2015 Mini Cooper Gets Revealed – Plug-In Hybrid Version in the Works


2014 Mini Cooper Interior

2015 Mini Cooper Interior

The completely revamped 2015 Mini Cooper has finally been officially revealed.

You won’t see a plug-in version here, but Mini says it’s coming.  Let’s hope it arrives soon.

Since the revealed Mini Cooper doesn’t have a plug, we’ll keep this brief by sticking to the need-to-know stuff.

The 2015 Mini Cooper will launch in Spring of 2014.  It’s slightly more expensive (a few hundred bucks) than the outgoing model and is marginally larger in all dimensions.

The 2015 Mini is the first vehicle to make use of BMW’s new front-wheel-drive platform architecture, which will eventually underpin some 10 Mini and BMW vehicles.

2014 Mini Cooper Rear Seats Now Slightly More Spacious

2015 Mini Cooper Rear Seats Now Slightly More Spacious

It’s believed that the plug-in hybrid version will debut sometime in 2015, though a timeline for its launch is not yet set.

There’s some speculation that a pure electric version of the Mini Cooper will eventually make it into production, but Mini only says it’s still weighing the pros and cons of a BEV.

Electric purists might be put off by Mini’s choice to go the plug-in hybrid route over pure electric, but Mini’s decision is likely mostly influenced by the BMW i3.  If there were to be a BEV version of the Mini Cooper, it would most certainly cut into sales of the i3 and that wouldn’t be beneficial for BMW-Mini.

2014 Mini Cooper

2015 Mini Cooper S

2014 Cooper S Next to 2014 Cooper

2015 Cooper S Next to 2014 Cooper

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” It’s slightly more expensive (a few hundred bucks) than the outgoing model and is marginally larger in all dimensions.”
At what point do they just call it the “Cooper”?

Please have a decent sized battery! A 30+mile PHEV would interest me, though 40-45 miles on my Volt has spoiled me.

Ditto I second that thought. It needs to have a 40+ mile range to be effective. Of course I would love a full BEV convertible. That thing would be bloody quick if they put a 400 HP electric motor in it!

“…marginally larger in all dimensions.” While I was excited for a plug-in version, I’m diffidently not happy with this. The bonnet looks longer, too long. I’m surely what some regard as a purist, a bit anal, but a larger Mini is less of a Mini by the amount of inches to millimetres it has added onto itself!

Can’t BMW even try to reduce the size of the Mini? Adding the Countryman which is like a 500L really doesn’t help either! That upsets me, I’d be happier to even drive and recommend the Leyland Mini than these newer ones.

Like the Fiat 500 and VW Beetle and some would argue the VW Polo, they are continually loosing the plot by making them larger! That ruins the flare that all of them had to their names.

Check out how small this old Fiat was that I saw in Italy.

And check out how small the front license plate is on that Fiat. Had they attempted to put a standard EU plate it would be wider than the car itself 😉

The front overhang on this new Mini makes it disproportional and rather ugly. Case in point, that 1960’s Cinquecento. Fine! It had an air-cooled rear-engine and rear-wheel drive, but this is precisely why the all new Mini should be electric.

You are so right! I’m not sure the guys at BMW get the idea of *****mini**** at all. The extra length that was part of the r53 -> R56 change was definitely a downgrade IMO. But it makes even less sense when they HAVE the big ‘ol Clubman and Pacemen for those who want big…. Please please stop making it bigger !!

I agree. For me, the attraction of these cars is that they are electric and SMALL. There is a market for small cars in this country. When they are made larger, they are made to appeal to others and are competing with the bigger boys. I’m not interested.

The bonnet is definitely longer than previous Minis. A little disappointing to me (1961 Austin Cooper and R53 Mini owner in the past), but apparently required by new Euro regulations on pedestrian impact.

Looking forward to the PHEV.

I’ve never been able to stand the instrument cluster design of the Mini.

Others have already pointed out what is lost by making the car larger. I would like to add that I’m severely disappointed by the idea of BMW making this and other cars in their lineup FWD. This is like when Honda stopped offering manual transmissions on their entire lineup.. Part of the soul of the company is simply lost.

not really a MINI cooper anymore

That’s a flippin Maxi.

It’s really saddening that MINI is becoming less and less distinctive, as it takes on more of the same design tweaks and fads as every other mid-sized, mid-level, middlingly average car in the world. Maybe I need to wait for BMW to decide it’s not different enough to keep in their lineup, so someone else can disrupt the industry by reinventing it all over again.

More than likely they won’t offer the PHEV option in the convertible. That sucks!

They initially created a unique, fun, practical yet modern version of the classic Mini that definitely captured the original’s spirit, and due to the vast array of boring, homogenous vehicular eyesores that populate our roads, the Mini really stood out, and still does. Sadly it seems, instead of perfecting the Mini’s engineering and/or concentrating on an electric Mini, they’ve decided to adapt it to consumer markets. Each new watered down version of the Mini seems to remove itself just a bit more from the essential character of the original. Currently Mini reminds me of Apple just before Steve Jobs came back. Get back to your roots and do one thing with excellence rather than several and being spread thin. The reboot of the Mini is a modern classic that still stands out over a decade after its introduction. Let me sum it up with an anecdote, The first time my wife saw a Mini Cooper Counrtyman she said, “Is that a Mini?!” and I replied, “No, not really, Mini’s have character…somebody gave that car a lobotomy.” Hopefully Mini is as nimble as their car and it’s not too late for Mini to change course.