2014 Mini Cooper Gets Priced as Low as $19,950 – How Much Will the PHEV Version Cost?


Mini USA has officially announced U.S. pricing for the 2014 Mini Hardtop which goes on sale this spring.

2014 Mini Cooper Lookin' Bad Ass

2014 Mini Cooper Lookin’ Bad Ass

The lowest priced Cooper will start at $19,950, while the Cooper S will have a base MSRP of $23,600 – plus a $795 Destination and Handling charge across the board.

With a plug-in hybrid version of the new Mini reportedly in the works, we can now begin to take some educated guesses at what its price will be.

  • Mini Cooper – $19,950
  • Mini Cooper S – $23,600
  • BMW i3 -$41,350

It’s believed that the PHEV Mini will use the same engine found in the BMW i8, but that won’t mean it’ll priced like the i8.

There’s no doubt in our minds that a PHEV Mini will slot in between the Cooper S price and the BEV version of the BMW i3.

However, there’s a gaping price hole there of $17,750, so where do we slot the Mini PHEV in?

Our guess is that it’ll cut the price gap in half.  So, $32,475.  However, Mini and BMW are in the same boat when it comes to pricy options that should come as standard, so we suspect a typically equipped Mini PHEV will be more like $40,000.

What’s your guess?

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It might help if we knew the specifications.. for example, how many Kwh is the battery pack? What kind of PHEV drive train will it have? Will it be like the Toyota / Ford systems? or like one of the other manufacturers?

How the heck can they squeeze all the components they need for a PHEV into Mini-Cooper?!?!

And if they can manage that, then surely they can build a Mini-Cooper EV that doesn’t use up the back seat room like the BMW prototype Mini-E.

i3 price is somewhat irrelevant as this is the Mini PHEV, so batteries are much smaller, no carbon, same construction as the other Minis, so I would think more likely is around the same price as the Cooper S, under $25k, I also expect the EV range to be very low ~ 20miles max.

You got to get to hybrid before going to plug-in hybrid.

On the BMW side it cost $17k to go from the base 3-series to the 3-series hybrid. $12k from base 5-series to 5-series hybrid. Then it’s another price leap to plug-in.

So I would expect the Mini Cooper plug-in to cost about double the base price. If not right at $39k.

If we remember, the Fusion plug-in started at $39,495 or $18k more than the base ice Fusion($1k) and $13k more than the base Fusion Hybrid. Where now the Energi SE is $34,700, just $7k more than the Fusion Hybrid SE, and $11k more than the Fusion ice SE.

BMW/Mini is late to the hybrid/plug-in game, so they would be on the high end.