2015 Kia Soul EV – Video From Chicago Auto Show


We’ve already posted on the 2015 Kia Soul EV’s debut at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, but now we have video from the show floor to present to you.

Kia Soul EV In Chicago

Kia Soul EV In Chicago

But first, let’s recap a few of the Soul EV highlights:

Q3 2014 launch in US will proceed as follows:

The Soul EV will initially be sold in California and Oregon in the West and several Eastern states including New York, New Jersey and Maryland, the regions with the largest EV markets and infrastructure. KMA will look to offer the vehicle in other markets in the near future as infrastructure and demand grow.”

Known specs include:

Soul EV In Chicago

Soul EV In Chicago

  • 109 HP
  • 210 Pound-feet of torque
  • 27 kWh lithium polymer battery pack
  • Target range of 80 to 100 miles according to Kia
  • Recharge in under 5 hours on 240 volt (6.6 kw on-board charger) or in 25 minutes via CHAdeMO quick charge
  • 0 to 62 MPH in less than 12 seconds
  • Top speed of 90 MPH
  • Projection type headlamps
  • LED positioning lamps
  • LED rear combination lamps
  • Aerodynamically shaped 16-inch alloy wheels.

Pricing will be announced closer to the Soul EV’s on-sale date.

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I like the design for a city car.
Its a shame it is strictly an expensive compliance car.

Have to laugh how carmakers design boxes for us to drive. Look at all the new large pickup trucks. Then, in order to improve aero drag coefficients, they plug up the grille, or add grille shutters. Weird. I know we all are conditioned to expectations – like for a car to have a “face” = two eyes ( headlights ) and a mouth ( grille ), but change is in the wind. Why not just put a rounded nose on a vehicle instead? We’ve been told the most aerodynamic shape is the teardrop, or raindrop. Designers everywhere – even at GM with the Volt and SparkEV, and Tesla have opted to position a faux grille in place of a real one – for aesthetics. Evolution is key here – and you’d think we would start to see aero noses instead of a “face”, like BMW’s i3 with a solidly filled-in horse collar. BMW started with a clean slate, but obvious compliance cars like this KIA’s solution to a more aero box can be understood. With proprietary EV or PHEV designs, it’s all about sales – and designers have to capitulate to buyer expectations. You would think manufacturers could offer a… Read more »

The Kia is designed primarily for Korean, and to some extent European, road conditions,
This sort of city car does not spend enough time at speed to save significant amounts of fuel per year by better aerodynamics.
OTOH in both the far east and Europe road space is at a premium and parking tight.
You don’t want to be adding inches with farings when you have done everything possible to maximise accomodation in a given road footprint.

Uh . . . the Tesla Model S has a rounded nose. It is a different color but it isn’t really a fake grille. And there is some real grille . . . you still need a grill with an EV for AC, motor, and/or battery cooling.

The LEAF doesn’t really have a grille, per se. It has that air inlet at the bottom of the front bumper, but no grille. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV doesn’t have a grille either. Interestingly enough, many people say those cars look “ugly” or “weird”. We are just conditioned to seeing a grille.

Even the odd-looking Coda sedan. I took a photograph of a white one and Photoshopped the grille area black, and the car looked much better to my eye.

I think we’ll be able to move away from this as automakers are starting to use LED headlights. They can arrange them in a thin, slanted line at the front of the car, looking less eye-like. Then they can shrink the sizes of the grille to match. Eventually they will just go away.

Nice car and it will be the hottest competitor for the Leaf.

I doubt it.. Not if the 12 second 0-60 time is true…

Not to mention it’s a compliance car. The LEAF is available everywhere.

No. It’s a full serial production car with in-house developed drivetrain.

It’s a “compliance car” when it’s only sold in select states.

All that video and no trunk.
But its just a compliance car anyway. For most of the country its Tesla or Nissan.

None of those videos shows the trunk/cargo area. I want to see why the EV version lost over 5 cubic feet of cargo space. I’m thinking it will be like the C-Max…

A lot of these compact cars have space underneath the normal floor of the boot, which in the petrol version can be used for additional storage.
In the EV version that is taken up by batteries.
That is the way the VWs for instance do things.
I believe it is the same in the Kia Soul, although I can’t be bothered to google enough to find out.

Aerodynamically shaped 16-inch alloy wheels.

to offset the incredibly non aerodynamic body lol