2015 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle – Video Review


In what sort of could be described as a loosely produced video, you can get an impression of what reviewer Parks McCants (AKA Hondaman 61) experienced on what’s apparently his first electric motorcycle ride.  On the site McCantsAutoNews.com, we’re welcomed to the “Automotive World of Parks McCants:  Presenting a unique perspective on the ever changing world of Asian, European and North American automotive engineering and design.”

Alrighty then.  Roll tape:

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I love their bikes. Can’t wait till I own one.

I eagerly await the day that I could replace my Sportster with an e-bike. But that includes the ability to ride two-up, and refuel in minutes.

For me, that feature is more important in an e-bike than a e-car

If you do group rides, which is much more likely on a bike, the same refueling pattern is very important. I wouldn’t want to go with other people on vacation by car either, if some would have EV’s and some ICE’s.

You can always have both. I have my Suzuki Burgman 650 for 2 up and distance, and my Zero FX 5.7 for commuting and fun.

Am I the only one who noticed that while the video starts with stills of the SR, the one he actually spends time on is the DS? Also, the guy talks like he’s never ridden anything except Harleys. Acting as if a rear monoshock is some sort of oddity, and calling standard footpeg mounts rearsets.

Actually Richard, I’ve been riding and racing motorcycles since 1966. Rear sets is a racing term, and yes I know the difference. My bad! as they say. And yes, I’ve owned and ridden several monoshock designs.( dirt mostly.) Where I was impressed here is with the handling and riding comfort of Zero. Anyway, the ZERO is a fantastic ride with outstanding torque, near zero maintenance and acceptable range. in my opinion, a guy that’s ridden all brands foreign and domestic, EV technology is the future of personal transportation. The video was shot with a high resolution cellphone cam, while ridding with one hand. Give it a try bro!, i’m sure you’ll kill it! Be well, ride safe, and thanks for watching. Parks.