Exclusive: 2015 Nissan LEAF – New Color Choice, But No Range Changes

APR 17 2014 BY JAY COLE 85

Thanks to the good folks at Nissan Canada – or at least their dealers, we have been fortunate enough to get a hold of some ordering information on the upcoming 2015 Nissan LEAF.

2015 Nissan LEAF Interior Remains Unchanged

2015 Nissan LEAF Interior Remains Unchanged

And for those of you hoping for the surprise introduction of the next generation LEAF, or possibly a significant battery/range upgrade, it appears you will have to wait until next year (as originally anticipated).

For 2015, the most significant change on the LEAF is addition of a color choice – “Morningsky Blue“, and the deletion of an old color.  Wait for it…”Blue Ocean.”

While one might think this is simply a renaming of the color most associated with the LEAF, it apparently is not, as Nissan Canada notes that color is not available to order for dealers until June for 2015 production.

Also of note, the entry level “S” trim level will now have standard cruise control, and the “SV and SL” trims will get EV-IT updates, which means a Hands-free text messaging assistant and Voice Destination Entry (VDE).

Sadly, no pricing has yet been given, so we don’t know if the $2,500 USD reduction that just recently took place in Japan will translate to a less expensive MSRP for 2015 in North America yet.

2015 Nissan LEAF Model Mix Percentages

2015 Nissan LEAF Model Mix Percentages

As for dealer mix, they are suggesting that only 1 in 10 units should be ordered at the entry level, while a full 50% of all units should be sold as the mid-grade “SV”.

Of interest, 2015 production of the LEAF reportedly started this month (that’s only 6-odd months for 2014 production in total).  Why so early?  Perhaps due to implementation of the much anticipated “hot weather” battery to extend the LEAF’s battery capacity under heat duress.

Below:  2015 LEAF Spec Sheet

2015 Nissan LEAF Spec Sheet (Canada) - Click To Enlarge

2015 Nissan LEAF Spec Sheet (Canada) – Click To Enlarge

2015 Nissan LEAF Interior Spec Sheet (Canada) - Click To Enlarge

2015 Nissan LEAF Interior Spec Sheet (Canada) – Click To Enlarge

2015 Nissan LEAF Trim/Option Sheet (Canada) - Click To Enlarge

2015 Nissan LEAF Trim/Option Sheet (Canada) – Click To Enlarge

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Thanks for the report. A lot more changes than to the ford 🙂

Random question: is the 2014 imiev there? Can we get some new pictures?

Ironically the pound for pound the i-MEV has gone under more updates then the Nissan leaf between the model years in that they cut the price by $6000 dollars and added DC fast charging to it along with a few other features.

While Mitsubishi says that it’ll arrive in early Spring, it’s actually May. It is expected to look exactly the same. The only listed exterior differences are LED lights, LED DRLs and only 3 colours; white, grey and black.

It appears the 6.6kW onboard charger is now standard on all models and the CHAdeMO port is standard on the SV.

We were going to mention some of the packages/standard options, but these are specific details to the Canada region.

So while there is pretty much zero difference on standard equipment today, and generally the LEAF is the same in both countries, it is not always the case. ie) Cold Weather Package was standard equipment in Canada when it was yet to be available then an option in the US. The configurations/packages could still be different on the 2015.

This would be big news (to me) if they had “B” mode available on the “S” model for 2015. It’s not on the 2013/2014, even with the 6.6kW charger upgrade.

I hardly ever use B mode unless I’m trying to maximize regen off a highway exit ramp

We never use anything other than B mode. I see no purpose for D mode. Regen should be stronger like in the Tesla Model S and BMW i3.

I agree with David, regen should be stronger.

we always use B mode

I also always use B mode, rarely touch the brake pedal until under 10 MPH. D mode should really be automatically be the B mode settings.

What the LEAF really needs is a 7.4KW to 10KW on board charger to allow for quicker charges… this will help when the larger battery comes along..

So, this gen of the Leaf and its battery pack will run for 5 model years.

Perhaps with so many low-range, used Leafs coming back to market, there will be an incentive for after market companies to offer improved range in a replacement battery pack. I’m thinking a used Leaf with a replacement battery pack might be a good buy.

The Leaf has a simple drive line and is not as prone to wear as ICE cars.

While I’m not surprised, I am disappointed. This means that there will not an option to buy more range when my lease is up. The other changes I could care less about – standard evolutionary changes giving the car more gadgets to eventually break, and making it more expensive.

As for the timing, this seems to align the Leaf closer to most other cars on the market. Most mainstream cars switch model years in the summer or fall of the preceding year.

I’m kind of mad at this in that they keep adding junk to it that I don’t need. Also the junk they add to it is something else that will eat up more power or worse something you can accidentally leave on and have eat up your range.

These clowns at Nissan have had five years of this thing being in production and still no range raise by not even 20 miles. Then I’m simply going to wait for a used Model S or wait for Tesla’s Model E to come up.

..more reasons to expect used base Model S sedans will continue to have freak’ishly high demand, rewarding those who follow the market rather then the “books”.

Before calling them ‘clowns’, just pause and think that Nissan was the one mass manufacturer brave enough to stick out their neck.

And they still are. Outside of CARB states, the only choices so far for BEVs are Tesla and Nissan.

Ford also.

And Mitsubishi.

Ford provides BEVs only custom-made on demand rather than massively available at dealerships like Nissan.

Mitsu provides BEVs to the US on *some* years.

No, Nissan has been the only dependable globally-available maker in the affordable BEV segment.

Which is *precisely* why they can afford to drag their feet on the range increase front.

I guess it’s another sub-100-mile lease for us too…

The Ford Focus Electric is not just a custom-built vehicle. You can buy one today off a dealer lot, at least here in Dallas.

Mitsubishi skipped a year. BFD. Chevrolet skipped “1983” with the Corvette. Technically, since the i-MiEV has been available in Japan since 2009, your argument is invalid.

That being said, kudos to Nissan. They are doing a decent job. Could be better, could be MUCH worse.

The Focus EV is an afterthought. It’s a half-effort converted vehicle with no trunk space that sells in lower quantities than the Smart ED which has outsold it nearly every month since last August.

Less than 100 miles? It’s fairly easy with a full capacity pack to go 100 miles on relatively flat city roads.

I guess the silver lining is that the MY16 will probably arrive about a year from now. I was originally thinking that the MY16 might not arrive until spring of 2016. Of course, if they really do try to get a larger battery pack in there, maybe it will take that long…

Few (but positive) updates along with the free public charging offer and (if it happens) the $2,500 price reduction should be enough to continue sales numbers until the 2016MY.

What a disappointment. Looks like I’ll be bike/bussing it for a year. Or maybe jump ship to a Volt.

Right, the 85 mile range of the LEAF isn’t enough so you’re going to jump ship to the 38 mile range Volt…

Quoting Chevy:

If you also have a full tank of gas, the total driving range is up to 380 miles. And if the battery runs low, you don’t have to worry because Volt automatically transitions to a unique gasoline powered range-extending capability. It’s the everyday electric car, with gas for longer trips.

Having enough EV range is nice. Having enough total range means you can use the car.

i guess i will have to wait yet another year to get the range i need.


Pretty much nothing changed. 🙁

Good. Changing stuff every year only results in lower quality and confusion on incompatible spare parts.
It’s already a very good car and they better test and mature new features for longer time, before bringing them to customers.

Change the front to Aero as standard. The car is still fugly, but now it’s “stale” fugly. 😉 Time for a refresh!

Anton’s going to be disappointed. His larger battery pack prediction doesn’t look like it is happening anytime soon.

It looks like Nissan is waiting for the next gen model for any major changes, which makes sense.

For 2014 it went up $180. The lease for the S went up from $199/mo to $219/mo($720 increase).

For 2015 Nissan added a 6.6kWh charger and cruise control as standard for the S and quick charger as standard on the SV, so expect a larger price increase for 2015.

Is is “Blue Ocean” or “Ocean Blue”? I’m confused.

Well…this is good news for Tesla. The Leaf’s expected new range of 150 miles (give or take) won’t be out until after the Tesla Gen 3 is revealed next year (January?). I think those on the fence will wait for the Tesla’s Gen 3 (BlueStar) to come out with an expected 200 mile range (give or take). Nissan could have taken more market share if they were quicker to market with a longer range Leaf.

I seriously doubt you will be able to park a model E in your driveway before CY 2017. Next gen LEAF say around 3rd Qtr of 2015. Advantage Nissan.

We want range. We want range. We want range. Bring the 45 kWh. Bring the 45 kWh. We want range.

I don’t want more EV range.

I want an in-town (say 70-mile) EV that looks nice and accelerates well and has AWD for under $40K.

Try an i-MiEV. RWD with idiot-proof ASC and ABS, plus the option to turn off Big Brother and have some fun with the multiple driving modes plus DC fast charging. Not as fast as a LEAF, but plenty quick and just more fun around town than the Buick, errr.. I mean LEAF.

Ditto ditto ditto!

We want the OPTION of range. I think Nissan should do what Tesla did and offer multiple different battery sizes. But I’m annoyed with Tesla that they went from 3 battery sizes down to 2 battery sizes. (And spare me the “only 4% of people bought it . . . that is not objectively verifiable and they pulled the 40KWH version before they shipped a Model S.)

They did that to maintain high ASP and thus high gross profit, since they found out that the demand was there.

And that they did to maintain high stock price.

And that they did so they can raise way more money in secondary offerings.

And that they did so they can build the gigafactory.

And that they did so they can make a cheaper car, but at 40x the rate they could make the 40 kWh Model S.

Why 45? With just 32 or 34 they would have a true, highway speed 100 mile range.

At the price of the Leaf that’s an awesome value proposition, especially if they also managed to reduce degradation by a factor of 2 or three as well.


Agree 100%



As in Green Leaf. Makes sense no?

The range thing is a major overhaul. I wasn’t expecting it. If they boost the range next year they will get a jump on Tesla, but its not for sure it is in their interest to get ahead of Tesla.

Competition is definitely working on our side here…

+1. Would love to have had a “green” leaf. Color choices are very bland right now.

Hmmm, I have a little less than a year left on my 2013 leaf lease. Range upgrades wont happen until the 2016 leaf. So it looks like I will have to buy a Tesla if I want more range in my next vehicle.

ok still have to wait for the USA announcement, still its likely it will be much the same for the US 15 Leaf.

so that means no additional range on the Leaf til at least the 2016 model. late fall 2015 timeframe
19 to 20 months from now.
is there any other EV due out before then with better range than the leaf?

Mercedes B-Classe Electric…For $40,000+

They must not be able to change the pack til the model redesign.

with my lease up in early 15 . I told myself no new EV unless the range is better by a good bit.

Some LEAF owners have negotiated with Nissan to extend their current lease up to 1 year.

Just please tell us you aren’t going back to ICE, are you?

Well, this stinks on ice. (As opposed to stinking on an I.C.E., obviously…)

Come next March, when my lease expires, do I lease another leaf at the “old” range? Do I try to convince my wife we can limp along for 6 to 8 months on one car and then hope that the 2016 Leaf arrives on time, with the bigger pack, and at a price we’re willing to pay? (Good luck with that option.) Do I jump ship to a Mitsu i or a Soul EV? (As best I can tell no other EV that I find remotely acceptable (I’m looking at you, Ford) will be available in my state at sub-Tesla prices in 11 months.)

This is almost enough to tempt me to buy my Leaf at the end of the lease, an option that’s sure to get me The Look That Cuts Through Steel from my wife.


Many LEAFers have reported that NMAC has allowed them to extend the lease month-to-month for up to a year. Might be a useful option at that time.

I’ve heard conflicting reports about extending a lease. I even asked the salesman I dealt with when I leased the car, and he said he’d never heard of Nissan doing that. (He wasn’t the most helpful guy at sales time, either, so I don’t know what, if anything, to read into that response.)

When I get a little closer to the end of my lease I’ll call NMAC and see if they can do anything for me.

Um, if you’re all about more range, why would an iMiev even be in the running for your money? They have less range, not more.

At least this means the LEAF’s resale value won’t tank, as it would have with the larger battery available.

I’ll just wait a little longer and hope the 2016 LEAF has more range. I just hope Tesla doesn’t announce something more compelling by then. For now, I’ll stick to my trust 14 year old daily commuter.

I would be surprised to see an extended range Leaf prior to the release of the Infiniti LE.

It’s more profitable for them that way.

Seems like all the Leaf fans are more than a bit disappointed.

It will be interesting to see if aftermarket firms like what was it? ENGINEER will offer a double sized battery or not… That should make most people happy here if the price isn’t too out of line. That way you could conceivably goose 180 miles out of it.

All the timeline comparisons to the Tesla Model E seems off base. First, the Model E wont be available until sometime in 2017. Even then, I’m sure they’ll do something like with the Model S, where the first 25,000 units are Signature (close to Model S luxury inside and 250 mile range) and sell for 50K+. Then once those are done, they’ll fulfill the “plus” model orders (250 miles range, extra features, etc.) for low to mid 40K, and finally they’ll get down to the base 200 mile units for 35K sometime in 2018.

So if Nissan and Chevy both launch version 2 of their plug-ins in late 2015/early 2016, they’re still going to be here long before the mainstream/baseline Model Es ship in 2018.

I believe your timeline is probably on target. I’m looking at least another three year lease in November until the Model E is ready.

I honestly cannot see Tesla – who has been touting the $35,000 entry-level car for everyman – starting it off at $50,000 with all the bells.

The situation with Model S was completely different, and a buyer of a P85+ Performance for $120,000 isn’t too much different from an early adopter who is willing to dish out $90,000 for a P85 or $66,000 for a 60kwh.

The industry, market and world have been primed for the Model E to come in at a reachable range for upper middle classers. For Tesla to start by fulfilling top dog Model E orders first would be suicide.

How would it be suicide when they make more money with that strategy?

All they have to do is ship a couple thousand of the base model to fulfill that “promise” while keeping the waiting list long. But he’s right. Priority will be on the higher end versions.

As long as Nissan focuses on getting an even broader dc-fast charge network out there I’m happy… I do not really want (nor should anyone for safety reasons) to drive for more than an hour before taking a break… And if Nissan continues to deploy dc fadt chargers as they already do I think that the actual need for an extended range version would diminish along with increased security for driving.

As long as Nissan does this I do not even want longer range 😉

I am glad to see cruise control added to the S model…just needs the better heater now.

I drove my truck to Winstar Casino (60 miles north of Fort Worth ) today to play in the poker tourney and enjoyed using my trucks’s cruise control.. I miss it in my Leaf.

I wish Winstar Casino would get chargers. I have asked them to install. Great idea for a casino..but so far no luck.

If you live near OK/TX boarder send Winstar a request for chargers. http://winstarworldcasino.com/


BTW — I had a full boat ( 10’s full of 3’s) and went all-in and got beat by quads 3’s… ouch!

So you drive an electric car to save you $$$ on fuel so you can blow the money you saved on gambling, where you have an iceberg’s chance in hell of actually coming out ahead?


Might I interest you in the number for Gambleholics Anonymous*?

*Or – “Friends Of George W.” 🙂

Just sent a nice letter asking for chargers and explaining this would keep us (EV drivers) in the casino for at least 4-6 hours as our vehicles charged. 🙂

Nice reply from them:

Thank you for your recent web correspondence regarding charging stations for electric vehicles. During our expansion, we will look into different avenues in order to better serve our patrons. In the meantime, we currently have electric hook ups compatible for electric cars located at the WinStar RV Park for an associated cost per RV Site/Hookup. Please visit our website for further pricing information at http://www.winstarworldcasino.com/accommodations/view/rv-park or please feel free to contact one of our operators at 1-800-622-6317 for further information.

Thank you again for your interest in WinStar World Casino. We hope to see you again soon!

Brenda K Hilinski
Asst. G.M. Administrative Assistant
WinStar World Casino and Resort
580-276-4229 Ext 22260

A direct heating defroster would be a good thing. Aerodynamic improvements would a great thing. A free wheel coasting mode with paddles on the back of the steering wheel to add regen in steps would be awesome.

I really hope that the engineers at Nissan are given the ability to improve the Leaf, and they go for the gusto! How low can they get the energy consumption? If they can match the EV1, then Leaf would have a ~135 mile range.

I’m more interested in when the Lizard battery is going into production, and how much it will cost current owners to buy one.

What is the lizard battery?

A nickname for the new “hot” battery:


I wonder what the changes are in the Lizard battery. Just a new chemistry or better air cooling too? I know it has a different electrical connector so there is an adapter to have it work with the 2011-2014 Leafs.

Two thoughts:

1) CVT??? I’m pretty sure the Leaf has a fixed single-gear transmission.

2) Many people on here have stood by the statement that EV technology is changing so rapidly that it doesn’t make sense to purchase, that leases are the way to go. But the EV cars seem to have ~5 year runs before seeing big changes (2011-15 Leaf, 2011-15 Volt, 2013-17 Tesla before the E comes out). And then will those next generation models be something to purchase, or will the leasers be starting their 3rd or 4th EV leases at that point, still thinking that the rapidly changing tech merits it?

Agreed. CVT sounds like a mistake in the specs,

I also agree that conventional wisdom that EV’s evolve like PC’s is wrong, we have seen incremental improvements with 2013 being the biggest improvement. Even with PC’s I learned a long time ago it doesn’t pay to ‘wait’ until the next promised improvement; because when the promised improvement actually ships, there is another promised improvement.

Adopt early, replace when the original no longer meets your needs.

Anyone else notice from the color chart that the S trim is only available in Glacier White & Gun Metallic? Weird.

…and that the only interior option now is black?

The lighter interior is listed as the default across all lines/trims, so there is nothing changed in that regard.

As for S trim, Canada only sold 470 units in total in 2013…so things like a limited color options may perhaps only regional in this case (but maybe not, lol)

It’s a bit misleading to specify the low number of Leafs sold in Canada in 2013. It wasn’t due to low demand but rather because the Leafs were not made available to Canadian customers. The 2013 was only released in July, I ordered the first week it was available and finally got a 2014 in April.

Does the 2014 model have a Brushless DC motor and Pneumatic tires?

Please tell me you’re joking. If you’re not:

1. It has a brushless AC motor. DC motors are typically used in racing EVs, not daily drivers.

2. Almost every car since the 1920s has had pneumatic tires.

Is the Chademo (Level 3) charging port standard on all 2015 Leafs? It should be standard equipment so no need to go up in trim for all the EV benefits. I can see the heatpump needing a higher trim but not Chademo.