2013 Renault ZOE Named Best Green Car In Paris

OCT 15 2012 BY STAFF 6

The Renault Zoe has won “Best Green Car of the 2012 Paris Motor Show,” by achieving at least 51% of the total first place votes required to receive the honor.

It was a fitting honor considering the car first debuted at the Paris show in 2009.  The electric Zoe, that Renault bills as having around 93 miles of range, will see its first deliveries in France (and the rest of Europe) in about two months.

Zoe Interior In Optional Black

Of interest at the event, Renault says a level 2 charge can occur in as little as 4 hours, or under 30 minutes on a high speed charge, using its proprietary Caméléon charging system.  This system allows a flexible rate of charging, up to 43 kW, depending on the charging station abilities.

Renault also had said in its 2009 debut that the Zoe will come with a 3 minute battery swap option to augment the Fluence ZE sedan that is currently the only option available to places using the Better Place system.  However, no option for this feature is on the 2013 Zoe, further augmenting Better Place’s recent woes.

The Renault Zoe is currently on sale for €20,700 ($26,790 USD), plus a monthly battery hire (lease) starting at  €79 ($102 USD), which runs 36 months at 12,500 km(about 7,800 miles)/year.  Other options are available.   In France, the Zoe also qualifies for a €7,000 rebate ($9,060), making the net price  €13,700 ($17,733).

Thanks to the great reception of the Renault Twizy, the company now sell more than 1 of every 2 (54%) electric cars sold in Europe and about 1 in 3 (30%) worldwide.  If the Renault-Nissan alliance is to fulfill the promise of “1.5 million EVs by 2016,” this is the car that has to get them there.

2013 Renault Zoe, Almost The Same As Its 2009 Paris Debut, But No Battery Swap Option

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How slim are the chances that we will see this in the US, even branded as Nissan?

Not good.

I talked to a Renault spokesperson about the chances of seeing any Renault products state-side, and there is no plans to bring the ZOE to the US. I do believe that we will see the ‘higher model’ of the Twizy here sometime next year…but rebadged a Nissan.

Has Renault to Nissan rebadging happened before?

Yes, they share quite often, most recently last month, the Nissan Sunny became the Renault Scala. (Sunny is also known as the Versa sedan in the US). Another example would be the Nissan Micra, which is the Renault Pulse.

I like the battery lease option. This drops the price point to a perfect level. I predict massive sales on this car.

Hi there,

I test drove ZOE on Renault’s test track and filmed (even though it was & is forbidden): http://bit.ly/TgYsA8