In 2011, Only 493 EVs Were Registered In Canada – Today Over 9,000


The U.S. consistently logs more plug-in electric vehicle sales in a single month than Canada has total plug-in electric vehicles on its roads, but as this chart depicts, EV sales north of the border have grown substantially since 2011.

As Plug’n Drive Tweets, there were only 493 EVs registered in Canada in 2011.  That figure has now risen to above 9,000.

Though still low in volume, sales of plug-in electric vehicles are gaining momentum in Canada, with most models on track to this year double sales, as compared to 2013’s figures.

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Put out the 200 mile EV and these numbers will soar!

It’s over nine thousaaand!

Ahem. 🙂

Not surprising, I see a ton more every day than just this same time a year ago. I suspect it’s only a few small pockets though, with high EV ownership, not likely that many in rural areas.

That’s cool but that’s still not that many EVS in all of Canada.

Actually, that’s an amazing number when you consider what other people are saying – that dealerships are actively trying to convince you *not* to buy the car, that they’re not on dealer lots, that it takes weeks to months to deliver.

If only dealerships would get out the way of what people actually want, the numbers would be a lot better. But then, the thing they teach you first in salesman school is “the customer doesn’t know what they want”.

It’s’ not that canadians don’t want to buy those… They are simply NOT IN STOCK, anywhere. Who wants to wait 6-8 weeks to buy a car?

It’s kind of strange reading comments like that. I guess it must be a culture thing or so but here it’s most common with around 6 months from when you buy a new car until you get it delivered.

Moreso test drives, at least in my case.
I was interested in a Focus EV, but there were literally zero anywhere. I’m not going to blindly buy and hope for the best, so ford lost a sale.
A lot of smaller dealerships are not going to stock EVs, so same thing.


Should have posted this on Thursday for a TBT article. We could revisit the past, when modern EVs were just in their infancy.

Nice . . . . but you can do better Canada. Remember that you are owners in GM, so pick-up more Volts.

And boot Harper out of office. 🙂

Quebec account for more than half of total sales! BUT THEY ARE NOT IN STOCK!

Fun fact: I have bought 1 out of every 1,287 EVs sold in Canada, but only 1 of every 260,000-ish for the US.

And here I always though you were one in a million. 🙂

In addition to his Seven Leaf’s, does that mean Jay also has an EV stashed away someplace in the States?

Up her, in Québec or else in Canada, we don’t have a zeroemission law like 8 or 9 U.S. state have. And guess what they get most of the car sold.
Strange thing happen in life, don’t you think?
Beside we have a federal government that is the main tarsand dealer ever.
Wonder why i’ts pretty uphill for EV adoption here?

Oh yes, forgot to touch on this as well.
I was actually ordering a couple weeks before the 2014 manufacturing cutoff, but was denied as ‘no more being made for Canada’.

I visited BMW in Calgary, asking about i3. Manager told me they don’t sell EVs and his reasons were that Canada is too cold for EVs, not enough interest and that they would have to equip their repair shop for maintaining and repairing EVs which is expensive.

They want to keep selling they’re fuel in alberta

As far as I know, the Leaf and Volt only started selling in Canada during Fall 2012. I wonder where the almost 2000 evs came from before that as the Tesla Roadster was the only production EV available pre-Sept 2012 and sold in limited quantities (as far as I know).

Jay do you have any insights for us here?