2015 Kia Soul EV Compared To BMW i3 – Video


It’s a visual comparison only, but seeing the Kia Soul EV next to the BMW i3 provides us with a sense of the overall size of both vehicles.

Additionally, there’s some high-quality shots of the interior, including cargo space, of both of these electric vehicles.

Sadly, the Kia Soul EV is currently only available in California (BMW i3 is available nationwide), so only Californians will have the ability to choose between the i3 and the Soul EV.

Kia Soul EV & BMW i3

Kia Soul EV & BMW i3

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I just got the Kia Soul EV and it is bigger and roomier than expected from outside. Pretty happy so far.

Indeed, and the trunk in the Kia appears to be much larger. Our baby stroller would not fit in the BMW whereas we tested the Kia and it worked with ample space to spare.

We now have a delivery date for our Soul Ev: Dec 18!

Actually, it is available in Canada (Québec) as well. Outside dimension are about the same, but inside, since there is no engine in the front, there is more room for passenger in the i3 and you get the frunk for added cargo space 🙂 Disclaimer, I have the i3 Rex.

I think both car brings a lot qualities of their own. I love the driving dynamic of the i3. But I can understand why you would go for the Soul EV (5 passengers, more EV range)

For Canada: British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec have access to Kia Soul EV.

Also in Europe: France, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, and UK have access to both i3 & Sou EVs.

For US, the first couple months have limited volume; but Kia stated availability was to initially include California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey and Maryland by early 2015.

In summer 155 miles are possible with the Soul EV! In Sitzerland there was a driver reached 150 miles by 47 °F! New range king after Tesla…

Kia, I think your advertisement with the hamsters are the most out standing commercial I have ever see !!! Great Job !

Interesting! I think the i3 is quicker in the 0-60 & general acceleration, so it would be cute to see these on a large oval lapping with the Kia as the pace car and the i3 keeping right up alongside/right behind it, just for comparisons: Which one hit’s turtle mode first!

Do the test at 3 target speeds: 45 Mph, 65 Mph, & 85 Mph! Then tally the best cars range and what it is for each test!

An easy comparison is motor HP and vehicle weights. The HP to weight ratio is a good reference for raw performance.

Comparing EPA’s ‘city’ and ‘highway’ miles/kWh for each EVs usable battery capacity will provide a good reference for range.

The Soul is 5k cheaper, isn’t it?

Actually my wife and I calculated it could be more, depending on the features chosen on the i3. To reach feature parity with the Soul EV, it was more than a 5K differential.

If I wanted a size comparison I would go to http://www.automobiledimension.com/car-comparison.php