2015 Ford Fusion Energi SE Compared To Titanium Version – Video


Fusion Energi SE Compared To Fusion Energi Titanium

Fusion Energi SE Compared To Fusion Energi Titanium

“Gill Auto Group presents a walk around video of Ford’s 2015 Ford Fusion Energi SE vs. Titanium Electric Vehicle comparison by Gill Auto Group Product Specialists Brittany & Megan!”

The 2015 Ford Fusion Energi SE starts at $34,800, while the Titanium version of the Fusion Energi is listed at $36,630.

Aside from the price difference, these two versions of the Fusion Energi are actually rather similar, but as you’ll learn in the video above, there are slight differences between the two.

So, if you’re in the market for a Fusion Energi and undecided on which trim level to buy (SE or Titanium), then perhaps the video will help you choose the verison that’s right for you.

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OK, I can’t resist. Are these the same girls?


I think you might actually be right! At least this time they’re sober…I think. It’s hard to tell. 🙂

Cruel but fairly accurate.

The ONLY reason this video is even bearable to watch is because of the eye candy. Otherwise it is completely boring and amateur.

“The ONLY reason this video is even bearable to watch is because of the eye candy.”

You are, of course, referring to the cars correct? 🙂

I really like these cars

1. Low AER
2. Good luck finding one

I thought about Autrader and having one shipped to MN.
But there is no dealer support here for Ford EVs so I became nervous about repair

Oh well

That is a Fusion Hybrid, not an Energi. They are different models.

Typically there is 1 or 2 for sale in all of MN
sometimes autotrader shows 4-6 but when you call they don’t have them

There is one I’ve found in MN lately. $29.9k
But the dealer was evasive about repairs.

Think in that. 1-2 for sale in a metro area of 3.5 million people

As I said above… Good luck finding them, and a dealer to repair if needed since nobody here has one

Yeah. I did go up there and they had all the Ford’s electrified vehicles, but only a couple, one of each. So quite a limited selection.

I always wear 6 inch stilettos when walking through the vineyards!

Interesting that they didn’t show the interior

One saves you half the price of the car.
One doubles the price of the car.

Oh, Didn’t know there was a “Titanium Hybrid”!

She described the automatic parking feature as a great option to have. Yeah…great for a blonde in a red dress. A very short, very tight red dress. Then she was talking about the key fob, “just put it in your pocket” she said as “you walk up to the car”. I was waiting anxiously to see her demonstrate, but didn’t get a chance to see that! I bet these two product specialists sell a lot of Fords.

Seriously though, I recently test drove a C-Max energi and closely examined a Fusion energi. I really liked the C-max energi. I liked everything about the car except two things, not enough AER just 19 miles, and the intrusion of the battery pack into the cargo area.

Was forced to go home in my 2011 Volt.

The juxtaposition of the dressed to the nines women in a field, an apple orchard actually, seems a poor choice at best. Either have them showing the cars in a showroom or dress them differently. Also the highway noises contributes to what David Murray alluded too,
the amateurish feel of the presentation.
High heels in a field? It’s just tacky.
Painful to watch and listen too.

Yeah! Monica and Chandler champagne on SNL !


But not jailbait.

No, certainly not! 🙂

valley girl.. clean the cat box.. OhhhhhhM’Gahh-awwd.. ..