2014 BMW i3 Price and Ordering Guide for US Now Online


i3 Order Guide US Page 1

i3 Order Guide US Page 1

This BMW i3 ordering guide for the US comes to us via Bimmerpost (hat tip to Peder Norby and the BMW i3 Facebook group, too).

We’ve posted the entire PDF below, but we suggest you head on over to Bimmerpost for more details.

i3 Order Guide Page 2 US

i3 Order Guide Page 2 US

i3 Order Guide Page 3 US

i3 Order Guide Page 3 US

i3 Order Guide Page 4 US

i3 Order Guide Page 4 US

Source: Bimmerpost

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Now if I only knew what kind of lease rates would be available….

$41,350 for the lowest of low i3 models. Put $2000 down, pay TT&L, and add the $7500 tax credit that most manufacturers take out of the lease, and you have $31,850 for the lease.

At 75% retention of value (seems a bit high), that’s $7962.50 to financed for your lease. Take that over 3 years and you’re at $221.18 per month.

At 50% retention of value (a bit low, but this will make for a good range), that’s $11,943.75 or $331.77 per month.

Bet you most of the i3’s that hit dealers in the us will be north of 50k $

Agreed. That’s a lot of money for a tiny, 4-passenger EV. I think this will be a tough sell.

I’m just glad they decided to make “Stronger electricity supply” standard. :\ What is that even supposed to mean?

I forget does this come standard with a j1772 compatible 6.6 kw charger for the north american models?

7.2 kW onboard AC charger (30A @ 240V) + the $700 optional CCS. It would have been a giant faux-pas if it didn’t… kind of like the Spark EV.

Prob refers to the dc to dc converter that chargers the 12v ?
Like putting a hd alternator in an ICE

it comes standard with the j1772 port and is listed as 32amps

not sure what the actual charge rate is BMW specs sheet says 32 amps but we know those #s are often wrong
32amps drawn at 240 is 7.7kw requiring a 40 amp breaker and a 7.7kw evse

if it really draws 27 to 30 amps then your typical Nissan branded aeroviroment evse will suffice and supply max allowable charge rate.

I am currently leasing a nissan leaf and my term is coming up next January 2015.
I have 1 year to sort my self out for an other electric car.

My current lease is 458 monthly. That is allot money for that car.
Specially that they are offering lease specials in the low 300 from time to time.

I really like this i3, however it sure looks like it will be an other high lease monthly bill again in the 400$ monthly.
Is this car available only in California or is it nation wide.

I also like the fiat 500e. But way to small for me.