29,165 Nissan LEAFs Affected By Airbag Related Recall


Nissan Passenger Airbag Recall Notice

Nissan Passenger Airbag Recall Notice

Nissan has issued an airbag-related recall for approximately 989,701 Nissan and Infiniti models.

Listed among the vehicles affected by the recall are approximately 29,165 Model Year 2013 and 2014 Nissan LEAFs.

The wide-ranging recall is related to the passenger airbag sensor system, which may inaccurately determine the passenger seat to be empty when it is, in fact, occupied.

This is a safety-related recall, as there exists the possibility that a front seat passenger would not be protected by airbag deployment in the event of a collision.

More details on the recall can be found in the various graphics upload to this page.

Nissan Letter Regarding Airbag Defect

Nissan Letter Regarding Airbag Defect

Nissan Airbag Defect Report

Nissan Airbag Defect Report

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15 Comments on "29,165 Nissan LEAFs Affected By Airbag Related Recall"

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Will this also impact UK manufactured European Leafs?

Well that explains a lot.

Last week we were in the leaf, and my wife asked “Why is the driver side airbag “off” ?”…….

We have also noticed the same issue.

What a fantastic design feature, the car automatically detects your wife is being unreasonable and turns off her side air-bag.

Don’t you mean passenger side?

This is 2014 it is perfectly acceptable to let the lady of the house do the lion’s share of the driving……. especially if the driver side air bag is broken 🙂

We’ve had the same problem. I’ve ended up pulling over and cycling the ‘ignition’ to make the light go off.

I’m off the road system in Alaska and there’s no Nissan dealer here. The closest one who works on Leafs (in the USA) is a thousand miles away in Bellingham. This should be fun.

Juneau? If so there are several Leafs there – see if you can get a dealer to send up someone to do a service on all of them at once. I hear that on Hawaii they’ve had similar arrangements for some islands.

Heh. My i-MiEV has the opposite problem. When my iPad Air is in the passenger’s seat, it turns on the seatbelt light.

mine too….

Clearly Apple needs to make a lighter MacBook Air then.

That happens sometimes in the Volt too.

I drive a lot of rental cars and this is a general problem in many makes.

I am glad Nissan is stepping up to deal with this annoying issue. I had this problem a few months ago but the dealer was able to fix it.

The one great thing about recalls is that no matter what it’s about……….it’s getting fixed.