2014 Chevrolet Volt Shipping Now

AUG 9 2013 BY JAY COLE 21

During a Facebook chat with Volt owners today, Chevrolet announced that 2014 Volts (now starting from $34,995) are already shipping to dealer across the country. Here is that exchange from the chat:

A Chevrolet Volt Comes Off The Line At GM's Michigan "DHAM" Facility

A Chevrolet Volt Comes Off The Line At GM’s Michigan “DHAM” Facility

Tony Sisson: What date can we order a new 2014 from the dealer and when will there be more updated pics of the new color options?

Chevrolet Volt –  You can already order them from your dealer – just started shipping them this week. Colors have been announced, Chevy website will have them up soon – Cristi Landy Marketing Director

…and sure enough, a quick check of dealer inventory shows that 2014 Volts are on the lots now.

Earlier this year we revealed that 2014 production of the Volt was scheduled to start in GM’s Hamtramck facility on July 15th.    And it appears that happened as planned.

Check out all the rest of the discussion between owners and GM (it is quite lengthy) here.

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Well then, I presume the new LG battery chemistry will debut in the ELR then. It looks like the early 2014 Volts will still have Korean cells as the US ones need a settling period (shipping September or October). My previous prediction was that the 2014 Volt would start shipping when the US cells were ready.

Is one of these cells better than the other? LG or Korean and do you know the specs?

Ok…that’s funny. LG is a Korean company, so the batteries are Korean no matter what country they build them in.

such a good looking car

Obvious astroturfing is obvious.

i think the volt is the best car chevy has ever created, could give a crap about a corvette

Near Chicago, there are already some 2014’s on the lots. The 2013’s are selling for about $8K below MSRP, while the 2014’s are selling about $1K below MSRP. This from a quick AutoTrader.com search.

Yes, good call. I see a couple myself now, they are showing up fast. I’ll add that to the story, thanks OM

I can’t get the link to the transcript to work on my iPad, is it just something with iOS?

Not working on this install of IE on W7


What is your guess for the sales #s for rest of this year with this $35k Volt ?

I think Inferno Orange would be a great selling color for the Volt 😉

Well . . . you are a blind guy. 😉

LOL, Yes, but I can see some colors like orange (my fav) & my wife likes it too!

Inferno is not a great name for an EV …

Why is it so bland? why is it so heavy? so slow? so poor aero? so overpriced.

LOL! Why your questions so crazy? are you a teenage republican supporter,
Never mid the price price should drop when your old enough to trade in that chinese pushbike. 😉

As an Australian Volt owner ….
It’s not bland – beuty is in the eye of the beholder – hint hint …
Heavy – I’m yes it’s an EV & carries a large battery but it’s weight distributions is centrally located and handles great on twisty bits.
Aero – you have no idea how much time GM spent on this to improve it.

Price well you have to start somewhere – and it still worh it – in the US you get it for a bargin, In Australia we pay 65K on road. For the technology you get people pay tripple and still get a boring ICE variant but it may have a Euro badge = big deal ….

Hey, I’m a republican, and I happen to like the Volt. I might even buy one when the economics work out. It’s getting closer.