200 Electric SAAB 9-3s To Be Built Soon – Range Of 170 Miles?

FEB 20 2014 BY JAY COLE 26

We don’t hear a lot of news about SAAB ever since NEVS – National Electric Vehicle Sweden, took back control of the Swedish auto maker from GM in 2012 (after a quite drawn-out ordeal), but when we do it’s usually decent news.

2014 Saab 9-3

2014 Saab 9-3

Tim over at SAABsUnited recently took a SAAB 9-3 electric mule out for a test spin with the company’s test driver Kjell Olofsson – a former a rally driver and part of the Saab Performance Team, and uncovered some interesting news.

NEVs has said that in a few weeks the base-plate of the car will ready for production and at that time the production line will need to be modified to accommodate the electric version of the 9-3.

NEVs intends on building both models on the same line, but the all-electric version will be shipped to China to have their battery packs installed.

SAAB also intends to build a sizeable fleets of EVs to validate the platform:

“200 Electric cars will built to be part of a test-fleet in China, some electric cars will also stay in Sweden for further testing. This also means that an increase in the production rate will take place.” – Tim at SAABsUnited

Details on the car’s abilities itself have been extremely scarce, but separately Aftonbaldet reports (via SAABblog) that the new electric 9-3 will have a range of about 280 km/174 miles on the Euro/NEDC scale – which would translate to about 115 miles in the US.

SAABsUnited, Aftronbaldet via SAABblog (German)

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

So, ~40kWh usable? Sounds good to me!

No word on the battery size? I would guess somewhere between 30-35kWh.

Competition for Model E, but only I’ll believe it until I see it in production.

The NEV deal always seamed mostly about getting hold on whatever Saab/GM technology the Chinese buyer could get it’s hand on for the purpose of doing ICE powered vehicles, with the EV story mostly a smokescreen but we’ll see what happens. With a 115 miles of range this deal shapes up like the relatively unsuccessful RAV4 EV, but it’s unlikely the owners have the technology to do a Tesla style serious range EV. Or any EV with any serious market appeal for that matter.

I think there is only so much Ice Car tech out there before you reach the end of it much like how steam locomotives reached their peak in the 1950’s in terms of how much the railroads could get them.

The good news about this car is that if it does have a 115 miles of range it could set itself up better then the 80 mile range Nissan Leaf. But the 900 pound Gorilla is what is the price going to be on this car will it be over priced or the same price as the Nissan leaf? The main reason why I think the RAV4 EV is such a turkey in sales is that Toyota really doesn’t want to mass market them and at the same time they are charging a ludicrous price for it while many other EV’s are cheaper then it by about $10,000 dollars.

A Saab 9-3 or a Toyota RAV 4 for the price of a Leaf (basically Sentra)? That doesn’t happen in ICE-land and it won’t happen in EV land.

Actually, you can get a RAV4 EV for very near the price of a Leaf SL, as long as you lease the EV like most folks do. For a 3yr, 12K mi/yr lease:

Leaf SL, per Nissan website, is $316/mo, $1999 down + tax, lic, etc.
RAV4 EV, per Toyota website, is $299/mo, $3499 down + tax, lic, etc.

So the RAV4 EV is about $1K more than the Leaf over 3 years.

Unfortunately most people don’t get that far. They look at the base price and get scared away.

That’s why the base MSRP is so important (I bet a lot of people were attracted by the Leaf’s $28000 back in 2013, even though the car they actually bought probably cost more).

Yeah, that’s too bad… I just leased a RAV4 EV last Sunday, $0 drive off, 35 payments of $433, residual of $20,412, So I’d need a total of $35567+ tax to own it… much less than the $50K+ MSRP that many folks may base their decision on.

It will cost more than a Tesla Model S.

If that’s true then I can finally say the reason why Elon Musk is doing so well with Tesla model S is that he’s the only car maker building electric cars with common sense. In that his cars have double and coming soon triple the range then this thing.

I agree with you/

Wow, in which first-world country is spending $100K on a single car considered common sense?

Based on sales of over $100k cars in first world countries, it must be common sense to spend $100k on a single car in all of them. And over $1M in most of them.


100K$ car is not unusual here in Norway. High taxes on cars.. BMW 520D = 100K.

Why should it be?

It will be a super SAAB.
I think it will be less expensive than Tesla.
Good quality car, I want one. It got 5 stars in EuroNCAP.

Battery size?
L2 Charging rate?
DC quick charging?
Cargo space?
Liquid cooled battery?


Tim from Saabsunited states that the price for the E version, with automatic transmission, is 289000 SEK. Which translates to 44068.99 USD. I was not aware a Model S was cheaper than that.

It will be in both Sedan and Wagon.
Nice car. Safe, good looking and fun to drive.
Want one!

Wish they could sell this car in Norway now. Would very much like a 9-3 ev wagon.

When they start selling them in Sweden you can also buy them, not far from the border. Soon now

Title of article should not say that the range will be 170 miles……at least not for the US audience…..this would give you the (incorrect) impression that you would get 170 miles of range! As to what the car will actually be capable of…..let’s wait and see.

So are we here across the pond in the Americas totally screwed when it comes to wanting to purchase and own a new saab 9-3 in gas or even EV? I own two saabs 9-3 currently an 01 viggen and an 06 2.0T love both cars would be very upsetting if I can’t continue my love for the saab vehicle brand as it is one of the best cars on the market, safety, reliability, performance and looks/appeal NEVS we need saab back in N AMERICA.

Not to worry, you will also be abel to buy eSaab’s, we just have to wait until the production starts this month. They are now finishing the modification of the productionline for EV’s and planning the distribution of the Cars worldwide.