2013 Nissan LEAF Ad Campaign Kicks Off…And Gets It Right This Time (Video)


Nissan has just begun its ad campaign for their 2013 LEAF, and it looks like they have finally got it right.  No obscure ‘green‘ messages, no polar bears, no ‘what ifs’ in the messaging.

New Nissan LEAF Commercial Gets It Right

New Nissan LEAF Commercial Gets It Right

Plug-in electric cars have a lot going for them.   So, we feel it is just best to lay out the facts in a straight forward manner so people both understand what the car is about, and can make a decision if a fully electric car is for them. 

With Nissan’s new television spot entitled “Facts”, we think they have accomplished this mission.

All the normal bases are covered, including the ability to avoid the gas and using remote apps, but more importantly so are the LEAF’s newest assets:  AroundView Camera, faster charging, and even more importantly the new price and the fact it is build in America.

2013 Nissan LEAF “FACTS” Commercial Gallery: (Double Click)

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Definitely much better. Hopefully they will continue along this path. The polar bear spot still haunts me.

I’m with you Tom. I like the ad. Just get the facts out there. Promote the price and the fact it is now US-made; which Nissan did.

End of the day, Its a darn electric car after all. You don’t need to try and make it fancy to stand out from the thousands of other car ads.

…although the “gas powered everythinig ad” was kind of cute. Didn’t get much airplay though, as I think Nissan realized they were knocking all their other cars at the same time.

Wow, hadn’t seen that version of the ad, with a Volt filling up, and the dentist! Even better!!! Thanks for the link!

Yeah, they eventually pulled the ad and replaced the Volt at the pump scene. There was a little kerfuffle about it at the time between Nissan and GM (after the Chevy “leaf blower” ad).

Great! They don’t get hung up on the autonomy of the car in miles, just present a simple MPGe figure. Show a great price, cool technology and gadgets, and it’s pretty enticing!

Looking forward to its availability in Canada! The local dealer wants me to get their 2012 SL with huge discounts, but I believe waiting for a 2nd gen car is smarter for faster charge and small improvements here and there from feedback of 1st gen owners.

Still not sure at Carwings, my iPhone can easily replace the GPS, and I could save a few thousands by getting the S with charging+cameras option at 1300$. Suggestions?

Nice Ad. Makes the EV seem more mainstream, less educating about what an EV is.

It looks like Nissan put it’s cards on the table. Leaf S at $199/mo with $1,999 down. No Navigation, No 6.6 charger, No Around View Cam, No Back-up Camera, No LED Headlights, No CarWings for remote charging/heating the car. Leaf SV at $249/mo with $1,999 down. Has Navigation, CarWings, 6.6 Charger, but NO LED headlights, No automatic headlights, No Fog lights, No quick charge port and No seven speaker stereo. Leaf SL at $296/mo with $1,999 down. Has S and SL features + Leather and 17″ wheels, quick charge port, with Around View Camera and 6 speaker stereo optional. Focus Electric at $249/mo with $2,138 down OR $306/mo with $200 down + $1,000 Competitive Lease Conquest(if customer currently has a competitors lease or terminates lease 30 days prior leasing a Focus EV). Has Navigation, SYNC, MyFord Touch, My Ford Mobile, 6.6 Charger, HID Headlights/LED Tail lamps, Auto Headlights, Dual climate control, Front and rear 12v outlets, MyKey, Ambient Lighting, 9 Speaker Sony System, HD Radio, 17′ Aluminum Allow Wheels. Inventories Building… With their marketing campaign in full swing, Nissan already stocked it’s dealers with 1,292 Leaf units as of today. With Ford marketing to kick off April 2(current program ends… Read more »

Nissan if finally getting it right. My personal trainer, who knows I drive a LEAF, told me he saw the ad over the weekend. This is the first ad he has seen that he remembers and connects with the car. I saw it as well and nearly fell out of my chair. Let’s hope this is just the beginning. FYI, local dealer (Regal Nissan) ran a full page ad in the Atlanta Journal last weekend to advertise a $189 per month lease for the Nissan LEAF S model. Dealer has 41 LEAFs available and more coming. Looks like we are turning the corner.

Is your personal trainer going to buy Leaf ? If not, he isn’t the target audience.

Yeah, I miss the basic “Hard Sell” ad which this latest one is……They could also add:

1). New Low price (after fed credit) $21300

2). Basic roominess (5 seater) plus ‘coolness’ of the car.

3). Most popular pure EV ever seeing as 50,000 sold worldwide.

(But the gas powered alarm clock , etc commercial was cool too).

I thought they skipped past the typical ending board fairly quickly – it has the price on it, but its almost like they gloss over that to get to the final couple scene. I’d be making a big deal about the $21,300, and I’d go as far to make a special California version of the commercial with the after-CARB rebate price of under $20K on it.

Overall, probably the best EV ad I’ve seen so far.

Other version could mention some of these other EV advantages, maybe with some funny “voice overs”.

— Electric fuel is way cheaper than gas. (“Ka-ching”)
— Lower maintenance costs. (“What’s an oil change?”)
— Elegant simple design. (“The motor has ONE moving part?!”)
— Instant maximum horsepower. (“Yahooo!”)

Lots of possibilities.

So you guys think the 130 number won’t confuse the average viewer. 78 number would be more common ie. how far can I go? Sure the EV detailed followers aren’t confused but how many people will go into the dealer and either be disappointed when they find out the 78 number or the salesperson won’t know/tell them (been threads on MNL like that). I like ads like this that quote facts but I think it may hurt them end the end.

The question with any ad is – what is your target audience & what are you trying to tell them. Definitely the polar bear ad was for a different audience.

I think they should emphasize 2 car households and how Leaf can replace one of them.

Ps : I’m always surprised by how mundane the ads are here in general compared to other countries. Apparently only super bowl ads are allowed to be a little creative.

What I fail to understand is how the ad campaign can boast 130 Miles Per Gallon on an all electric car? Doesn’t anyone else find this strange when there are no gallons in measuring electric

What is the woman saying as she taps her smart phone to turn on the heater/air conditioning?