2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid Launches Quietly in New York, California


The “most fuel-efficient sedan in America,” the 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid, went on sale last week (January 15) at select dealerships in New York and California.

Though pricey ($39,780), the Accord PHEV boasts specs that put it in the top of its class.  The Honda Accord Plug-In is rated at 13 miles of electric-only range by the EPA and gets a gasoline fuel-economy rating of 47/46/46 mpg (city/highway/combined).  It earned the highest EPA MPGe rating (115 MPGe combined) in its class (mid-size hybrid vehicles) and is the first production vehicle to meet California’s stringent LEV3/SULEV20 emissions standard.  And yes, the 2014  plug-in Accord qualifies for single-occupant HOV lane access in California.

Accord PHEV Comparison Graphic (click to enlarge)

If buying isn’t for you, then Honda will let you lease a 2014 Accord PHEV for a rather expensive price of $429 per month for 36 months with $2,499 due at signing.  Total payments amount to $15,444.  Option to purchase at lease end is $20,285

Obviously, the Accord PHEV isn’t priced to sell in massive numbers and, as is the case with the Fit EV, Honda shows almost no interest in pitching this plug-in to the masses.  Instead, in Honda’s words, the Accord PHEV will be “subject to limited availability” and only offered in New York and California.  At least for now.

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Is it really Accord size – that would be a big plus. Does it get the mileage? They might have a winner they don’t want to sell.

Quietly indeed. Ford has made much fanfare about their PHEV Fusion, and yet Honda has beaten them to the punch without saying much of anything.

Even at $39,780, Honda is probably either breaking even or losing money on this. This edition of the Accord won’t be made in the Ohio factory, it’s going to be a pure Japanese-made import. The dollar / yen exchange rate will hurt them. I read rumors that Honda is looking hard at having these made in U.S. for these reasons. Maybe if/when that happens, they will push harder to sell this car.

This is really the sweet spot in my opinion. Meat of the market 5-seat sedan with outstanding fuel economy. These and a plug-in crossovers. Welcome, welcome!

Agreed. Made in Japan, imported to US = bad margins & pricing if you want to be competitive.

How about a column with the EV range, MSRP, and after tax (max) cost?

For example, if a person is eligible for the tax credit then the difference is greater that it first appears:
* $7,500 off of the Volt so ~$31.6 K (16.5 kWh & 38 EV miles)
* $3,334 off of the Accord ~$36.4 K (6.7 kWh & 13 EV miles)

This car is critical for the many people that only buy Hondas because they are reliable, fun to drive, easy to maintain, etc. Not sure why it cannot be assembled in Ohio for the NA market.

I would also love to see a Fit EV making it to the rest of the states. The Fit has a significant following with young intellectuals some of whom would be willing and able to pay more for a clean version.

So with a 6.7KW battery, you get back $3140 in Federal incentives plus $1500 in California incentives for a price of $35,140. That is probably pretty comparable to a loaded Accord. I would like to see a comparison of this and the Fusion Energi which is priced similarly, but has a bigger battery and a $3750 Federal incentive and a 20 mile EV range (as stated by Ford) compared to a 12 mile EV range.

A loaded Accord Touring V-6 retails for $34,220 according to Edmunds.

yawn. I don’t think Honda is too serious about this car based on how they had it tucked away in the shadows at the Detroit Auto Show. The giant “H” on the front cracks me up. It’s almost rapper-gold-chain-emblem size (you gotta see it in person).

Honda has shown it can manufacture these types of vehicles and has taken this step of loading them into the proverbial chamber – ready to configure mass production if they take off. Today, Honda is watching Ford’s Energis, PIPrius and what GM may or may not do in 2015. If U.S. government mandates steepen or fail to be watered down, Honda has FitEV and AccordPHEV ready to go. It’s not a bad strategy, although Honda has done this in the past with it’s Accord Hybrid – which also sold at the high end of Accord’s line and was phased out in record time due to pathetic sales. I used to be a big fan of Honda and have owned a couple in my life, but today’s Honda limps behind Toyota ( Honda Insight? ) and uses it’s R&D budget poorly IMHO. FCX Clarity is just a huge non-issue car. The CNG Civic is great for fleets, but just not impressive as a daily driver – it’s like an EV with far less infrastructure. Honda has lost it’s luster and a new NSX isn’t gonna bring it back. To me Acuras are close to the homeliest cars around and they all… Read more »

I wish some manufacturer other than the Chevy Volt would take the chance of putting in a dinky engine and a larger battery combo. But at least its more healthy competition, this time from a reputable Japanese firm.

Yes competition is good!, even this small battery Plugin Accord would get me to work and back only on electricity without using petrol. Bring it all on and sell!

Even for those Americans who are against GM (As an Australian I am unable to understand why – as the Volt is brilliant) can now buy their Japanese made EV plug in.

You want more bling – I’m sure Honda will have the ‘H’ in gold plate version as an accessory 🙂