2015 Ford Focus Electric Exterior Walkaround Video

2015 Ford Focus Electric

APR 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 25

2015 Ford Focus Electric

2015 Ford Focus Electric

Recently, Ford unveiled its 2015 Focus Electric at the New York Auto Show.

Unfortunately, Ford didn’t make any major changes and failed to even devote much attention to it’s only pure electric car.

With cumulative sales of just over 3,000 units for the previous generation Focus Electric, lack of changes and marketing effort for the new Focus Electric probably means we shouldn’t expect too much on the BEV front from Ford, at least not in the near future.

But anyways, here is a video of an exterior walkaround of the 2015 Ford Focus Electric.  Can you spot the changes?

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Looks like more if the same to me. *sigh* 🙁

I saw it at the NY car show and was surprised how they used part of the trunk space for the battery. The comparison with the regular focus right next to it makes the trunk difference stand out…


So – have they figured out yet that they should be able to use more of the space savings from lack of emissions equipment and the no need of a 13 gallon gas tank yet for the battery?

I appreciate Fords efforts to bring multiple Plug in models to the market quickly – but I would hope that as they are going through generational model updates that they better integrate the battery rather than the current after thought of eating significant trunk space. I still think anyone taking a look at the Fords has to be at least moderately turned off by the battery hump taking up significant storage.

It’s also a little sad that their total cumulative sales on the Focus Electric is about the same as the Leaf sells in a single month. Ford can do better! They also need to do a bit more dealer training – the dealer I spoke with had no idea of the electric range and stated the range of the CMax Energi referring to the 100% electric Focus (of course I knew better than they did.)

It looks like battery repositioning won’t happen until next gen Focus for MY2018 in 2017.

This is because you can’t just find more space in a current shared platform with 3 other vehicles (C-MAX/Focus/Escape), the platform has to be reworked so all shared models have the potential to hold a larger battery pack without intruding into the passenger compartment.

Just like VW did with waiting 3 years later to offer a plug-in until the next gen Golf for MY2015.

Fiat, Honda, and Mitsubishi had no problem retrofitting their ICE vehicles with battery packs that didn’t intrude into the passenger compartment. Why couldn’t Ford? They half-assed it and called it a day.

Yes, yes… everyone buys all cars according to the trunk space. That’s why all car advertising only shows pictures of trunks and list their awesome, gigantic trunk specs.

And we’ve all seen those hot cars pulling up to lights… the one with the biggest trunk (usually with several after-market “sport trunk” enlargement kits attached) is always the one being driven by the douchiest guy.

The electric drivetrain was a generic system developed by Magna, not Ford. So it was not custom designed for this car.

“Generic” in what way? Although designed by Magna, it was designed FOR the Ford Focus. If it was “generic” it would be used in other cars. In what other cars has Magna used the Focus system?

Magna had every intention to apply their system to other models and other OEMs with minimal modification. Their lack of success in doing so, and subsequent dissolution of their “eCar” division does not negate the original vision. It does perhaps suggest it was a poor vision, but Tesla has had some limited success with the concept (ref: Rav4), so it wasn’t entirely harebrained.

The 2015 Focus Electric got the same rear end update as the ICE Focus, where it was and still is the best looking EV under $40k. A few changes include: – Thicker window glass, thicker carpeting, thicker engine sound proofing for an even quieter ride. – Improved front and rear suspension for a more connected and comfortable ride – Improved electronic steering for more responsive steering. – Improved interior with cleaner dash board and new cleaner center console. But there is more details on the 2015 Focus Electric to come. Ford states more ‘drivetrain’ details will follow closer to launch date. Deliveries are not scheduled until early 2015 and there is still no official production start date or order guide. But what has changed for the current 2014 models is daily inventory at dealers. It seems Ford dealers are now stocking inventory of the Focus Electric. A nicely loaded Focus Electric with thermal battery protection costs less than a lesser equipped Leaf SV. Focus Electric daily inventory has jumped from around 130 units to over 300 over the past 3 months. Many southern California dealers now have up to 30 units in stock. This is up from dealers having 1… Read more »

“thicker engine sound proofing”

Did you just copy-paste the whole thing from a (non-electric) car commercial?

If not, congrats, you sound just as good as a dealer salesperson…

That would be sound shielding from the engine compartment, which contains the electric motor for the Focus Electric. It is is still considered the ‘engine’ compartment for the Focus body.

At a similar price point, I think this car competes well with the Leaf as long as you are comparing it with a Leaf that has no Chademo fast charging. Or if it is being sold in an area that lacks any sort of fast charging infrastructure.

That was the deal breaker for me. When it was time to turn in our 2011 Leaf, we looked at the Focus EV and just couldn’t justify it in our area because we have a good QC infrastructure. With the Leaf we can make trips all over DF/W without having to stop more than a few minutes to charge.

It does seem odd that Ford has not officially announced a fast charger, it could be because most who lease an EV do so because the charge range meets their round trip daily commute, never planning to plug in anywhere but home, at the cheapest rates.

Thinking about it, the idea of buying an 80 mile EV ‘expecting’ to charge away from home on a regular basis, would be like buying an ICE vehicle with a 2 gallon tank, expecting to search for a gas station every time they drive the car.

In the words of Sweet Brown from Oklahoma City……

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”


This is a Magna designed EV drivetrain and it was designed before SAE-CCS existed. And since it seems like no one else is going to use it (they wanted to sell it to several car-makers), they have not bothered to improve it.

From my experience driving a Leaf for over 2 years, I have to say that the lack of quick-charging capability would also be a deal-breaker for me. No QC, no sale.

Some RAV4 EV owners agree, and are therefore working on adding a CHAdeMO port to their favorite ride (much smarter than CCS IMHO, because what good is a QC port if there are no compatible stations around?).

While surely not trivial, the main guy behind this project is convinced enough that he can make it, and sell it to enough people, to buy a new RAV4 as prototyping platform. http://www.myrav4ev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=11238#p11238

Ford having totally dropped the ball on this, maybe a similar home-grown QC add-on could save the Focus?..

I’d like somebody knowledgeable to do the math and find out how many EV’s Ford has to sell in the state of California for CARB compliance. I’ll bet it’s right at 100 a month, which is what they consistently sell, and seem happy with.

It is based on sales in California and I don’t think that is easy to come by for us little people. So it is a percentage of that and also, manufacturers can use other ZEVs to cover the requirement. Like PZEV, AT-PZEV and others.

Keep in mind that Ford is selling this car nationwide. So it is not just a compliance car for California. Although the sales volume sure doesn’t help with the image in that regard.

absence != lack

Ok guys, after comparing images for about 700 times now you can definitly see quite some changes to the styling in the back and also the lights in the back changed quite a bit. The front looks pretty much the same though for my eyes

As Dave Murray says, the lack of QC is an issue. I love the look of the car, I’d say it’s the most atrractive by far of the current “80 mile” BEV’s. But looks only go so far and after a point, after people have had a sustained taste of BEV driving, many of us want that QC option. I have thought several times that I would love to drive the FFE, but then I consider what I would really enjoy doing and that is to have a car that goes beyond my daily commute and can allow at least mid range trips. If it had the QC I would SERIOUSLY consider it.

I too find the Focus the most good-looking of this class of BEVs, but the Leaf’s rear seat + trunk capacity made it considerably more useful for my family (taller rear doors helped with getting an infant seat in and out, and the stroller fit easily in the trunk with room for lots of other gear too).

It’s also been very clear that Nissan cares a lot more about EVs than Ford. I can now take a 250+ mile one-way trip from where I live to Boston solely on quick chargers installed by Nissan dealerships!

Damn it, Ford. Add a SAE-CCS port, you lazy jerks.

Save for the protocol, I agree. When needed, EVs must to be able to charge in minutes, not hours.

Anyway, see my answer above: http://insideevs.com/2015-ford-focus-electric-exterior-walkaround-video/#comment-439469