2013 Tesla Model S P85 vs Tuned 2014 BMW 335i


Let's Race

Let’s Race

$1,000 on the Tesla Model S.  That’s my bet before even seeing the video.

Even a tuned BMW 335i is no match for the Model S up to 100 MPH or so.  That’s a given.

But can the BMW catch the Model S as the speeds increase?  Of course it can.

What amazes us the most is the authority with which the Model S launches itself once the pedal is mashed.

*Editors Note: Racing is to be done on race tracks. Not public roads.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Not a fan of street racing. Keep it on a track, please.

Drag racing on public roads. What is wrong with the people making these videos?

What is with InsideEVs to keep posting them? Oh yeah, page and advertising views.

What’s ***mod edit*** with ***mod edit*** InsideEVs constantly promoting Model S street racing videos?

Instead of censoring and deleting my comment, perhaps InsideEVS could respond to my comment and try to justify its policy of promoting and glorifying streetracing in its news articles.

You are free to disagree, discuss or criticize anything here at InsideEVs – even if it is directed at us. That is no problem.

However we do have a policy of no personal attacks/derogatory statements towards person(s) in the community or on the site as it makes for unpleasant experience for other readers.

As for the question, we show the video for the same reason as the other stories, because we feel they are of interest.

In my post above, the first mod edit was for “wrong” and the second mod edit was for “the people at” because my original post, before it was deleted, was in reply to mike w’s comment: “What is wrong with the people making these videos.” How is my post a personal attack/derogatory statement towards person(s) in the community or on the site? Wouldn’t mike w’s similarly-worded comment also be considered a personal attack/derogatory statement towards person(s) in the community who record their Model S street racing on video? Your mod edit makes it seem like I made some sort of foul-mouthed comment when in fact I didn’t. Why are you trying to make me look bad? InsideEVs also selectively enforces it’s no personal-attack/derogatory-statement policy. InsideEV allows certain posters to be personally attacked all the time. For instance, TeV made the following comment: “Heavy, numb, no grip… I thought he was describing you, CherylG!” In reponse to the above comment, Taser54 posted “Please lay off the personal attacks.” So it’s pretty obvious TeV’s comment was a personal attack. http://insideevs.com/expected-tesla-model-s-fails-lap-nurburgring-full-power-video/#comment-501687 And please don’t tell me some BS like “we missed that one comment” or “it slipped through the cracks”, because InsideEVs misses… Read more »

CherylG post nothing but negative comments that have not facts or value. To fix any personal attacks on her, she should just be banned.

Sven, Yes, it is getting modded. “The people” (being a unspecific group) is not the same as a specific person or the site. Just to be clear, here is the policy: If you claim a mental deficiency on the part of Eric, or other writers here in the comments, its going to get modified or deleted. We didn’t try to make you “look bad” we deleted the first comment entirely, so no one would have known it ever existed, but you wanted to revisit it. Rather than delete it a second time and further aggravate you, we just edited it and then addressed the issue with you specifically. We aren’t perfect about modding all comments, or enforcing them consistently (there has been just over 80,000 of them to date), we can certainly offer you that. But we will control the narrative in the comments when ill is spoken of the author or the site in general, in the same way you would erase the words “sven sucks” if someone painted it on the side of your house. Again, not trying to make you or anyone look bad. If you would like, we are happy to remove this whole sub-thread, or… Read more »

I would like this whole sub-thread to stay as is, but I would also like to repost my last comment since it was deleted and did not violate InsideEVs “no personal attacks/derogatory statements” policy. By deleting my comment you make it look like I said something inappropriate and violated the above mentioned policy. Once again, I look bad.

You said: “You are free to disagree, discuss or criticize anything here at InsideEVs – even if it is directed at us. That is no problem.” Apparently, it is a problem since you deleted my last post. My deleted last post read as follows:

I apologize for referring to the writers/staff at InsideEVs as “people”. 😀

While you’re at it, you might want to update your policy to also ban posters on this site from using derogatory/vulgar screen names such as “CherylG’s_DirtyLittleSecret”.


Sven said, “I apologize for referring to the writers/staff at InsideEVs as “people”. 😀 “ You know the issue is you did not that you referred to Eric/the staff at InsideEVs as “people”, but as people/a person with a mental deficiency. Your last comment was deleted because that was: -inaccurate -to close this discussion So again, you can have that comment (even though we tried to offer multiple solutions to end this) as again you believe by us deleting that comment you look a certain way. Now you have two further comments in this thread, but we don’t believe you have helped your position any. Trying to remain even-handed here, but here is what happened. Rather that clearly stating why you feel this story is not warranted here, you took a shot at Eric/the site. We deleted it as we always do in cases like this. Had you not revisited the issue, no one would be the wiser you said it and you would know it went too far — everything moves along. We could have just continually deleted it/you, but we try to be fair to everyone, and we have explained the issue at hand. At this point you… Read more »

Why are you being a **** and complaining?

There are no cars ever on these roads if you haven’t noticed.

I like the videos. Glad the roads are clear. We all see far more dangerous stuff on our freeways hourly. *Note: Racing is to be done on race tracks. Not public roads.

the videos don’t show the BMW overtaking the model S. All I saw was the model S brake lights come on at the end of the race, then the BMW fly by…. obviously not braking.

You do realize that when the BMW “overtakes” the Tesla they are both going well over 100 right?

So tell me….. WHEN THE HELL are you ever going to go 100 in the real world? LOLOLOLOLOL

come on now, acceleration is what matters, bmw got smoked and was struggling. Next.

How are people complaining about this? Seriously, ever notice how there are no cars on this road?

stop complaining people, sounding like cry babies

I do hope Inside EV’s thoughtfully reflects and considers changing their policy about posting street-racing videos, regardless of vehicle type. Too many innocent people are injured/killed by street racers. We haven’t heard of any EV street-racing bystander injuries or fatalities yet, but it will happen. It bothers me to think Inside EV’s tacitly supports such dangerous behavior by posting videos and providing positive commentary. To all who make these videos – you aren’t impressing me by being stupid, regardless of what vehicle you have. Keep the speed events to closed courses, where they belong.

Well said HVACman and agree 100%. As an owner of both a Tesla Roadster and Model S, these street racing videos rub me the wrong way. It’s illegal. It’s dangerous. Even if there are no cars on the road, it’s easy to lose control or make a costly mistake driving that fast. It’s also very easy to come up too quickly on a car, pedestrian, or animal at those speeds. I do hope staff reconsiders posting street racing videos. It’s a turn off from an otherwise excellent site. Post all the track races you want, but these street racing videos are irresponsible.