2010 Tesla Roadster Attracting Tons of Bids on eBay

JUL 30 2013 BY STAFF 9

46 Bids and Counting

46 Bids and Counting

Certified Pre-Owned Tesla Roadsters Don't Go Cheap

Certified Pre-Owned Tesla Roadsters Don’t Go Cheap

With the Model S the center of attention these days, what’s to become of the Roadster?

Well, as we know, Tesla tries to sell certified used Roadster for a tidy sum, but is the demand still there for the two-seat Roadster now that the Model S is basically available everywhere?

Turns out, demand for the Roadster seems to be rather high, provided that it’s priced right.

Take, for example, the 2010 Roadster listed above.  With 46 bids and counting, interest is definitely there.  Sure, it’s got 28,362 miles on the clock, but for less than $50,000 it must be seen as a steal, considering the attention it’s getting.

We should mention, there is a “reserve” price set on this Roadster and we’re not sure what it is, but the bids keep coming.  What is a 2010 Tesla Roadster ultimately worth in a open bid process?

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Still well under half what he paid for it. AT 18,000 miles (8 months ago) Tesla offered half of what I paid for my 2011. I naturally declined. Its not even out of warranty yet.

This guy is offering a 2010 for much less than 1/2 of what he paid for it. Of course he’ll get plenty of bids.

If the Model S will face a price decline like this, Elon Musk will lose good money with his price guarantee.

Reserve not met…
Such a bullshit form of auction.

1) Someone should do a new roadster because it can be done so much better than they did. Less than quarter the price, quarter battery, half range, blitz charge, half the weight. Better aero.

2) What I find unforgivable about the roadster is the 100watt constant drain that you can never switch off and will kill the pack in 2 months if left alone. not drain it, destroy it.
It’s an unforgivable sin that you can’t own such a car and rest in the knowledge that it’s efficient. It would totally ruin the experience for me that the piss poor engineering job is always out in the garage burning 100watt and there is nothing I can do to turn it off.
Very very bad Straubel.
I could live with the relatively high weight and the poor aero but not 100watt eternal waste.that never goes away.

Dan, why don’t you do a new roadster since it can be done so much better? Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it.

Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk and pals did it for a few hundred million dollars.
Let’s say I’m so dramatically more intelligent than those two that I could do it for 1% of what they spent. Do you have the 2 million dollars for me to do that?
Or is talk cheap…

Two million dollars for you? No. You’re lucky that I gave you my two cents. 😉

Seriously, that is not a good reply.
You do not even have to be able to swim to notice that someone swims badly.
And you do not have to be an expert to have an opinion, right or wrong though it may be.


I think your info is dated. My 2011, (with an interim software change) turns off the pumps and blower after 5 minutes in normal mode and 1 1/2 minutes in max range mode, unless the battery is deemed ‘too full’ (over 88%).

I lose very little on a day to day basis, and in cold weather, the Roadster is the battery storage economy champ hands down ( several times better than those model S’s in cold weather).

1) quarter price makes no sense for a sports car; even if it could be done, people would be weirded out by the price. Better to add value or just a huge profit margin as a reward for acheiving the impossible – making a pure sports car for $25K.
quarter battery – do you mean physical size or capacity?
half range would be very bad, as one of the big selling points was long range.
half the weight would be fantastic
better aero would be great too; I liked the design, but it could have been better and I would guess Tesla would have prefered that also, and will show it in the new version.

2) I totally agree with you.
Hopefully it has been corrected, as Bill said, and in the S as well.