2013 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Results For China


Hot off the presses we have the elusive plug-in vehicle sales figures for 2013 in China.

In the InsideEVs tradition, we will do a model-by-model breakdown, including inventory levels and quotes from auto execs, for each model sold in China (or notbut we will list the models that were sold)

Venucia e30 (aka Nissan LEAF)

Venucia e30 (aka Nissan LEAF) – Dongfeng-Nissan has green-lit a production run of  1,000 Venucia branded EVs, which are essentially re-badged Nissan LEAFs

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers has disclosed that the “Chinese market of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) expanded 37.9% last year to 17,600 units, which included 14,604 pure electrics and 3,038 plug-in hybrids,” reports China Auto Web.

Here are the totals for Chinese-made BEVs (non NEV – the bulk of which are Chery QQ3s ~ 5,000) sold in China in 2013:

  • JAC iEV: ~ 2,500
  • BYD e6: 1,544
  • BAIC E-Series EV: 710
  • Roewe E50: 406
  • Zotye M300 EV: 220
  • Venucia e30: 216
  • BAIC Senova EV: 52

And here are the available sales results for PHEV sold in China in 2013:



  • BYD F3DM: 1,005
  • BYD Qin: 142

Source: China Auto Web

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Those numbers are pretty miserable.

Then again, it seems they had nothing but terrible Chinese EVs to choose from.

Like the Nissan Leaf? 😉 BYD are not that bad either. And BAIC uses only western companies and technology.

Well, they are hardly any Teslas… but then again who else are? 😛 Of course they will benifit from more models and from more companies but so will Europe and the US too since it’s still pretty limited.

Are all these highway capable ?

Strange story. The headline says 13k BEVs, but the leading-model list barely accumulates to 5.5k before tapering off to <100 unit models.

Are we missing something? Or are the remaining sales actually NEVs?

Yeah should have added that in. The remaining are NEVs

Thanks! So indeed, these #’s are rather weak.

Seems like BYD are finding their calling in exporting electric buses and taxis, rather than the private vehicle consumers, who are harder-to-please even in China.

The numbers area also missing any foreign made automobiles right? Not that I expect there to be many sales there with the huge effective tariff, but I’m guessing there may have been a Volt or two sold.

The Chinese government will very soon mandate more EV’s. They are also putting in huge amounts of Nuclear…… More than any other country. ….but they still use Tons of coal.

FYI: InsideEVs.com is accessible in China.

Excuse me, what are NEVs? Non-EV?

NEV means the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle which in US means battery electric vehicles that are legally limited to roads with posted speed limits as high as 45 miles per hour . I would say typical city BEV 🙂

Your definition is off a bit. In the US, an NEV is legal on roads with posted speed limits up to 35 mph, and the vehicles are restricted to 25 mph top speed in most states. AFAIK, if your state is different, they are straying from the federal definition {and I say, kudos to them!}.

I would be hard for the Chinese to own EV since most of them don’t have garages….