2014 Infiniti LE To Offer Cordless Charging

AUG 20 2012 BY STAFF 6

While there are several companies that now sell the components to allow for cordless charging on electric cars, no original equipment manufacturer sell their cars with this feature already integrated on board.  A fact that is about to change with the Infiniti LE.

The basics behind cordless charging are fairly simply.  You drive your car into your garage, while lining up your car’s ‘hot spot’ (usually in the front) over a charging mat, via a serious of beeps or directional prompts, then exit your car and go about your day.  No more plugging your car in.  No more surprise moments the next day if you had forgotten to do so.

At least that is how wireless charging used to work:

“With Intelligent Park Assist, the Infiniti LE Concept perfectly positions itself over the inductive pad for precision charging. Completely hands free and luxuriously automatic, you get perfect alignment and effortless charging every time – with the simple press of a button.”

2014 Infiniti LE Set To Raise The Bar In Affordable Luxury EV Ownership

This past weekend, at 2012 Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, while showing off the concept EMERG-E (just built it already), Infiniti’s US chief, Ben Poore, announced the upcoming Infiniti LE, due out as a 2014 model, will be the first pure electric vehicle to offer this enticing feature.

The Infiniti LE Concept shown this week shares the same basic platform and powertrain as the Nissan LEAF.  Mr. Poore states that the LE Concept as shown is  “80-85% true” to what the production model will be.  In speaking with USA Today, he added:

“We’re going to bring it out. It’s a new technology.  We’re being a little bit bold on this.”  In regards to the car itself, he says one spot in the garage reserved for extended range hybrids like the Toyota Prius, but “I want that second half of the garage.”

The Infiniti LE Concept is shown with the LEAF’s 24 kWh battery pack, but many inside the industry (including our own Jay Cole) feel that Nissan is being coy with the details of its luxury brand’s first electric car (that article here), and will instead feature Nissan and AESC’s next generation of lithium ion batteries, which will offer not only a much greater range than the current LEAF, but more performance as well.

Infiniti LE Concept Gets A Wireless Charge

USA Today

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It does not look like the new iPhone is going to have cordless charging so maybe for the first time in many years cars will be more technologically advanced than phones (as much as they compare).

Now if the 2013 Leaf will offer this at a reasonable price this would really be a coup.

I’d bet you will see it on the LEAF because they will be rolling off the same line in Smryna, TN, and they are essentially the same car (despite what the Infiniti guy says)…but probably just as an option on the 2014, don’t think they would attempt to do this right out of the gate this December on the 2013.

Considering your looking at about $2,000 on retail for an inexpensive cordless charge set now (plus, plus, plus), I’d through a WAG out there of a $3,000 option.

Is it confirmed that the Infiniti LE will be manufactured in Smyrna,TN? Surprised to hear that, but it would make complete sense as the Leaf will be built in Smyrna from now on.

Where will the plug port be placed on the LE? Remember, you won’t be finding public wireless charging stations for a long long time to come.

Certainly a great idea. Are the losses greater compared to the losses when plugging in?


Inductive charging has come along way from the toothbrushes of the 90s that were only about 60% on the transfer

Obviously, we don’t have specs on Infiniti’s set up, but I would imagine it would similar to what plugless power has going on at 90% as efficient. (that was on a 240v/30A,-rated output of 3.3 kW).

So 10%, +/- a couple points isn’t too shabby.

Not too shabby at all. It will greatly help with the EV adoption by busy moms who see fussing with a cord, pluging in the car every time an undesirable chore while the kids are running wild.