In 2014, Nissan Sold More LEAFs In Canada Than 2011, 2012 & 2013 Combined


Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan is celebrating all sorts of LEAF sales milestones these days, including one in Canada.

It turns out that 2014 was a breakout year for the LEAF in Canada.  With December’s LEAF sales of 64 units, the YTD figure hit 1,085.

While the figure may sound low, it’s indeed significantly higher than any of the previous three years the LEAF was on sale in Canada.

In fact, if we combine LEAF sales in Canada for 2011, 2012 & 2013, the result is 880 units.

So, in 2014 alone, Nissan sold more LEAFs in Canada than it did in the past three years combined.

How’s that for progress?

Hat tip to Paul Muus!!!

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Just wait untill the range doubles or triples and all of us current owners trade up…I am hoping to hear some good news from the NAIAS in a week.

The cold kills the range on this car.It can be very scary went temp drops. In the summer it’s wonderful hint below -5, you start to see the range drop fast .the reality is you need a 40kw battery for old man winter!or a range extender like the volt.

What’s even more worrying is how there’s basically no charging infrastructure to speak of outside of BC and Ontario, and those places are still woefully inadequate. The major cities in the prairies are not only cold but largely uninterested in fixing this problem.

But yeah, Canadians are also quite familiar with what cold does to batteries, so I think that’s what’s driving most of our reticence about EVs.

Is Quebec part of Canada?

We now have 9 quick chargers and tons of L2. Way more than any place in Cânâdâ!!

Also there is little 440 volt level 3 chargers around Quebec ,where there should be the most with our cold climate

Great news … and this is just counting the ‘new’ LEAFs, not all the ‘used’ LEAF’s that have been imported.

Expect there are now over 2000 LEAF’s registered across Canada.

Does anyone know if the solid state batteries, that are supposedly on the horizon, are going to be any better in the cold? Or even the lithium-air that’s supposed to come too?

The Lithium batteries in the Leaf hold up fairly well and below -20 the battery warmer kicks in anyway (with a little email reminder to let you know the car should be plugged in). The real problem is that there’s no waste heat being generated by the engine to warm the cabin, so extra energy for that has to come from somewhere.

And there’s not nearly enough for driving *and* heating in the Leaf. But the next iteration should improve the situation greatly.

One thing about the cold climate range drop is the Leaf hasn’t been designed for the cold.
It’s not insulated any more than an ICE car and lot of precious energy is wated there.
No sealed body, hole in the grill and everywhere that let the cold air true.
The heating system ain’t optimal, no recirculation that you can mix, and no selective heating for driver only and no heat recovery.
None frome the inside, none from the inverter, none frome the motor.
The battery can not be heated to the optimal running temperature.
You cannot use the mass of that battery for storing heat.
No IR heating that could minimize the power usage.
No regenerative braking when the battery is too cold or any use of the energy lost braking.
So a bigger battery could certainly help, they could also work the design so much more to make it way better in the cold.
Still when you know how to deal with those, it’s doable.
If the Leaf engineer where living here in Québec, they would do a hell of a better job.
That’s for sure!

“How’s that for progress?”

Apparently, NOT fast enough…

When we stop celebrating 1,000 units sales per year, we would finally get somewhere..

It is nothing but pitful…

Agreed, 20% more BEVs sold a year is no revolution.
Sales of electrics should be exponential by now.
Notice how Toyota a GM stopped the progression this year. I suspect the fool cell apparent turn is only an excuse for the lousy sales of plug-ins. Same for GM who stopped the production of the Volt.
Nissan on his side is doing ok but not as they should push the marketing a availability.
BMW i3 is to expensive as reversed engineering revealed, and his REx is flawed(on purpose?)

Nice cartel.

If established car makers did only half of the genuine efforts Tesla is doing, there would be ten times more sales than now.
Nothing to celebrate indeed.

I’m pretty sure all 1000 of these Leaf’s are in Victoria, BC. I see several here daily.

Since some weeks there are also over 30.000 Leafs in Europe on the roads !!! (around 14.000 Leafs in 2014)
NEXT Milestone !

There are a lot in Quebec. We have half of all Canadian electric cars in quebec (5000 out of 10 000).