugless System.
I WILL take that option for my next car without any hesitation.
plug-in cars are so old school 😉

Still this lousy 3kw chargers, that just makes no sense unless the battery in the car is less then 10kWh.

For anything BEV you need 11kw or 22kw so you can charge proper range like a Tesla in about 8 hours.

In the Netherlands all houses *have* the option for 3 phase at no cost. And 3 phase 16 Amps is a 11kW charger. It’s really not that expensive or special.

Can’t comment for other EU countries. Just saying that 3kW for your 22kWh Renault Zoe is just balls.

10kw should be the standard charging speed of the future, if some day all cars have more than 80kwh, you can charge at least 200-300 miles (depending on car size), while you are at home. This should be sufficient, to charge 99% of the time at home, without planing more than 1 day ahead. That would reduce charging infrastructure to inner cities, which don’t have to be faster than 20kw and highways (should be at least 100kw+ if not a lot more)

Meh. The utility is not going to want to hear that. If you have lots of people firing up 10KW and 20KW chargers at their homes, that is gonna stress the local distribution system.

They’ll probably start charging ‘demand charges’ for people with bursty heavy draws. Of course it is always nice to be able to charge up as fast as possible but utilities might start charging people extra for that privilege.

Gee…if only some company would release a battery storage system for residential use that could store power from solar panels. Maybe such a system could be stackable and store up to 90 kWh…

Old argument.
Find a new one.

3KW is just fine. That will fully replace what is typically used in one day of driving.

If you have a much bigger battery and you emptied it way down, you can always plug in for a faster charge but the vast majority of the time, 3KW will charge up your EV to full overnight.

I *wish* we had 3-phase power here in the USA. Well, we do have it but generally only in commercial/industrial settings. Homes are generally all 2-phase 240VAC. (With around a 100 amps going into a home.)

Standard new construction for an average house is 200amps.
We finished construction on our new home last year and doubled that to 400 amp service. We have 200 in the house, and a separate 200amp panel in the garage for charging/solar.

In the last 3 years I have plugged in my LEAF ~ 1,000 times. About 5 of those times have had me thinking “Man, if only this charge was wireless”. But then, I live in a moderate climate in California. May be different if I lived in an area that was bitterly cold or got lots of rain regularly.