2013 Frankfurt Motor Show Round-Up: All The Plug-Ins That Stormed The Stage (Galleries Galore)


2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

The show that was…plug-in crazy!!!!

Entrance to the Press Days in Frankfurt Requires One of These

Entrance to the Press Days in Frankfurt Requires One of These

The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show will go down in history as a plug-in vehicle break-out event.

The debuts and on-stage appearances by plug-ins were so numerous that we’re certain we missed a few.

If you’ve been following InsideEVs the last couple of days, then you’re already well aware of the plug-in madness that went down at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

But for those who may have missed our coverage (no clue how that could’ve happened?!?!), here’s our recap.

As gallery after gallery appear before your eyes, the sheer volume of plug-ins in Frankfurt becomes apparent.

And what a show it was…and we were there.

Opel Monza Concept Gallery (story here):

Volvo Concept Coupe Gallery (story here):

BMW i8 Gallery (story here):

BMW i3 Gallery:

BMW C Evolution Gallery (story here):

BMW Concept5 X5 eDrive Gallery (story here):

BMW Concept Active Tourer Gallery (story here):

BMW Cruise e-Bike Gallery (story here):

VW e-Up! Gallery (story here):

VW e-Golf Gallery (story here):

VW e-Load Up! Gallery (story here):

Audi A3 e-tron Gallery (story here):

Audi Sport Quattro Concept Gallery (story here):

Smart Fourjoy Gallery (story here):

Porsche 918 Gallery (story here):

Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-In Hybrid Gallery (story here):

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Gallery (story here):

Nissan e-NV200 Gallery (story here):

Formula E Spark-Renault SRT Racer Gallery (story here):

InEco Concept Coupe Gallery (story here):

Tesla Gallery (story here):

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The moral of the story – EVs can be sexy and desireable, but we’re still just going to give you golf carts (at least anywhere near the affordable range)

You guys really need to fix your “gallery” picture viewing. It is a dreadful pain. Click on a picture which goes to another page of the same sized picture only to click on it again? No offense but it is one of the worse I’ve attempted to use and rarely do anymore. Sorry for the directness.

Its ok Scott, we know it. Our site upgrade/re-skin has been delayed a couple times now to iron out some bugs…and with it, a new gallery system. Until then, just enjoy the thumbs, (=

About time someone gives the EV consumer something that does not look like a clown car or been baked in an oven!

The time for the EV families will be ripe in 2014 as those ICE vehicles which have been driven beyond usefulness are given last rights and the world economy is rising again.

Please, someone just market a full sized plug-in pickup with 40 miles EV range.

Please, someone put up the price of gas so that evs thrive, air pollution goes down and the full-size pickup DIES OUT 😉

The full-size pickup will never die. Especially here in truck country. (DFW)

My kid runs his own landscaping/tree business. He couldn’t operate without a fleet of pickups.

Come to Denmark… We pay more than 2$/L for gas, and EV’s are tax free… 🙂