2014 Chevy Volt Priced at $36,895 in Canada


New Color Choices For 2014 Volt - Ashen Gray Metallic and Brownstone Metallic

New Color Choices For 2014 Volt – Ashen Gray Metallic and Brownstone Metallic

Canada’s best-selling plug-in just got cheaper.

2014 Chevrolet Volt Interior - Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Anyone?

2014 Chevrolet Volt Interior – Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Anyone?

The 2014 Chevy Volt will start at $36,895, plus $1,600 destination fee (excluding tax, title, license and dealer fees) in Canada.

That amounts to a reduction of $5,105 compared to the $42,000 MSRP on the 2013 Volt in Canada.

Some Canadian residents can get up to $8,231 off the Volt via provincial credits.

With GM pricing the 2014 Volt at $34,995 in the US, the cut in Canada was expected.

John Roth, vice president of sales, service and marketing for Chevrolet in Canada.

 “The lower price and cost savings offers Canadians the opportunity to own a Volt with an unmatched balance of technology, capability and cost of ownership.  Starting at $36,895, the 2014 Volt will offer the same impressive list of features and more, but for over $5,000 less. In fact, since its launch in 2010, the Volt has seen an increase in battery range and the addition of creature comforts, such as standard heated seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel in addition to Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system.”

As for when the 2014 Volt will arrive in Canada, GM only says this:

 “The 2014 Volt will start to be available in dealer showrooms late this summer.” 

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Woo, I like the Volt Bullfrog Power edition 🙂


What is amusing is that Chevrolet does not seem to use the slogan “Find New Roads™” in Canada. The difference between the US and Canadian Volt webpages is striking:



Draw your own conclusions.

Even more than in the US, Canada really needed this price cut.

Plug-in or not, having a Chevy passenger car starting with a “4” in front of its MSRP had to be a steep road to climb for GM’s salespeople. The Volt should see a nice uptick in volume now.

Even with a price starting with a “3” in the US the webpage tries really hard to sell the Volt. Big colorful italic fonts and grand proclamations, spanning zoomed-in images, animated interactive applets, asterisks, end-notes, fine prints, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet buttons, etc, etc, etc, kitchen sink.

The Canadian site? Volt, chat, buy. 🙂

Double price of the Chevy Cruze. Disgusting

Double the pleasure.

Have you driven a Volt? Do you understand what the drivetrain does? Am I feeding a troll?

The important thing I think that we are seeing is that, yes – the MSRPs are coming down as they were expected to. Volt, LEAF, Focus Electric, etc., etc., while others are coming to the market for the first time at much lower ticket levels – smart ED, Spark EV, Fiat 500e, etc

Perhaps the cars are not yet inexpensive enough for some people, but they are cheap enough for more people today than six months ago…and that is progress. The plug-in market segment is definitely expanding.

What’s your prediction on the Fusion Energi? Do you see a price drop and/or an increase in range?

I think Ford got themselves caught a bit. They already released 2014 pricing some time ago and it was unchanged…they are running a rebate program in the background for up to about $3,000 off. So the car is cheaper, but not in an obvious way.

C-Max Energi production seems to be all out of whack, so they are still rolling MY 2013s. That, coupled with the fact it really has not sold as well as expected in 2013, may mean a MSRP reduction…only probably is that it has its sister ‘standard’ hybrid model that is selling well. So model creep may interfere with the C-Max Energi’s long-term success prospects.

Ford and GM follow a similar plan with regard to price drops for their electrified vehicles. Even though the lease price will reflect the price drop, or they will go a full model year with a rather large $3k to $5k ‘discount/incentive’, the MSRP will remain the same to protect resale values of current owners. So we would not expect to see a MSRP reduction for the Fusion Energi until MY2015, which may come as a lower trim level, like the Fusion Hybrid S that dropped the MSRP $1k, which was the incentive for the Fusion Hybrid SE. But depending on how sales increase for the Volt, we may see an even higher incentive for the Fusion Energi SE than $3k for 2014. But until Flat Rock starts production of the Fusion in Sept to allow for more Fusion Energi production in Mexico, Ford won’t be lowering the Fusion Energi price any more than it already is. They are on 3 shifts and there is no production capacity left. The C-Max Energi production schedule is on track. The first 2013 model year did not start to reach dealers until Sept 2012, so order banks for MY 2014 will open Sept… Read more »

The big issue with the C-MAX Energi is that the trunk size is tiny. If it had the room of the hybrid it would be selling a lot better. The tiny trunk seems to have less room than the Volt (even though the official spec sheets say the Volt trunk is half the size of the Energi trunk), so the only real benefit of the Energi over the Volt is the larger rear seat.

The Volt wins every other comparison.

Actually, the Energi’s truck size is about 8 cuFt where the Volt is 10 Cuft.

So, Energi is smaller…

Yes, you are feeding a troll.

Dan understands the Volt. Most likely he has not driven one.

It is obvious from Dan’s posting history that he despises “Evil corporations” and so he takes every opportunity to bash GM he can (and don’t think that Nissan and Tesla are immune from it).

What Dan does not do, is own an EV manufactured by a corporation. That would be Dan perpuating “evil corporations.”

He used to have good discussions about EVs-back in the day. Now it’s more like hit and run.

I’m glad they are cutting the price of the EV’s such as the Chevy Volt in that it’s $39,000 to $40,000 price tag has been like driving around with a lighting rod for attracting criticism that EV’s are unaffordable for the masses while at the same time they get Tax payer funding for research and building. At least now with the prices dropping across the board it will get more sales and less bad criticism.

As for the Tesla and there cars do to the of the high cost them they are often given the stereotype of the EV being only for the rich. And lucky Eon Musk was able to repay that $400 loan that at least helped get rid of the Tax payer loan criticism off of it. But for the time being Tesla has that $70,000 car criticism going on it. As for the Chevy volt and the other electric cars as their prices drop or their range goes up the high price criticism will slowly fad away.

How much longer will then Ontario subsidy last?

Well, seeing how it is good for the first 10,000 approved applicants…at the current claim rate over the past 2 years, you have about 23 years left to get it in, lol

I’ve not seen any hard/current numbers for CY 2013 claims, but I believe they are at about 300 for H1. At that rate, you still have 15 years.

I’ve checked the legislation and there seems to be no expiry date on the program.

Also, the checks I have received from the MTO myself are all noted about the provinces goal of the “vision is for one of every 20 vehicles on our roads to be an electric vehicle by 2020” …so lets say for arguments sake you are safe until then.

It seems GM has loaded up dealers for the price drop. There are over 6k units in inventory, compared with 2k for the Leaf and 3k for the Fusion Energi and 2k for C-Max Energi.

I stopped at my Chevy dealer today, they had 1 2013 white diamond Volt on the lot.

I asked to the rep where is the closest 2013 blue topaz. His answer: there is only 1 available in Canada and it sit in BC, yeah 5000 km (3000 mi) away. Wow!

This $5K price reduction has the potential to help GM Canada to sell Volt if they want to…

Starting January 2014, Québec provincial EV / Plug-in hybrid rebate program would be cut by half, from $7865 down to roughly $4K, for vehicle with 16 kW.h battery & higher capacity.

GM has to do a really good, simple, strong, well targeted money talk cost saving sale pitch through an intensive publicity blitz, at least until the remaining of 2013 if they want to push sale up.

Indeed . . . they should advertise that. Buy now while it is cheap!

Price is OK in Canada but in other parts of the world like in Europe, a 50% higher price can’t be explained by higher VAT or 6% import duties only.