2012 Plug-In Vehicle Sales Results in Canada


We’ve now got numbers on our neighbors to the north.

With 2012 officially in the books, plug-in sales data is trickling in from countries around the globe.  This time it’s Canada that we’ll present in a by-the-numbers approach.

For 2012, plug-in vehicles represented only 0.1 percent (approximate figure) of the total automotive market in Canada.  That’s 1,800 out of the 1.7 million vehicles sold in Canada last year.

In 2012, the Nissan LEAF was in a distant second place.

High prices are blamed for weak sales of plug-in vehicles in Canada and the government’s lack of incentives certainly doesn’t help the cause.  Canada offers no federal-level credits for purchasing plug-ins.

The Chevy Volt sits on top of the 2012 sales chart by a significant margin.  In 2012, sales of the Volt in Canada hit 1,225 units.  The number two plug-in, the Nissan LEAF, checked in at a measly 240 units.  In third was the Mitsubishi i-MiEV at 196 units and rounding out the top four was the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid (63 units).

For the sake of comparison, the US’ year-to-date results for 2012 were as follows: Chevy Volt (23,641 units), Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid (12,750 units) and Nissan LEAF (9,819 units).   Plug-in vehicles accounted for roughly 0.3 percent (estimated at 49,962 units) of the 15.38 million automobiles sold in the US in 2012.

Only The i-MiEV Fared Better In Canada (as a percentage) Than In The US, Selling Almost 200 Copies

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Now let’s see what the Ford C-Max Energi can do in Canada…

how long was PIPrius available up there?

They started trickling into Canada in September. Priced from $35,700, but eligible for rebates (not federal credit) as much as $5,000 (Ontario).

The Volt is $42,000 less $8,500 rebate or $33,500, and the LEAF is $38,395, or $29,895 after rebate.

Although it should be noted you can’t get much of a discount on the Volt or the Prius atm, but Nissan slashed pricing in early December by $5,000, then to $6,000 to $8,100 (VPP) in January ahead of 2013 pricing next month, so reasonable you are looking at $23,895 for a base LEAF atm. I imagine the race is a little tighter for 2013, but the Volt still wins, PIP third to fifth.

Jay, the article states there is no federal incentive for the Volt. So where is the $Can 8,500 rebate coming from? Thanks.

The $8,500 rebate is from the province of Ontario.

It looks like there is no Model S sales accounted for in these numbers. Supposedly there were 200 Signature series delivered to Canada that may have all happened in 2012. That amount would put them at #3 for the entire year.

Can you update these numbers if Tesla gives out some info in their Feb 11th Q4 announcement?

Its true. No official numbers from the company and you can’t check registrations on a national scale in Canada, so they are not on the list.

From what I understand:
The S (eventually) got certified on Dec 7th, and first deliveries happened Dec 20th in Canada. However, not all of the alloted 200 hit.were bought by Canadian customers, I believe it ended up to be about 150, and Tesla didn’t deliver any of the ‘home deliveries’ in 2012.

I’m not sure the Q4 report will update Candian sales, but I would confidently say they sold about 100 in 2012, with the margin of error being +/- 20 units.

…if I see a number published, I will certainly update

Thanks for the info. Not bad for only one month in the country.

Think they can compete for the #2 spot with LEAF and PiP in 2013?

Just as a wag, Tesla can probably compete with the PIP in 2013. Toyota really has not paid much attention to the model, but Nissan has made big changes to the dealership infrastructure over the past couple months, and to pricing…as well as picking up an ad program.

The only holdup might be on waiting for the 2013. Canada is scheduled behind the US rollout out. So they are looking at April, maybe May to start getting cars. I’d still estimate they end up around 750 this year, PIP more like 300.