2015 Chevy Spark EV Now On Sale In California And Oregon


Chevy Spark EV

Chevy Spark EV

Known Fact: Ladies Love Electric Cars

Known Fact: Ladies Love Electric Cars

According to Edmunds, the 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV is now on sale in both California and Oregon.

For 2015, there’s some major changes for the Spark EV:

“General Motors will bring all its electric vehicle battery building capabilities in-house with production of battery systems for the 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV at its battery assembly plant in Brownstown, Mich.”

Larry Nitz, executive director of GM global transmission and electrification engineering, adds

“Using our in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise enabled us to deliver a battery system that is more efficient and lighter than the 2014 Spark EV without sacrificing range. Our successful working relationship with LG Chem has allowed us to deliver a new battery system for the Spark EV that helps us to better leverage our economies of scale.”

For 2015, the Spark EV battery system is enhanced in several ways. Per General Motors:

“A newly designed battery system features an overall storage capacity of 19 kWh and uses 192 lithium ion cells. The cells are produced at LG Chem’s plant in Holland, Mich. The battery system weight of 474 lbs. is 86 pounds lighter than the system in the 2014 Spark EV.”

Pricing is unchanged for 2015, meaning the 2015 Spark EV will cost $27,495.  Range stays the same too, as does MPGe, apparently, despite changes to both the battery pack and the Spark EV’s final drive ratio.

“Changes in battery design will not affect the Spark’s MPGe, or gasoline equivalent, performance compared to the 2014 model.  Range will remain at an EPA-rated 82 miles and MPGe will remain at 119.”

Edmunds adds:

“The 2015 Spark EV features Siri Eyes Free, 4G LTE and DC Fast Charging.”

There’s still no official word from General Motors on more widespread availability for the Chevy Spark EV.

Source: Edmunds

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Excellent. This inexpensive little torque monster deserves more appreciation and distribution. Enjoy, Oregon!

Here’s to hoping that distribution widens further.

Both California and Oregon have had access to the Spark since initial launch. I do hope it goes nationwide soon, though!

“inexpensive little torque monster”

Good one!

Has anyone compared the newly modified Spark EV to the original Spark EV to see if it is more or less peppy?

Good job reducing overall footprint in multiple ways (smaller battery, local production, etc.) while retaining range.

Now let’s see it nationwide. After the Cadillac ELR fiasco, and with Volt sales stalling while everyone else is gallping ahead – there’s really no direction but up for GM EV marketing. Expanding SparkEV nationwide is the easiest trick in their bag to regain some momentum.

And all signs indicate that there’s already great appetite across the country for these urban, affordable subcompact BEVs.

I’m still unsure what “overall storage capacity of 19 kWh” really means. If it is usable capacity, then it’s about the same as the 2014 usable capacity and the unchanged efficiency and range numbers are consistent.

If it is raw capacity, this implies that usable capacity has dropped several percent. However, to make the MPGe and range numbers agree, the efficiency for charging the battery needs to drop to exactly balance the increase in drive efficiency. Not impossible, but suspicious.

Also, and possibly unrelated, 0-60 has dropped to 7.2s. 🙂

Rated kwh droped from 21.4 to 19.
Therefore they increased DOD.
“so they upped DOD AND put in a more energy dense battery and went to larger format cells. Pretty impressive!!! Looks like GM has been doing their homework!!!

More details in comment #12 found here:

If you look at comment #9 in that thread, the 140-mile run on a 2014 Spark used 19.13 kWh. Unless they now have a 100% DoD battery, I do not think the rated capacity has dropped to 19 kWh.

All of the articles that claim the battery capacity has dropped reference the single GM “overall storage capacity of 19 kWh” statement.

Sell these nationwide GM!

Well the leaf selling 3117 cars last month most likely was acting like GM getting hit in the head with a cinder block that maybe they should expand the availability of it. But the question remains are they only going to build 50 extra Spark EV’s and send them to Oregon. Or are they going to keep one or two of them in stock at every dealership like Nissan Does?

I suspect that Spark EV sales in June are not going to go above a 170 to 200 Sparks sold.


It’s a shame that Chevy didn’t upgrade the onboard L2 charger, which at 3.3kW is half that of most other EVs. The Spark takes 7 hours to charge to full, which means that it will not charge from empty to full within most utility companys’ overnight Super Off Peak window.

It also means that if you have a longish commute, and want to charge for an hour or two at home before going back out for the evening, you might have less range than you want.

The Spark EV charges at about 10 miles per hour. The Focus Electric, Fiat 500e, Honda Fit EV and all Nissan Leafs above the entry level S charge at 20 miles per hour.

The new DC Quick Charge option is a welcome addition, but since there are so few SAE Combo chargers available, it’s a very small consolation.

I’m very curious to know what the OEM cost difference is between 3.3kW, 6.6kW and 9kW chargers. The utility of 30 miles per hour (Toyota RAV4 EV) and 10 (Spark EV) is huge.

At very least, faster 240v charging should be an upgrade option.

“The Spark takes 7 hours to charge to full”

Well, that assumes one is using the L2 charger and not the DC fast charger.


Yes, I was discussing using the “the onboard L2 charger” during the “overnight Super Off Peak window” which is when most people would want to be charging their car, instead of paying $5 for a quick charge at the – count ’em – 7 SAE combo chargers *in the entire US*.

Small consolation indeed.

Where are you getting your information? Got a source? There are more than 7 SAE Combo chargers in the state of Michigan alone!

Really, more than seven Combo DC Fast Chargers in Michigan? Outside GM’s proving grounds where customers can charge their cars when needed?


PS. I have not seen them on PlugShare.

Here is what _I_ get when charging _my_ Spark EV.
4 miles / hour 120v @ 8 amps
6 miles / hour 120v @ 12 amps
16 miles / hour 240v @ 16 amps
4 miles / minute 50KW DC fast charger (based on spec of 80% in 20 minutes)

This is based on the fact that I get just over 100 miles on a full charge in my Spark EV mixed city and highway. I have not had the opportunity to connect a DC fast charger yet so that is still theoretical.

I have a 6 hour window for super off peak rates, which has not been a problem as my battery seldom less than 50% discharged.

A higher power on board charger would have been nice, but with an existing parts supply for the Volt, I can see why they used the one they did.

I am interested to see how the performance and range actually compare between the 2014 and 2015 models. The spec says the 2015 will do 0-6 in 7.2 seconds where the 2014 model has been tested at 7.6 seconds.

I agree about the need of a fast L2 charger. I was on the waiting list for the Spark EV and for the 500e. I was willing to give the Spark EV a chance b/c I trust(ed) GM more than FIAT on electrics but the slow L2 charger was a real issue.

I charge overnight all weekdays but on weekends I usually need to recharge mid-day, and a fast L2 charger makes a real difference.

Clearly, GM does not want the Spark to be “too awesome”, with its tiny battery and slow L2 charging.

GM should offer the Spark EV in Georgia, at least…

It would take away some of those insane State income incentives from the LEAF.

I would buy a spark EV today if they sold it in Florida. My Chevy Volt Lease is up next month and rather than picking up another volt I would love to stay a Chevy customer and buy a spark. I’m considering the Leaf unless Chevy releases the aspark to Florida soon.

Is there a petition somewhere people can click on or vote that they would buy or lease a spark if it were available to them? Maybe these numbers would motivate Chevy to launch nation wide.

Available????? Really ???? Not SO !!
Today, at San Jose’s Courtesy Chevrolet I “ordered” a 2015 Spark EV.

WOAHHH, not so fast – – – I was told GM wasn’t accepting orders and it would be 2 weeks at least until my “order” would be entered into their system. What kind of HOOEY are you are spewing? That’s at least 4 weeks from the date you are announcing this vehicle is “AVAILABLE”….. Please, check your source because I’m getting no love from the actual GM dealer….