2015 Ford Focus Video Reveal


Set to be formally unveiled at the upcoming 2014 Geneva Motor Show, leaked images of the 2015 Ford Focus hit the Internet a few days ago.

Now, there’s video with some additional exclusive images of the revamped Focus.

We expect that both the Focus Electric and rumored Focus Energi will draw heavily from the styling seen in these images of the ICE version of the 2015 Focus.

Source: Autocar

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Just on the visuals it looks as though bloat is creeping in.
That looks pretty similar in size to the next class up, the Mondeo.
All well and good in the US, but the bigger the car the more difficult it is to manoeuvre it around European cities.

So where’s the electric Fiesta to compete with the electric Spark, which is still a compliance car? (bangs head on a hard rock, repeatedly)

The Fiesta would be a great choice, if Ford could figure out where to put the batteries…

They could do it like Honda did — put the batteries under the cabin and raise the entire cabin to compensate.

… or not. I think there are enough tiny EVs out there that hardly anyone want. A great choice would be the Escape… no competition there if the RAV4 EV is on its way out.

I still do not like the bulging headlamps… Gah. :p

I don’t care so much about the outside as I do the inside. When will we know the stats of the 2015 Focus Electric? Is it expected to change from the 2014?

Exactly my question. The main problem with the Focus electric is the high amount of luggage space taken up with batteries – something that the LEAF and Volt avoided by using a purpose-built platform instead of adopting an ICE platform. (And the LEAF improved usable space even more in 2013 with slightly smaller components and a better arrangement.)

Given a redesign Ford should have had the opportunity to arrange things optimally for batteries as well as ICE components.

I don’t know why the Focus Electric did such a poor job with the placement of the batteries, when other ICE conversions (e.g., Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Fiat 500e, Honda Fit EV) have very little or no cabin intrusion from the battery.

2014 Focus Electric “trunk battery” allows unmodified glider to be built on the same ICE production line. EV is simply a power option (good for Ford, bad for luggage). Fit EV/500e are hand built conversions with a custom, extensively modified floor pan.

Aaron, every vehicle on your list has less trunk space then the Focus Electric.The FFE’s trunk is even bigger than the current 3-series and C-Class. The “intrusion” hasn’t bothered me one bit, I can still carry a lot of stuff back there. More than a Mercedes C-Class I just got rid of.

I wrote up a comparison last year because this crap keeps coming up.

RedLeafBlueLeaf – the Volt also has less trunk space than the Focus Electric. I should know, I have both cars. And it’s not a purpose-built platform; it’s based on the Cruze. And apparently that won’t change for the next gen Volt…


I suppose you can try to make that purpose-built-platform-means-more-trunk-space argument with the i3, but that thing only has about 9 cu ft behind the rear seats… much less than the FFE and MiEV.

This is the best looking compact car out there today. More upscale sub-luxury than base compact. Eager to see what will be new technically on the 2015 Focus Electric.

Hopefully the EV version will be offered in the wagon body style, with less battery intrusion, and with some extra range. Not holding my breath.

I wonder what the chances are that we see a new type of heater/AC system in this one?