2014 Chevy Volt In 60 Seconds Or Less – Video


2014 Chevy Volt

2014 Chevy Volt

In 60 seconds or less.

That’s how Kelley Blue Book presents the 2014 Chevy Volt in this overview video

“KBB.com’s brief overview of the 2014 Chevrolet Volt.”

The Volt’s unique powertrain (EREV) doesn’t lend itself well to quick overviews due to the complexity with which it functions, but we think KBB did a decent job in trying to highlight the Volt’s features in less than 60 seconds.

The problem with the Chevy Volt (and now the BMW i3 REx) is that effectively marketing such a unique powertrain setup isn’t easy.  Chevrolet has all but given up on marketing the Volt for some reason.

On the flip side, BMW hasn’t even begun to market the i3 REx separately from the i3 BEV.  It seems BMW may be leaving the difficult task of explaining precisely how the REx functions to its dealers, which in general aren’t capable of performing such a task.

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40+ miles of electric, 300+ miles on gas. No need to make things more complicated. It is a “hybrid”. Simple.

It is a hybrid after the battery drops to its lower limit of charge (after approx. 38 miles driven in EV mode).

Driving a Volt in CS mode is like any other hybrid except there is a lot of torque available and it is still fun to drive 🙂

Voltec 101 – The Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle IS a hoot to drive! In CS Mode, (Charge Sustaining Mode), the 1.4 Liter naturally Aspirated Gas Engine spins the 55,000 watt Motor Generator A, (mga)to produce Electricity/Power on Demand as needed. MGA does NOT charge the High Voltage Battery,(Traction Battery), but rather maintains the SOC,(State of Charge) at 19-22%, fuzzy wit a max output of, again, 55,000 watts! —- Chevy Volt Delivers Novel Two-Motor, Four-Mode Extended Range Electric Drive System; Seamless Driver Experience Plus Efficiency 20 October 2010 by Mike Millikin and Jack Rosebro Green Car Congress- “[…]Mode 4. High-Speed Extended-Range Propulsion (Engine Running). The blended two-motor electric propulsion strategy used at higher speeds in EV driving has also been adapted for extended-range driving. In this mode, the clutches that connect the generator/motor to both the engine and the ring gear are engaged, combining the engine and both motors to drive the Volt via the planetary gear set. All of the propulsion energy is seamlessly blended by the planetary gear set and sent to the final drive. This novel mode—which GM calls “combined mode”—enables a 10-15% improvement in efficiency at steady state cruising speeds compared to a comparable single-motor… Read more »

Whew! I am fully aware of the transmission’s direct application of the ICE to the wheels when driving steady state at 65+ MPH in CS mode — but I do not attempt to explain that in a quick parking lot conversation when asked about my Volt. Rather not see their eyes glaze over in boredom.

A few simple sentences go far in educating the general public about EREV’s.

Yep, that’s basically it. Perhaps throw in “Motor Trend Car of the Year,” along with some (typically enthusiastic) customer testimonials. Oh yea, and that it’s fast and fun to drive! GM’s marketing of the Volt has been awful, they’re stuck on the technology, not the car. They should be positioning the Volt as the superior alternative to the Prius….

Big Smile! No Lloyd, that is not “basically it”! Bigger Grin… #1) Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle is the most awarded automobile in history of ANY propulsion system! Link Goes To Chevy Volt EREV Awards Compilation As Maintained By Ken Burridge, of EV Dot Com. CITATION- (Mr. Burridge has been EV of the Year Judge, CNN and Mother Earth News contributor, independent green journalist, photographer, author and sustainability activist that has published over 1000 articles. Mr Burridge’s travels have taken him to over 30 countries and 300+ major cities. He is originally from the USA, but has been residing in Australia for the last six years. Connect to Ken Burridge on:https://twitter.com/kenburridge) Link goes to Volt EREV Awards List- http://ev.com/chevy-volt-adds-to-award-list/ —- #2) US News and World Report – Best Cars Rating- CITATION_ (“U.S. News & World Report is an American news magazine published from Washington, D.C. since 1933. Along with Time and Newsweek, it has been for many years a leading news weekly, focusing more than its counterparts on political, economic, health and education stories. Since 1983, it has become known primarily for its influential ranking system and annual reports of colleges and graduate schools, spanning across most fields and… Read more »

no, you cant actually _just_ call it a hybrid. I agree that technically it is a hybrid between an electric car and a gas powered car but the problem is that the word “hybrid” has taken on a _specific_ meaning in automotive technology. The advent of the Prius created this new definition. A Prius always uses gas, but it mixes it with an electric motor to improve efficiency. The Volt is a pure electric vehicle for about 40 miles. Then, and only then, is there a gas motor involved. Then it acts like a Prius/”hybrid”.

You are not incorrect in saying that technically it is a “hybrid” between gas and electric, but it cannot be classified the same as a Prius as most people who own them drive 80%+ of their miles as ALL-electric and only use gasoline on road trips. It needs its own name, thus EREV. I hated the term at first, but the distinction must be made or the entire point of this vehicle is lost.

Why still only four seats? The Volt should try to be a bit bigger so it has room for 5 people comfortable and with a decent trunk space.
Or try to be a true compact car.

Now it’s just big on the outside and cramped on the inside.


Heh! Do not care who you are, Mikael. CyberSpace is full of opinions, including mine.

Credibility matters. Us News, the go to publication for the BEST Of, rates the Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle as an upscale midsized car as the BMW 4, Cadillac CTS, Lexus Is and Acura TL and has done so since 2011.

As low as number 13 and as high as 3rd best, the Chevy Volt EREV has held it own against 23 major world players in this Upscale midsized rating.

Curently, the Chevy Volt EREV is tied, all criterion, on the Best Upscale Midsized Leader Board, with the Mercedes Benz C-Class.

Link Goes To US News Best Upscale Midsized Cars Leader Board-


Thanks for your thoughts, Mikael, but unless you can convince us that your opinions carry more weight then US News, have a nice day!

Link Goes To U.S. News & World Report- Wikipedia-

My Very Best-

Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.



Too bad it’s not a true EREV.

Since GM coined the term “EREV”, I believe Volt is the car that defines the “terms” then.

Your disagreement is your problem.

unlike the Tesla, Nissan and BMW offering in the EV market, the Chevrolet Volt is the most versatile automobile that allows you to gain the advantages of EV driving and the flexibility that people have come to expect in automobiles. Tesla, Nissan and BMW are more narrowly focused on EV enthusiasts while Chevrolet came out with an offering that was intended to appeal to the general automobile market. the advantage of the approach taken by Tesla, Nissan and BMW can yield more short term results but in the longer term they will have to find a way to expand beyond the early adopter market. by contrast, the Chevrolet approach will require that they continue to hammer away at the message to educate consumers. Chevrolet is also targeting early adopters, but that is more of a pricing matter since current pricing is too high for the general market. but as they drive prices down, the Volt is in the best position to appeal to the general market. there is little incentive for BMW to market the REx version of the i3 as a distinct model from the BEV because that would highlight the inadequacy of the extended range operation in the… Read more »
Great comments but for one GIANT MISCONCEPTION! You stated, “more of a pricing matter since current pricing is too high for the general market” Ah, Er, … I can drive the Amazing Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle for less then $18.00, Net Cost to Drive, a Week! Here’s how- I save $230.00 a month in fuel, compared to my previous car, a 2006 Grand Prix, driving a robust 14,000 miles a year. Electricity as fuel at 11¢ kWh, costs me bout $1 a day. Thus I save a net $200 a month in fuel costs, every month. This is almost $5,400.00 savings in fuel costs over he last 26 months! The current Chevy Volt EREV,non GM incentivized Lease, has dropped from $399/12,000 miles a year, in 2011, down to just $269/12,000 miles a year, due to engineering costs reductions and economies of scale. Link Goes To Chevrolet National Volt EREV Leasing, Pricing and Product Information page- http://www.chevrolet.com/volt-electric-car.html Summary- $269.00 a month lease payment less $200 a month fuel savings = $69.00 a month Net Cost to Drive! Divide this, using sloppy math, by four weeks in a month and this gives me: A Net Cost to Drive of less… Read more »

If dealership personnel can’t tell the difference between an EREV and a plug-in hybrid, how can the general public be expected to know?

B/c dealers are below average in terms of car knowledge in my opinion.

Excellent, so far I use one tank of fuel a year on mine, mostly on EV.

On the odd long trip or a bid driving day the back up ICE saves the day for complete stress free ev driving.

I love my Volt even if I have to drive upside down and on the wrong side of road in our great southern land with shrimps on the BBQ.


Not a hybrid but an Extended Range Electric Vehicle!

Link Goes To My North American OnStar Stats, 97% EV At 29,523 Robust Driven Miles, 600+ MPG. (As of May 26, 2014 11:39 EST)


Hmmm, seems like the Stunning Cadillac ELR Extended Range Electric Luxury Coupe Is returning some fricken’ Insane OnStar Data Driven MPG results as well!

Link Goes To Some Guys North American OnStar
Stats, 96.6% EV At 4,195 Miles Driven, 909.94 MPG. (As Of May 26th, 2014 11:53 EST)


Simple Equation:

“MPG: Simply total miles driven divided by total gallons of gas burned. This is how the Volt (ED- and ELR) reports MPG, although since the electricity is counted as “free” it doesn’t give a true picture of the energy used. On the other hand, this is literally accurate. :)”
(Mike Rosack- Founder, VoltStats)

No, NOT a Hybrid,Extended Range Electric Vehicle’s!


Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.



(get a load of who is following me!)

Are you 12 years old? Seriously, who cares who is “following” you? Are you really that insecure that you measure your worth by the number of followers you have?

I bought a 2012 Volt 23 months ago and am now at 24,500 miles, using less than 20 gallons of gas. Yes, the back seat is small, but I don’t need to haul anyone and thus the Volt is perfect for how I am using it to commute between two ranches we own that are 45 miles apart here in Texas. And as I commute between our places, I’m happy to know my Volt is “American-fueled” by electrons coming from the many thousands and thousands of wind turbines we have here in Texas. About 10 days ago I ordered a 2015 Volt. Nothing I have owned has been so much fun to drive (not my 240-Z, either of my fast Camaros – Mustang) and the “fun factor” besides the economy I get is amazing. My 2012 has had not a single issue, no squeaks, no rattles… just pure “ye-haw.”


I am not ready to trade in my ’13, but when the time comes it will be another Volt