2015 Volkswagen e-Golf Featured in MotoManTV

SEP 17 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

The 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf is closer then ever to its US launch and MotoMan took the opportunity to test dive the car in Virginia.

The review begins with a question if customers will be attracted to an EV that doesn’t have unique design and on how much the e-Golf resembles the regular Golf.

And finally someone did a review at the golf course, which should be standard these days whenever a Golf is involved.

“MotoMan heads to the back roads of Virginia to drive the all new 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf and learn how much VW Golf is left in the e-Golf in its transformation from 4 Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine to full Electric Vehicle . . .”

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I disagree with his opinion of Prius drivers. Every one I know bought because of the fuel economy.

Virginia and Texas bad choices to launch a new EV.

Why do you say? I’m in Texas and I see a lot of EVs around.. Granted, not as many as in California. But there is no reason not to include Texas as a roll-out state.

That is pretty conclusive proof that the VW electric cars in general and the E-Golf in particular are not simply compliance cars as some have maintained.

They are to be gradually rolled out across the US as they have said and I have repeated stated to some scepticism.

You don’t need to spend the kind of money the VW group has if you only want to build a compliance car.

It is common for people to spread their own views over a larger representation of people to somewhat lend credence that said view point is correct. Actually I think you are much more accurate in your view of why people buy a Prius. It’s the economy.
Regarding TX, it probably should get more love from car companies in regards to ev roll outs, but the main reason is that it is not a compliance state. Also there maybe some perceptions that TX is not all the friendly to ev’s, due to their tussle with Tesla.

Not to mention huge, and sprawl-y. Not the easiest place to sell a limited-range vehicle.

VW of America has a headquarters in Herndon Va, close to Middleburg where this drive event is located. I am guessing this is the reason for the event location(ease for the VW people) the event had all VW models, not just the e-golf. The e-golf wont even be sold here in Va……. for at least the launch….

Another unfortunately instance of a reviewer stating battery capacity in “kW” rather than “kWh”. Oh, well …

I saw a VW e-golf this morning in San Mateo, CA. It had Michigan “manufacturer” license plates.

this is the mentality that we are up against:

“let’s take the fish out of water…or, in this case, take the EV out of the city…” …really? …that is quite extreme.

And people buy Prius’s because they are an inexpensive way to get 50MPG, not for the looks. Also, people tend to look at the price of a gas car, and spending more for hybrid…does it payback? (not the right way of thinking) But, most hybrids that are hybrid in a line of ICE car model (i.e. Honda Civic hybrid), don’t get as good MPG as Prius and cost more, and this is all people see/think about.

FYI: I’m not a big fan of hybrids, I wish all carmakers would drop hybrids and make pure-BEV cars, increased production will bring the price of batteries down faster.

BTW, he didn’t go over how to charge…does this have a level 3 charging option? These are the things we need to know about. But, I’m guessing (I don’t know this guy) this guy is a car guy, not an electric car guy, but cars in general.

*FYI: (not a fan of ICE either, drop the ICE & hybrids, just make pure-BEVs 🙂