2014 Chevrolet Volt Production Begins July 15th, Production Cadillac ELR To Debut August 18th

JUN 30 2013 BY JAY COLE 29

If you go to General Motor’s Hamtramck, Michigan facility today where the Chevy Volt is assembled, you will find it idled for summer shutdown.  But come back Monday July 15th, and you’ll discover that 2014 model year Volts are likely starting to run off the line as the facility comes back on line with new 2014 product.

While the changes for next year’s Volt are not significant, there are a few:

New Color Choices Ashen Gray Metallic and Brownstone Metallic

New Color Choices Ashen Gray Metallic and Brownstone Metallic

Some new color choices:

  • Ashen Gray Metallic exterior color
  • Brownstone Metallic exterior color

Some new functionality:

  • Push to open charge port door (no more unlocking the port from inside the car!)

And some new convenience:

  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel standard across the time levels
  • Driver and front passenger heated seats
    • option for cloth interiors
    • standard on premium trim
  • black seat accent change from white to dark accent/deletion of white seats
GM Tested The Charge Port Door For Well Over 3,000 Cycles To Ensure Long-Life

GM Tested The Charge Port Door For Well Over 3,000 Cycles To Ensure Long-Life

Thankfully, there is nothing of significance being deleted, and no product de-contenting. 

In fact the only real deletion we see is the loss of a couple color choices – Cyber Gray Metallic and Blue Topaz Metallic, which are the first colors to be scratched from the lineup since Viridian Joule went away at some point last year during the 2013 run.

Of course what information we are really still missing is the price of the 2014 model year Chevrolet Volt.

With sales showing some weakness in 2013 despite having at least $3,000 off in rebates available for most of the year and $4,000 off this month on purchases, many are expecting that this will be the year that GM begins to enact those price reductions they have been talking about for so long.

First ELR Rolls Off The Hamtramck Assembly Line On Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 (via AoL Autos)

First ELR Rolls Off The Hamtramck Assembly Line On Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 (via AoL Autos)

Also of note, the production Cadillac ELR will be making its debut in 7 weeks at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 18th.  If you are in the area and want tickets to that, you can check out their website here.

It should be noted that although the price of the Cadillac ELR has also not yet been announced, it is probably not going to arrive at the lower end of original expectations as GM has said the re-tooling to build the ELR will cost about $35 million dollars and that the plug-Caddy will now also be a “limited” production run. We think a mid-60,000s MSRP is likely.

Pricing, and the ability to order the 2014 Chevrolet Volt is expected imminently.

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It’d be great if the Volt had a lowered MSRP to $34,995 and the ELR started at $44,995.

And if they could drop both prices an additional $5,000 over that, both cars would likely start to fly off shelves. Of course, I understand there is no point in doing that if they can’t make money.

Hard to imagine how the ELR can compete against the Tesla Model S if priced in the mid-60s.

Not sure how GM can lower the price of the Volt for the same car. Not much sales volume. Only way is for them to make the price ‘deals’ permanent just to move them, at more of a loss than before, waiting the next generation hopefully next year.

I think considering GM had been given the 3k off (and this month the 4k) for almost the whole year, they would do well to lower the MSRP by that amount and have some discipline on the dealer level discounts.

I know offering the Volt at $39,145 with 4k off at the dealer is just symantecs over a MSRP of $34,999 with little to no incentives, but it has a different perception, and all customers cosidering the Volt can see what the cost is…as opposed to actually going to the dealer and having them say “if you buy it today its $4,000 off.”

The problem is having the discipline on the cost. Still, the GM CEO is saying the next gen will be $7,000 to $10,000 cheaper than the 2013 pricing, so who cares if they have to do some further discounting ahead of the 2015 generational upgrade.

Wait…listing the REAL price you are going to sell it for and then actually selling it for that?

Car dealers don’t know how to do that? Only Saturn (R.I.P.) and Tesla can pull off that stunt – lol.

Compared to a Tesla, the ELR will be more luxurious, not as big, smoother ride, and have a range extender. They are not really in the same category. I think the ELR will compete more with the i3, Audi A1 e-tron, (insert other luxury PHEVs). But until all these cars are sold nationwide, there will not be much competition anyway.

My guesstimate is ELR @ $59,999 after rebate and VOLT @ $29,999 after $7500 rebate since everyone qualifies quite easily 😉

Curious to see tomorrow’s montly report!

Kind of a weird one this month. We have some prelim numbers, but I believe due to the Canadian holiday on the 1st, we will be getting most of the auto sales data on Tuesday this month.

“Some new functionality: Push to open charge port door (no more unlocking the port from inside the car!)”

I want my 2013 Volt retro-fitted with this if possible. Snow + little solenoid locking mechanisms don’t play well together.

Hey Jay, did Viridian Joule really go away in 2013? It’s still listed on Chevrolet’s Volt website, and I also saw a VJ Volt in my neighborhood that didn’t have the black hatch indicative of the 2011-2012 models years.

Yupe, afaik it was discontinued at some point during the MY 2013 production run.

It is on the “build” list for 2012 (here), but gone on the current “build” list for 2013 (here)

It does still show on the front page color wheel and a few other places, but I assume it will not return on the 2014 palette when that gets uploaded soon.

Interesting, I did not realize that. I’ll have to find the other guy in my neighborhood to tell him he has a rare model then if it was only a partial year run with the 201: scheme 🙂

I HAVE a 2013 VJ Volt. No, not discontinued with 2012

As far as we know it was discontinued at some point during the 2013 production run…we just exactly sure at what point it vanished.

A discount should be easy since the battery packs are now being built in Michigan. The savings from moving production from Korea to the United States should be passed on to the consumer via the Volt’s MSRP.

What I want to know is if there are any mileage tweaks to the battery pack? Another couple miles or so of all EV range? Hmm…

Even GM can reduce the manufacturing cost by $8000 (big if), that does not mean it will lower the MSRP by $8000, and if the sales goes up due to high gas price (say suddenly Saudi Arabia collapsed and Mideastern war breaks out), they might increase price (they are supposed to be in business to make money). At $39,995, they probably lose 5-7K (this does not include fixed cost such as factory and R&D) , since everyone agree if the effective price is less than $30K, the sales can go up dramatically, why don’t they lower price and lock up their leadership in PHEV category? because they already lose too much.

The recent price drop of $3000 for 2013 is really a price adjustment because within 15 days, 2013 is considered last year model, which automatically has lower MRSP by 10-15%, everyone in the car business knows this very well!

The trouble is ahead of them, one has wonder if PHEV is really the future, why no other auto company mass produce them? are they all dumb?

I also think many people will hold out for 2015 because CEO promised lower price for 2015, the sales prospect for 2014 will be worse than 2013 unless there is a substantial price drop and/or huge spike in gas price!

Glad to see I didn’t hold off for the 2014, as my 2013 Volt not much different.
I laugh at you guy’s complaining about car prices ….
Try Australia or NewZealand if you like skyhigh prices that would wet your pants with shock.

Plus fellow Oz people are not techno savy when it comes to cars – prefer the old and a Euro brand name to show what people already know what they are 😉

Some good intel… And it shows the coming challenge to tesla and Nissan shaping up. The real wild card in the market are the new plugins especially the one from BMW…. Getting the cadi put before its arrival, even as a limited production run, is key.

I was looking around at Volts on a few local dealership websites, and they’re about 6-7K off MSRP. So a cut to 35K seems reasonable to me. I’d be interested to see how the cuts would cascade throughout the other plug-ins (Fusion, C-MAX, Prius) when the price is cut on the Volt.

Kind of crazy to think a little over a year ago I paid a lot for my Volt (37K after rebate for a maxed out Volt), and the price is coming down a lot now.

Check the fine print on some of those offers. Sometimes you have to be a military veteran with a credit union account freshly graduating from college and turning in a leased vehicle from another manufacturer to get those prices.

With a family of five, no full back seat, means no sale.

When are they going to get that?

Ease up. ELRs were never intended to be family-of-five automobiles, any more than many other cars. Their existence is but one step forward toward expanding the market for electrified automobiles.

I too would love to see them expand into a larger category of car – maybe a CUV? With a family of 4, I could care less about the lack of a full back seat. For me, that 10 cubic feet of trunk space is just way too small. There is no way I could fit a pack-n-play plus double stroller in there, let alone luggage for a week-long trip to the lake!

Agree. GM needs to make a version based on the Canadian Chevy Orlando.


Considering how much larger the ELR and Volt are compared to the original EV1, I think folks should be happy with how much more space they are getting for their money compared to a decade ago.

I like driving the Volt. Beside the four seats limitation, the only concern that I had is that the trunk is not covered, so any content is visible. To prevent any break-in, you cannot leave any shopping bag or any personal belonging in the trunk as they get exposed, which make the trunk useless.

Too bad they killed Blue Topaz Metallic. I thought the Volt looked great in that color.

I love my push button and watch the electric charging door open by itself. It is a coolness factor and the first thing I show off to the kids. I will miss it in my next Volt. I also like all those push buttons on the center console. The only interior that can beat the current Volt is the Knight Rider Firebird. Wish they would not remove all the cool stuff. They need to add remote trunk opener also. I hate having to tell border officers how to open the trunk. It should open itself.

Noooooo! I love my topaz blue and want it for my next Volt! 10,242 total miles. 8,754 EV miles. 39.3 miles of gas used since September 2012. 🙂