2014 Nissan LEAF Recall – Missing Spot Welds? Entire Vehicle Will Be Replaced Free Of Charge


2014 Nissan LEAF Recall Notice

2014 Nissan LEAF Recall Notice

Approximately 211 Model Year 2014 Nissan LEAF manufactured from February 28, 2014 through March 12, 2014 may be affected by this recall:

“The front structural member assembly may be missing welds, which could reduce the structural integrity of the vehicle if the vehicle is involved in a crash. As such, these vehicles fail to meet the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 208, “Occupant Crash Protection,” and 305, “Electric-Powered Vehicles: Electrolyte Spillage and Electrical Shock Protection.”

Per the recall –


Missing welds may effect the vehicle’s integrity in the event of a crash, increasing the risk of injury to the vehicle’s occupants.


Nissan will notify owners, and dealers will inspect to see if any of the welds are missing. Any vehicle missing welds will be replaced, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin by mid-June 2014.

Upon a close read of the recall notice, we see that affected vehicles will be replaced free of charge by Nissan, meaning repair work will not be done, but rather entire vehicles will be replaced.

We repeat….Nissan will not fix this safety issue by adding some spot welds, but rather by taking the more appropriate action of replacing the entire vehicle.

2014 Nissan LEAF Recall Letter

2014 Nissan LEAF Recall Letter

2014 Nissan LEAF Dealer Inspection/Repair Instructions

2014 Nissan LEAF Dealer Inspection/Repair Instructions

2014 Nissan LEAF Dealer Inspection/Repair Instructions

2014 Nissan LEAF Dealer Inspection/Repair Instructions

Nissan LEAF Non Comply Letter

Nissan LEAF Non Comply Letter

Nissan LEAF Non Comply Letter

Nissan LEAF Non Comply Letter

Nissan LEAF Non Comply Letter

Nissan LEAF Non Comply Letter

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Much better than GMs approach to recalls, they sound more like Tesla now….

Article about Nissan?
Insert GM bash.
Follow up w/pro Tesla comment.


What do so many people have against GM… oh that’s right – because GM is on top. the giant of sales since they US sales were reported.

“Being on top” has NOTHING to do with the ire inspired by the name GM.

No, its the contempt the company displayed for their tens of thousands of customers by trying to sweep multiple human deaths under a cold, uncaring corporate rug for over a decade.

GM = General Morgue

Then what was it the week before that.. and the week before that… and the week before that?

Sorry not buying it. Anything GM does that is “good news” doesn’t make the news, or it is somehow spun into something bad, and anything GM does that is “bad news” is on the front page being stockpiled by anti-GM trolls for future fuel to be added the fire when desired.


That is BS. Your GM bashing comments started long before the recent GM recalls.

And let us just look at Plugin cars for a sec. NIssan didn’t even bother with capacity warranty until owners in AZ threatened to sue.

GM offered great services on Volt and capacity warranty from the start.

Please, save your typical GM bashing for some other stupid sites where people have no brains….

You don’t address the issue of corporate murder from their faulty products, once.

Interesting. Do you work for them?

People die in car accidents all the time.

Sure, GM could have improved that “cheap design” on their “cheap line”. But the fact is that the ignition did NOT cause the “shut off” if they weren’t bumped or had “heavy” key chains attached to them.

Yes, the safety improvement should be made, but people shouldn’t hange their purse on the key chains either.

Remember that people used to complain about SAAB’s unique style of having key ignition in the center console b/c people something throw their “purse” on them and they move the key ignition. Or people used to complain about power window switches in the center console b/c they can accidentally “knock” them on/off…

Half of the people are “below average” intelligence so we should continue to build cars that are “idiot proof”…

And to answer your second question.

NO I don’t work for GM.

But are you the member of the internet GM hate squad?

No, I’m President of the “Internet GM H8ers Club”. 😉

Corporate murder? The drama and biases on this website is over the top these days.

Murder is killing with intent. Clearly they didn’t accept a faulty ignition for the purpose of ending lives.

If you run over someone who darts in front of your car, that’s not a murder. Sheesh.

Before or after 13 people were killed for something that was extremely simple to fix?

What does the ‘simplicity to fix’, have anything to do with a death? That’s like saying.. “Well it would have very difficult to fix, so I can understand that 13 people died”.

I think by adding the ‘simplicity to fix’ argument is just another attempt to vilify GM. Sure makes for good headlines though, so keep it up.

You know what cost less then a 50cent ignition key part? A spot-weld.

Maybe those people should drive around with their “HUGE and HEAVY” key chain set…

No, GM took Millions of Tax Dollars to Save there But.. and the best they could build was a hybrid.. and to top it off they Got involved in California EV laws making it so a Hybrid can Charge in an EV spot.. .. No GM Sucks!. Nissan did not take Bail out Dollars and has been commented to the EV since the Start!..

You realize America came out on the positive side due to the auto-bailouts, right? This is old news. Do some research before you start posting old cliches.

I find it funny you mention tax money, then bash a domestic company while applauding a foreign one. How many Leafs were imported before they started making them in TN? Where do all the Leaf profits go? Where are all the other Nissans made, you know the high-volume ones? How many US tax credits for EVs is Nissan taking advantage of? What kind of tax credits did TN give to Nissan?

I also find it funny you bash the Volt calling it simply a hybrid and applaud the Leaf when it has been documented that Volt owners drive more EV miles than Leaf owners. How many Leaf owners also have to own a gas car?

Nissan received $1.6 Billion Federal money to retool their facilities in TN. Not a loan either.


Get over it. Volt averages more daily EV miles than LEAF. So give it a rest.. You are just hating the Company for your own stupid reason.

I’ll bet GM would not have handled this as well. Stupid GM.

Also, go Tesla!


Nick, when I see this anti GM bashing you loose comment credibility with the readers at once.


The Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle, Consumers Reports #1 Car in Owner Satisfaction two years running until it was unseated last year by Tesla Motors S has had no Safety Recalls over a four year production run.

That is, no safety recalls ordered by NHTSA except for four unique Vehicle identification Numbered cars.

Like Nissan with JUST A POTENTIAL 211 CARS TARGETED the state of the tech is refined enough to avoid blanket call backs as needed.

States highly of current issue tracking refinements.

So Nick, love your Tesla passion buts lets remember one thing. The anti, Global Electric Fueled Vehicle Industry hacks are still out there in force ripping our products, including yours relentlessly.

We must keep a fierce “All For One And One For All”, mentality as this shift moves forward.

Heh, except for the toyota entry with its flashight battery and pathetic 6-11 mile+ gas/electric range! lol


Thomas J. Thias



The smiley was lost on Thomas 😀

Yeah, damn GM, why’d they give me a car that has all the welds properly executed, and a battery that handles all extremes of weather without degradation, and limitless range, and two-motor efficiency improvements at speed in both battery and range-extended mode, and ………

… So hows your ignition switch?

My GM car has no ignition switch.

Its always a hopeful sign whenever (or in this case, eventually) big corporations can learn from their mistakes… Glad they decided to remove such a simple part from an already overly complex vehicle. 🙂

Most plugin cars have E-switch nows…

Idiots already complained about Volt’s power switch is too close to the “mode” switch so they accidently “shut off” the car while driving.

“You can’t always make something idiot-proof, because someone will make a better idiot.”

Yes, the EV purist will scream overly complex, while they drive their EV on short trips, and their second gasser on long trips. Pretty hypocritical.

The Volt provides all I need in a single package. And EV purists should applaud it, as it is doing a better job at getting “mainstream” consumers into EVs than any pure EV can do today.

In the coming years, with advancements, everyone will want an EV. Until then, can we stop the infighting?

How is your Nissan battery?

When is Nissan going to recall them for defective design?

They Gave you a Car with a Tail PIPE.. Nuff Said!

Ok, Matt has now shown his true colors… he’s ‘purist’.

Lol, have fun w/that, and keep stepping on your own toes.

I love purists. Go Matt!!! 😀

You forgot to add that it only farts out expensive “Premium Grade” fumes, to!!!

So a car with a tailpipe averages more EV miles than the car without it in the US?

Well, maybe Nissan should have added a tailpipe so people would drive it around more in EV miles.

Yes Matt, I’m sure you never drive a vehicle with a tail pipe, or take an airplane. Just use your EV to go everywhere, yes?

EV purists are misguided, sorry.

Incorrect, Nissan used the word “recall” when addressing its safety problem.

Yeah Big Solar, what were you thinking being critical of GM. FYI: only 13 people had to die before GM took action in the ignition switch disaster and as you know GM can not be expected to make omelets without breaking some eggs. Sorry, but if you gonna whine about a bodycount this low you can expect the usual GM apologists like Clarksoncote to set you straight.

Yet he didn’t mention the recent Nissan recall of 1 million vehicles for an airbag flaw. Or Honda’s recent recall of 900,000 Odyssey minivans due to fire risk. Or Toyota’s settlement of $1.2 billion for its faulty brakes which it denied for years. Etc.. etc.. etc..

Nope.. instead of talking about how Nissan ‘eff’d up, try to make is sound better by bringing up an easy target to divert the angst. Then throw in your 2 cents for your personal favorite car company, just so they can get a gold star too, and you can try to shed some halo on Nissan.

Guess a serious body count sticks more in the collective mind than other run of the mill recalls. I get it though, GM fans are men of the world seeing the big picture telling other people to quit whining about a few dead bodies where Tesla fans generally appreciate companies that show a little more care. For each his own I guess.

So comparing 1 company with ONLY 1 product line that sells for more on average more than $90K is fair with a company that sells close to hundred models across the world where the line of product in question is close to the CHEAPEST model line…

Okay. I get your reasoning.

With all that said, I agree that GM should improve that. But comparing to Tesla is just silly in that aspect.

BTW, I am a Solar City customer. The company are complete different in terms of “chasing after customers” to close deal between Pre-IPO vs. Post-IPO…

Money changes things sometimes. In typical American corporation, once the founders are gone, typically 1 or 2 generations after them, the Corporate cultures usually change too.

Maybe cheap car should come with a warning label: “If this is all you want to pay we really couldn’t care less about your safety”.

Chris – “Guess a serious body count sticks more in the collective mind than other run of the mill recalls.”

So I guess 21 deaths from the Toyota fiasco < 13 alleged deaths from GM's recall. Guess those didn't stick in the mind so well.

Give it up. It's just another cheap shot at GM. Nothing more.

Guess we need to admire GM for letting the bodycount run up to only 13 for a problem it knew of for many years if Toyota did even worse.

Guess you are more of a GM ethics guy where many readers are more Tesla ethics people.

Maybe you’re not understanding the original point. This was an article about Nissan effing up. But rather than address this, the OP decided to take a cheap shot at GM in an attempt to make Nissan’s sh!t not stink. Sorry, not buying it. I’m not going to try to defend GM’s recall, or any other recall for that matter. But I will call a spade a spade.

Wow.. I wonder if there was a crash or something and this was discovered the hard way? At least it is a very small number of vehicles. I bet if it were a large number, they wouldn’t be offering to replace them.

They covered that in the article.

It was discovered during a routine quality inspection.

Seems odd that “weldbot” didn’t register an error on the first vehicle it failed to perform its duties, and stop the line until the issue was resolved right there and then.

Unbelievable that so many could been missed and then shipped to customers… Sounds like an issue QC needs to review.

That said, glad Nissan will immediately address the issue, instead of letting it go for a decade (or more) while 13 (or more) folks die in their vehicles as a direct result of their murderous neglect…

See KDawg, I never once mentioned GENERAL MOTORS! 😉

And BTW: Go SpaceX!!! Congrats on another great mission to and from the International Space Station. No trampoline required! 🙂

After reading many horror stories about Nissan handling warranty issues at the dealership level, this makes me feel a little better about considering a LEAF for my next EV.

I respect any company more, whenever they own up to a safety issue and correct it. Nissan is trying to do the right thing; unlike other automakers already mentioned…

GM dealt with Volt with way faster responsive manner than Nissan does with its LEAF.

GM’s ICE department sure needs some improvenet. But maybe the way to deal with it is just by switching all GM cars to Voltec.

By the way, you guys can hold hands and join the GM/Volt hating club if you aren’t the original founding members already…

Both GM (with the Volt recall) and the LEAF (with the airbag and weld recalls) were dealt with in a timely fashion. Take a pill.

In the spirit of fairness, I feel we should stop picking on just GM, and mention another historical example of vehicular corporate greed and uncaring:


There. Now back to your regularly scheduled Blog…. 😉

Hi Eric, thanks for posting this. Please, however edit and include the number of potential recalled VINs. According to the published information above, just a potential 211 Nissan Leaf’s are affected.

To just scan your article headline or view it in passing on a twitter wall or cyber Post implies that the entire fleet is compromised.

Please include the tiny numbers of cars, 211, potentially effected if your headline.

Keep up the great writing at the Number 1 news portal for the surging Global Electric Fueled Vehicle Industry!


Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet inc.



Thanks for the kind words Thomas!

Please reword the title …
“2014 Nissan LEAF Recall – 211 Missing Spot Welds … ”

The tabloid-like title implies all Feb-Mar 2014 Model-Year LEAFs are being recalled amounting to 2000-3000 vehicles.

Reality is ~211 2014 LEAFs being recalled which is approx. 1-2 days of production … not 2 months. Guessing welds are on a sub-assembly so were incorporated into production vehicles over a few weeks.

Ok … realizing titles are hard (re-reading my suggestion … clarifying number of LEAFs v. Welds)
“2014 Nissan LEAF Recall – 211 LEAFs Missing Spot Welds … ”

Bad Robot! No Cookie!


( thankful robots do not currently consume cookies )

Depends on which kinds of robots you’re talking about. 😉


LEAF is already a 4-stars safety car in NHTSA’s crash testing.

With this weld missing, it would NOT meet even that lowly 4star rating….

Nissan has a chance to address that in the next refresh… We’ll see what they choose to do.

So, it would take Nissan over 5 years to address that?

So far, still NO plan to add liquid cooling to their batteries…

I have no horse in this race. Don’t own a Leaf. But my EV is also passively air cooled. MOST EVs ON THE PLANET ARE, when you include all wheel configurations (<4). Thats tens of thousands of vehicles, compared to the tiny fraction of Volts sold.

Many factors are involved with thermal degradation of li-ion batteries. Most of them begin with the specific battery chemistry and manufacturing process. And living in a place LIKE DEATH VALLEY might not be the wisest choice for a passively thermalized pack…

The good news is that Nissan is switching chemistry to deal with the issue, just as others are (i.e., VW Group).

It doesn’t matter what most “EVs” do. B/c not all EVs are designed to last the same in the same condition.

Just about All American designs and all European designs (minus VW and Renault) uses liquid cooling. Just about All Japanese designs don’t.

Chemistry is “overblown” by average people. It only marginally helps. But once you get close to that 60 deg C mark, all bets are off. In order to have an EV designed for long range travel with sequential/repeat DCFC in the heat, you have to have the liquid cooling. VW’s view toward the EV is another question all together…

As far as your car goes, at least it has some form of “air cooling” which is more than what LEAF has in “passively cooling”.