2015 Kia Soul EV First Drive Review

NOV 4 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

2015 Kia Soul Interior

2015 Kia Soul Interior

SlashGear released last month an interesting review of the Kia Soul EV, presenting the car, its features and reviewing the driving experience.

As it turns out, the 81.4 kW electric motors do the job and Soul EV is snappy, which is very good for city driving.

“The result is a car that can surprise ostensibly meatier vehicles when pulling away from the lights. Sure, they’ll quickly catch up if the road stays clear – Kia quotes a top speed of 90 mph and a 0-60 mph dash in 11.2 seconds – but it’s the nippiness at city rates that makes the Soul EV a tiny urban warrior. Kia says the 18.6-43.5 mph run takes 3.9 seconds, and it’s that sort of rapidity that makes lane-changes and last minute overtaking so straightforward.”

Because the battery pack is placed low in the bottom of the car, Soul EV feels stable on the road. The brakes are smooth too. Regenerative braking enables one to drive the Soul EV with a single pedal. Steering isn’t the strongest point, but the interior gets a favorable review.

“The electric power steering won’t win any awards for dynamism, but it’s accurate even as it subdues road feel.”

“The regular upholstery is a soft grey fabric, almost felt-like, with bright blue piping. It looks and feels great, and the seats themselves are firm and comfortable, though I can’t help but wish Kia had gone for something other than grey for the majority of the dashboard. The glossy white plastic trim around the infotainment system looks good, though.”

Kia  Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

Here is the SlashGear summary:

“It deserves to succeed, however. The Soul EV keeps what I like about the regular Soul – its chunky, playful looks; great interior space; and comfortable driving style – but throws in the torquey fun of electric drive and an even more grounded feel on the road, without much in the way of compromise.

Sure, 93 miles isn’t close to what you’d get from a full tank of gas in the regular car, but if Kia can really deliver on its range accuracy commitment, that’ll go a long way toward assuaging the anxieties of the city dwellers the Soul EV seems perfect for.

Those with longer range demands (and lacking the funds to scratch their itch for a Tesla) should probably look to something like a Prius or Volt, but for the city the Soul EV hits the spot. More personality than a Leaf, a cabin that doesn’t feel compromised in either design or equipment, and lashings of usable space all add up to making the 2015 Soul EV my pick of the more affordable all-electric cars.”

The Kia Soul EV costs twice as much as the gasoline version (from $33,700 instead of $15,700) before any incentives and will not be available nationwide anytime soon, but if you are in California you now have another electric model to check out.

Source: SlashGear

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I like the two-tone paint job. Reminds me of the Mercurys I miss.

The downside is the vehicle is a bit pricey, but then everyone has to decide if it is worth it for them in thier particular case.

As this review goes, they spent a lot of copy not saying much. What features are included for what price, and exactly how long does it take to recharge, either at slow, fast, or insane rates?

looks like 33 minutes to 80% with a 50 kw DCFC. I’m thinking it can also go to 100 KW DCFC but that only takes a few minutes off the above time. Also about 5 hours on a 6.6 KW port. but yes the review says almost nothing.

I traded a perfectly good 05 Scion xB1 for my Leaf.

The Soul is the spiritual descendant of the xB1.

If Kia will sell the Soul EV in PA next year, I’d consider it when my Leaf lease runs out in September.

I just love how in EV reviews,they keep pushing the idea of EVs for city dwellers or city cars. People that live in rural areas can be interested in EVs as well. It’s not as if everybody that lives in a rural area is driving hundreds of miles every day. 93 miles is plenty for most of the people I know. Add a few more places to charge up and let more people know and you would have a bunch more EV buyers near me. I’m sure that is the same for other rural areas as well.

no thanks

i want a cool sleek car

Have you stopped to consider that you might not be the target audience for this vehicle?

0-60mph takes more than 11 seconds?

No thanks.

“Regenerative braking enables one to drive the Soul EV with a single pedal.”
This is not true with Soul EV because it never comes to a complete stop. You always have to apply brakes at red lights.

Bought a 2010 Soul, stretched financing out over 7 years. Is it coincidence that by 2017, when my Kia is paid for, Tesla should have their next car out, targeting about the same price as this Soul with the upgrades?

The nice thing about the Soul EV, is it has decent range for current commuters in the EV’s of today, plus it has the 6.6 kW AC, and CHAdeMO charging options, giving it flexibility like a LEAF, or iMiEV, and more so than a Focus EV! And, a local Dealer near Toronto has already sold one, they say! Plus, on Nov. 12th, we will be having access to a new CHAdeMO / CCS charging station from ABB, the first in the Province of Ontario.

81kwh battery?! that’s more than 3 times the 24kwh battery in LEAF, so in theory, it should be able to deliver 200 miles per charge, right?

You’re thinking of the motor rating. The battery is 27kWh.