2015-2017 Nissan LEAFs Recalled Due To Passenger Airbag Issue


Nissan LEAF

Nissan has announced a recall that affects some 2015 through 2017 Model Year LEAFs.

The recall is linked to a fault in the front passenger airbag system.

Due to a manufacturing error within the airbag inflators, the front passenger airbag may not deploy correctly in the event of a crash.

Nissan says it will begin notifying owners of affected LEAFs starting on June 11, 2017.

Additional details in the image and at the link below.

More Nissan LEAF recall info here

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10 Comments on "2015-2017 Nissan LEAFs Recalled Due To Passenger Airbag Issue"

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Great, another recall. I may as well have a gasser for as many times as I’ve had to take my 15 leaf in for recalls. /mild exaggeration

To be fair, Nissan seems to be pretty proactive with these and they always seem to get them fixed up pretty quickly.

I think I’ll skip this one since it’s going back in July anyway. Rather not hang around the stealership more than I have to.

Really? My ’15 has had zero recalls.

You may want to check. This is the second airbag recall and there was a brake recall. Mine is a very early 15 (7/14) so you might have missed those.

And here you thought your mother-in-law was the worst airbag in your life!

L 🙂 L

Hopefully this isn’t another Takata unit. By now Takata must be deep into bankruptcy.

I expect to see Yugos and Tata Nanos with big bumper stickers:

“Safety Supplied By Takata Airbags”

Can you even go fast enough in a Leaf where the airbag would need to be deployed?

I kid, I kid 😀

Steep long downhills are a breeze!

It will deploy when a wall runs in front of you..

Yeah, my 2013 has issues with both the passenger airbag sensor AND the driver airbag sensor, but they’re separate issues. Need to get that taken in….

That, and the washer fluid pump is shot, but that I can live with.

On a good note, I am well past 48,000 miles with 12 bars still remaining. So I’ll be able to drive it as long as I want, until it kills me, which will likely come first.

At 42K miles with 12 bar still remaining (for a few more months at least) on a 3/13 Nissan Leaf! The Air Bag is a recall wonder.