2016 30 kWh Nissan LEAF Review And Presentation – Video

FEB 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

Here is a presentation and test drive review of the 2016 Nissan LEAF with the 30 kWh battery in the UK.

The video uploader began with a “pretty low expectation“, but LEAF was responsive, quiet, enjoyable and in the end was called a “surprisingly good vehicle“.

The review includes a DC fast charging demo for Ecotricity.

Wondering whether it’s a good car to buy? The video uploader said yes, but as a second car, because range is still too low at over 70 mph (112 km/h).

There is also advice to lease the whole car, instead of buying the car and leasing the batteries:

“It seems that the best option is to lease. With a relatively small deposit & with Nissan giving these a firm shove, £100 per month is fairly easily achievable over 24 months. I was blown away by how well they drive having had pretty low expectations. If I was buying outright, I definitely wouldn’t lease the battery pack as it would be pretty off-putting to prospective buyers when I came to sell..”

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As 98% of Leaf owners it will be bought as a second vehicle.

2 weeks later, the Leaf will make more kilometers than the supposedly first vehicle.

Yeah sure, good second vehicle 😉


Actually, we’re getting rid of our “first”, um, second vehicle. It hasn’t moved in 1.5 years, and cannot move anymore. We’ll just donate it.

I run an EV as my only vehicle, 12 months in and it’s never been a problem, I get 75 to 90 miles range depending how it’s driven.

I really think people don’t realise how little miles they do and how long their car is parked up for per day. Van drivers and company reps aside.

Frozen Hubs? If you let something sit that long, or maybe it just won’t start.

Having the Leaf as your main car is not the same as having it as your only car. I have two cars, a leaf and an ICE. I use the ICE only when the Leaf can’t go the distance. I would never buy a Leaf as an only car because it is extremely frustrating when you need to go somewhere and you can’t because you are out of range.

I was going to get a BOLT at the end of this year but I think I will wait for the Model 3 now that I see GM’s true colors.

In the UK there is a rapid charger at every motorway service stop – I think that can make an EV the only car.

so true….it may be purchased second, but it will be the primary daily driver.

This is the thing weighting down on gas prices in that the car getting a 20 mile range boost does raise a good number of trips you can take. Not to mention the one guy who had the 117 mile commute in the Nissan Leaf would be able to skip a quick charging secession in his daily commute. In that I remember with that story he had to stop two or three times to get the old range Nissan leaf home and leave the heat off in the car.

The Leaf isnt our only car. We have an iMiev for the shorter trips. Just this past Sunday, the Leaf with 3 of us in it traveled 92 miles to attend the pet expo in Oaks, Pa and i still had 15% left. I have the 24kwh version. Speeds were 50-55mph (the speed limit). Why does one need to go 70mph everywhere?

I have a hard time believing this. My 2013 Leaf with relatively low miles and what appears to be a very healthy battery would not be able to go anywhere near 92 miles at those speeds, let alone 10-15 miles more (that remaining 15%).

Also, were you actually going those speeds, or is that what the dash said, because the Leaf under-reports MPH by 3.

The battery chemistry changed 2012/2013 and 2014. Depending on MY his battery might be a whole lot better than yours.

Also driving style (forward-looking driving or not) can affect consumption by up to 30%.

I once drove my 2012 Leaf 100.3 miles at 45 mph. Only could ge about 70 miles when I turned it in this January.

Speed limits in many western states are 75, and often few options for surface roads in less populated areas.

I read a study that said people in EVs drive more miles than ever in their EVs compared to their old ICEs. The number was a staggering 50% more. I actually support that study, with only 24000 miles put on my diesel 335d in 3 yrs, and over 34000 miles in my LEAF. Only had to rent a car once in the last few years to go to Northern California.

I believe so too.
But, how much is the fun factor of driving electric will last is the question only time will tell.
I also support the 2nd vehicle claim become the 1th one for the vast majority.
And the so call charging time that mysteriously disappear when you’re at home doing whatever else.

Not a helpful review. Period. The driver may have had some useful information to convey to the viewer, but i could not understand 90%+ of anything he said while he was in the car. Anything i could hear was so disjointed from any contextual reference because i couldn’t hear/understand what he was talking about to begin with. IMO, this review video fails to deliver anything of value to help people make their choice of an electric vehicle. Poorly narrated. Very poor conveyance of any useful information. This is NOT a critique of the Nissan Leaf. Just this particular review. It’s the poorest quality i’ve seen for any EV yet.