2015 Tesla Model S Customized By T Sportline – LA Auto Show Video


This one has T Sportline's 19" Turbine wheels. These are a replica of the OEM 21" Turbine wheels.

This one has T Sportline’s 19″ Turbine wheels. These are a replica of the OEM 21″ Turbine wheels.

AutoMotoTube checks out the Tesla Model S that has been customized by T Sportline, which was at this year’s LA Auto Show.

This modded Model S sure is different from the other aftermarket upgraded Model S EVs we have seen. This uniqueness is mostly due to the paint & graphics scheme seen on this Model S.

Unfortunately, you’ll only see exterior shots of this gem (we don’t see any interior shots on the web).

If you are interested in learning more about T Sportline and the products the company offers, click here.

What do you think of this one-off Tesla Model S?

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Unique – yes.

Ugly as sin. That’s the way I feel about it. To each their own. In the quest for individuality, it’s a given that folks are going to buy rims and tweak their Model S to set it apart from the now ubiquitous Teslas plying our roads – especially out West.

My first ride in an S was with an ex-Microsoft guy here in the Seattle area who was the first in the Seattle EV Assoc. to own one and probably one of the first ones delivered. He already had custom rims on it!

The funniest memory I had was even after riding in it, and having sat in pre-production prototypes, when he opened the hood, guys would approach it expecting some form of mechanicals up there – Myself included!!!! I caught myself peering in, and thought: “You idiot! – you KNOW there is nothing there but a frunk!” LOL!

I was kind of late in the hybrid game when I bought our Prius. I waited until 2007 ( “until all the bugs were worked out” – I thought ). By then, Prii were all over the place in Seattle, and I scoured the web to see what individualization was taking place worldwide. It was literally hilarious – me being an ex-gas-gearhead, to see Prius nerds bragging about a sticker, or a wood console applique they had installed! Some guy would post literally 12 photos on Priuschat.com of his 1/8″ stripe below the window of his otherwise rock-stock Prius! It was laughable, but I applauded their enthusiasm. Today, you can find Prius clubs in Japan with radical body kits, neon bling, big fat, low-profile tires with $2000ea. wheels. There’s even guys around who’ve streamlined their Prius with wheel skirts and added underbody stiffeners to solidify ( or try to- ) the ride and handling. Even George Barris, creator of the original Batmobile, made a Prius with wild-cartoonish body mods and a paintjob straight out of the psychedelic ’60s! LEAF customization is nearly nil, except for Nissan’s own racy iterations for the track, and Volt mods usually break down to wheels… Read more »

Seriously, what Camaro, Mustang or Chevy SS buyer ever winced at installing a low-flow air intake system and said, “I don’t want to risk voiding my warranty, man!”


Basically true, but it is different kettle of fish with the Tesla. One it is much more expensive that those other cars you mention, plus the buyers of those cars might be quite different. One group gearheads that specifically want to have cars modified, while Tesla buyers are probable less adventurous with scotching a warranty in unknown territory. A seeming incongruity explained by simply reflecting on the question for a moment.

An interesting exception of note was the eco-modding scene influencing a coupld of guys to step out and offer a couple aftermarket products that did improve performace. Not sure if they’re still available for gen3 Prius, but one guy sold clear plastic grille fillers with or without holes to increase Prius mileage. Another nugget I found was the infamous Volt air turbulence issue when rolling down windows can be cured with common over-window air deflectors which can be obtained from several manufacturers online. InsideEVs should obtain a test Volt and/or LEAF and mod them ( tax write-off with InsideEVs magnetic sign on doors ) by adding a lowerable suspension kit which would increase hwy range ( ala Tesla ) and grille filler mods for winter range increase. Another great experiment to write about would be the addition of different types of LRR tires and the new “Super LRR” tires. Challenge to George S and other engineers in this group who are smarter than I am! 🙂 I’m just a writer/blogger/real estate investor. If I can come up with these range-improvers, I’m sure you guys can hit it out of the park. I have some other ideas up my sleeve. Have… Read more »

I noticed Mitsubishi added air diverters to the departing edge of it’s Evo performance car’roofline a few years back. I’ve also seen a Sprinter cargo van on the highway with these little air diverters attached. Some claim significant improvements of 2 mpg and more! A combination of all these mods could result in a marked range increase. (!)

Saleen messed with Model S gearing for added performance, and I neglected to include that little factoid as well.

Thats a car game customization

aka something that shouldn’t be done to a car in real life

The matteb lack rims look pretty good. better than the factory anthracite ones IMHO. Tesla should make that an option.