2015 Tesla Model S P90D (Ludicrous) Tested In Australia (w/video)



Top Performers Will Earn Themselves A Model S P90DL

Model S P90DL

Tesla Model S P90DL (source: PerformanceDrive)

Tesla Model S P90DL (source: PerformanceDrive)

PerformanceDrive recently got a brand new Tesla Model S P90DL (L for Ludicrous mode) for a test drive and review in Australia.

The car was very well received, but let’s start with acceleration time (without Motor Trend‘s 30cm rollout test method).

PerformanceDrive noted 3.2 seconds (average) from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) using Racelogic VBOX Sport – on par with Lamborghini Huracan V10 supercar.

Despite 2,187 kg (4,821 lbs) of weight, the all-wheel-drive Tesla handles/drives great. PerformanceDrive would’ve liked to test the car on the track, but at least this time Tesla wouldn’t allow that to happen. A separate part of the review is on Autopilot “simply mind-blowing” (check second video).

Below is the verdict, while the full review is available here:

“There isn’t much not to like about the Model S P90D. It uses no fuel at all, so it’s healthy for the environment, yet it is literally as quick as some of the very quickest supercars of today. The interior is one of the most pleasant places to be in terms of moving vehicles, and that touch-screen system is just incredible. We guess the only negatives are the price, and the fact that it doesn’t offer any sort of exciting, high-revving engine sound that we’re all used to. If you have the money (or even if you don’t), you have to at least take one of these for a test drive once in your life just to see for yourself. Amazing vehicle.

– Sheer and instant acceleration

– Cabin atmosphere, space, practicality
– Quality materials inside
– Cargo space
– Ride & handling with air suspension option
– Uses no fuel

– Price
– Centre console needs dividers
– No engine sound”

Check out Autopilot demo below:

Source: PerformanceDrive

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philip d

Cons: -No engine sound.


That is easy to fix. Just record the engine sound of the car you like and make it play with the accelerator. Vroom Vroom


Or tune the AM radio to 530kHz. Or 1180kHz as in this short video:



Noise Is Pollution “Silence is Golden” Not Only Does Tesla Eliminate Carbon Pollution, Tesla Eliminates “Noise Pollution”


Not allowed to do the quarter. Hmm.


Center dividers suck.