2015 Renault Twingo Gets Revealed – Electric Version Expected in 2016


The 2015 Renault Twingo has been officially revealed.



Why does it grace our site?

Well, the Twingo you see here does not plug in, but a version coming in the near future likely will.

It’s long been believed that Renault’s next pure electric will be Twingo based.  In fact, Renault hinted at this on numerous occasions over the past several years.

With the Fluence Z.E. now out of production and Twizy sales slipping, Renault needs an EV to compliment its Zoe.



That’s where Twingo comes in.  The 2015 Renault Twingo is a four-door, rear-wheel-drive head-turner.  It’s ideal for electrification given its RWD setup and tiny urban commuter size.

The main reason we believe that an electric Twingo is in the works is that Renault openly admits that the 2015 Twingo you see here was designed from the get-go to accept all the necessary hardware required for electrification.

Look for the Twingo electric to appear in 2016.

Source: Renault via Green Car Reports

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Warren M

Not a bad looking car. If Renault can do it, BMWshould have made the i3 to look less slab sided and skinny in the rear.


Damn yet another micro mini car! When are they going to sell something more normal like a Camry or Prius sized vehicle? The Fluence was a conversion with all the problems associated and had a too small battery and no rex but there was nothing wrong with its size at contrary. This Twingo is just a copy cat of the already overcrowded micro cars alike the Fiat 500, i3 and Leaf. All cars incompatible with a family.


The i3, a “copy cat”. That’s a bit of the mark! There’s no reason to only make C segment EV hatchbacks and sedans (which are unpopular in Europe). There are plenty of people, families that fully satisfied by small, city runabouts.


I’d rather have a car then a kid

Dan Hue

The i3 is really not that small. It looks so in pictures, but I was surprised when I saw it for real. It actually looks great, in its own unique way.

Dan Gallagher

It looks like a Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper got together and had children. It’s probably not as roomy as my iMiev, but it’s way more sporty looking, and that’s worth something.


Its the perfect car for my wife. She has currently a Audi A2 (3,84 Meter) and the ZOE is 4,05 Meters, which is too big for parking in Hamburg downtown. She would love to drive the Twingo which has 3,50 Meters in length. And real back doors for the kids. Perfect !

Big Solar

Just looks like a Zoe to me, whats the difference??


Size and Time to Market. ZOE is a little bigger and on Market since Mid 2013. This is a 3 Year difference 🙂

Doug B

Sweet, hope they can pack some fun performance numbers in that little shell!


Oh, they will! Without doubt will there be a Renault Sport variant. There might be a V6 version. Remember the Clio V6 and the 5 Turbo? Despite this new Twingo being mid or rear engined (!!!), it has always been a tradition for Renault to turn front engined family runabouts into mid engined, performance cars. So all we have to do is wait and see.

If you’re talking about an electric version, I’ll doubt it’ll exceed far from the current Smart ForTwo ED’s performance.


RS variant is very unlikely. There isn’t much room in the back. The had to adopt the 0.9 TCe engine (tilted for 49° I think), so a bigger engine is probably just a dream. Still, they can gt some more power from this little 3 cylinder – about 140HP would probably be enough.
Electric version should be similar to ZOE…


It’s rear engined? This is going to be such a fun little cult car, more so than the original Twingo! The Renault Sport would be immense! I would be worried about boot size. I doubt there’ll be a frunk.

Anyway, this could be the 2016 i-MiEV that will borrow the segment A platform from the Renault-Nissan Alliance, but that might prove to be a disappointing rebadging now that we know that the new Smart ForTwo will be based off this.


Great looking car! Similar to the Fiat 500, but with better proportions.

I hope we get a Nissan version here in the US! Especially the electric version!

Dan Gallagher

I wish too, Neil, but don’t count on it. Too many people want something bigger. Note Priusmaniac’s comment above.

The only way such a market for small cars will come about is if there is some kind of significant tax on gasoline (as in Europe) or carbon emissions to drive the price of gasoline up. (Though a scarcity of oil/gasoline could do that too – that’d be a much scarier proposition.)


are you kidding me? The Fiat has way better proportions and overall design, visit your nearest lens crafter.

Anton Wahlman

How many EV micro-cars can the market take? How about something many of us would rather buy — a Volt-based Chevy Suburban or Cadillac Escalade? Besides, who in their right mind would buy a car from FRANCE? I wouldn’t even buy a computer made in France, let alone a car.


all Smart ED’s are made in France so….


Twingo will be produced in Slovenia, alongside Smart ForFour

Suprise Cat

How many? The same amount as gasoline mini cars.


How is that a great looking car? Its a Fiat knock off.

And i would not drive a car named Twingo ROFL

Cars Piece

Its look so cute, but Peugeot 108 is better.