2014 Nissan LEAF Listed Among KBB’s 10 Best Car Deals For September


There are certainly some killer deals to be found on electric vehicles, including this one for the 2014 Nissan LEAF:

  • 36-month lease: $1,999 down, $199 per month

Kelley Blue Book listed the 2014 LEAF as one of its Top 10 best car deals for September. Why the sweet lease rate?  Well, the 2015s are out in full force now, so 2014s are being discounted.  Remaining 2014 inventory is dwindling, so you’d better act quickly to secure yourself a LEAF at this price.

Source: KBB

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The Leaf is a great car, I just wish it did better on some of the safety tests.

Nissan, get those numbers up and I’d love to buy the updated Leaf!

The 2015 Leaf S is offered for $2399 down, $199/mo on Nissan’s web site…. only $400 more to start than the 2014. So if you can’t find a 2014, the 2015 is a pretty fair deal.

I checked the price h ere in Canada and the Nissan dealer wants $505 a month with $1400.00 down on a 48 month lease. I know the US dollar is worth an extra ten percent but having to pay about three hundred more a month is ridiculous. I guess car dealers are still living in a world where it is not easy to compare prices, well that world changed and I am upset that these car dealers get away with stuff like this.

Edgar, in the USA the Federal Government chips in $7500 which reduces the lease payments quite a lot.

That makes a bigger difference to the lease payments than the exchange rate.

The provincial government in Ontario chips in $8500. Lease deals are virtually non-existent in Canada. Though, we do seem to get much better financing deals here.

For those not familiar with the “Canadian EV scene” this is a good point. Electric vehicles can be had most cheaply in Ontario and Quebec (cheaper in BC) thanks to the rebates in place and the OEMs/dealers knowing they acutallly have a shot at selling them, whereas most other provinces get nothing and therefore are cost prohibitive.

A good example is the Nissan LEAF, where in Ontario your ‘negotiating’ starts at $296/month with $1,142 down on a lease. As mentioned earlier, you start at around $500 elsewhere…although you can ‘get it down’ to around $450 in most cases.

Except that the government tax rebate in BC has gone away, this is all factual. 🙂

Remember to get the 15,000 miles for 10cents extra per mile. The normal overage charge is 15cents. Don’t underestimate your miles per year, and don’t underestimate how much fun it will be to drive electric and how many road trips you might take despite the long refueling. I did, because I suck.

I definitely drive more now in the Leaf compared to my previous ICE cars. Did a 160 miles today, and climbed a mile high summit (Mount Wilson). Yesterday I did 215 miles. So the LEAF did 375 miles this weekend.

I fully concur. I never guessed how much we would drive this car. It is now the default car for all family drives evenings and weekends. We even regularly take it on 150 mile trips and go up into the mountains with it. Really wish I had gone with the 15k. Oh well, it’s still cheaper to pay the overage than the gas.

And take it from me: DO NOT skimp and not get a fast-charge port! Dumbest thing I have ever done.