2014 Kia Soul EV Headed to US? Let’s Hope Because Its Rumored Specs Impress


Remember the Kia Ray EV?  It was that electric version of the Ray offered in limited production form only in South Korea.

This Redesign Has Soul Written All Over It

This Redesign Has Soul Written All Over It

Well, as a follow up to the Ray, Kia is reportedly working on something with more soul, as in the Soul EV.

Apparently, the Kia Soul EV is expected to launch in full production form in the first half of 2014.  Most importantly though is that this electric Kia is US-bound, or so the folks at Kia-World say.  It’s reportedly headed to Europe and China, too.

It’s believed that a formal unveiling of the 2014 Soul EV will happen soon and when it enters the production cycle, it’ll become the first mass produced electric from Hyundai-Kia.

No details on the Soul EV have been formally released by the automaker, but Kia-World speculates that these specs below will be attached to the production electric Soul:

Kia Ray EV

Kia Ray EV

“It is believed the Soul EV will be capable of running about 200 km (124 miles) on a single charge, with a top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph).”

“The powertrain will be full-electric and will take the Soul EV from 0-100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in under 12 seconds, shaving 4 seconds off the best time by the Ray EV.”

“It’s also expected that the Soul EV will be more competitively priced than the smaller Ray, with sources saying that it could sell for around KRW 40 million ($35,000).”

Again, nothing is set in stone here, but at $35,000 (we’re assuming this is a prior to federal tax incentive price) and with a range of 124 miles (probably determined under Japan’s JC08 test cycle), the 2014 Soul EV looks to be a competitive electric entry.

And we’ve always rather liked the funky Soul, so here’s hoping it’s indeed US-bound and that it specs live up to the numbers presented here.

Source: Kia-World

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I wonder with new entry level EV’s coming out, if this is putting pressure on Tesla to get their Blue Star to production before 2017? They could be missing out on market share the more they delay.

Hmm.. doesn’t seem as good of a car/deal as another “Korean” car… the Spark EV. It appears KIA want’s to get into the EV game quick, so they did the same thing GM did and took an existing car design and made it an EV. I think they shouldn’t have done this (both GM & KIA). They really need to design purpose-built EV’s.

Oh, and Ford, Mercedes, and Fiat did the same thing with the Focus EV, Smart EV, and 500e. Not counting Tesla, Nissan & Mitsubishi are the only major mfgs that didn’t use existing ICE cars (however the Leaf is similar to the Versa). I guess you might be able to count the BMW i3 if it is purchased w/out the range extender (whenever it goes on sale).

My Mitsubishi i-MiEV is based on an existing ICE version, also. However, to Mitsubishi’s credit, the replacement of its ICE components with EV equivalents wasn’t as detrimental as with some of the other EV conversions. But I would have preferred a purpose-built EV using lightweight aluminum or composite body and chassis parts that were more aerodynamic. I realize that this would have resulted in an EV too expensive for most people (e.g., Tesla’s cars). Hopefully, Tesla or some other manufacturer will eventually design a compact, lightweight, relatively affordable hatchback EV with a real-world range of over 100 miles.

Ah, I didn’t realize there was a Mitsubishi i. Their PHEV is also based on the Outlander, so once again using an existing design.

200 km (124 miles) is exactly what the 2011-2012 Nissan LEAF got under Japan’s JC08 test cycle. The 2013 LEAF range is rated at 228 km (141 miles).
I don’t see how this Soul EV could be competitive at 35,000 $ with less range than the LEAF.

Spot on gwido. Same range as Leaf. This box won’t sell, with a price tag of 35k!

Disappointed in the Kia Ray. Intitally, this was supposed to be a Volt Killer. Now, it looks like one of those Scion Toasters.

Admittedly, that does carve out a slightly new segment in that you’ll be able to carry more stuff around.

But I’m glad Kia has finally made up its mind as to what it wants to offer.

Could be popular among those who don’t mind its pathetic acceleration. But that puts it off my list, and I don’t really understand the rational of creating an EV with performance that’s so lame relative to its ICE counterpart.

The specs we need to look at is the battery capacity (better still usable capacity). Given the wide range of numbers we see for range in various countries, that is the best way to compare EVs.

Any car that has anything less than 30 kWh and not a luxury brand is in direct competition with Leaf and need to atleast match Leaf in utility & build quality. Otherwise it will be a niche car (mostly for compliance).

I like this chart, even though the data is wrong & old. (Maybe I will make my own chart).


Now that KIA/Hyundai has entered the EV market, this will put downward pricing pressure on all manufacturers. The future has arrived!

I seem to remember the good folks at Hyundai saying thay had no intention of perusing an EV… Oh yeah, this is from KIA…

The Kia Soul has some reasonable sales numbers.
2011 – 102,267
2012 – 115,778
2013 – 40,324 (4 mo)