1976 Electric Vanguard CitiCar Goes Up For Sale…Sells in a Flash


CitiCar in a Museum

CitiCar in a Museum

The Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar is considered by some to be the vehicle that started the second coming of electric.

Citi...Not to be Confused With City

Citi…Not to be Confused With City

The CitiCar, produced between 1974 and 1977 by US-based Sebring-Vanguard, Inc. is definitely not stylish, though it did prove that electric worked in a compact, lightweight package.

With only eight six-volt deep-cycle batteries on board, the CitiCar boasted a range of 35 miles and a top speed of around 35 mph.

Today, the CitiCar is cherished by collectors, as 1976 CitCar owner Brent Stevenson discovered when he put his up for sale.

Print Ad for CitiCar - Click to Enlarge

Print Ad for CitiCar – Click to Enlarge

Only 2,300 or so CitiCars were ever produced, but still that was enough to make it the most-produced electric vehicle in American history until the Tesla Roadster took over.

Back to Stevenson’s Citicar.  Stevenson listed the vehicle for sale in Utah at a price of $1,000.  It wasn’t in immaculate condition, but Stevenson says it’s drivable.

Stevenson claims to have received over 30 calls on the car in the first two days.   After finding a buyer, Stevenson continued to receive calls from potential buyers, which he had to turn down.  Though he did line up two back-up buyers in case the original deal fell through.

Stevenson was amazed by the amount of interest in the CitiCar, especially since Carbuzz.com lists it as one of its “Horrible Small Cars.”

Even Stevenson admits that the CitiCar is basically “a toy,” but buyers didn’t seem to care.

What this shows us is that early electric vehicles are now being sought both by collectors and those seeking unique EVs at reasonable prices.

The time of the electric vehicle is now and those nostalgic electric will always be sought simply because of the role they played in bringing electric vehicles into the mainstream.

Source: Standard-Examiner

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This type car was shown in an Article on sustainable living from the October 2013 Mother Earth News.

“though it did prove that electric worked in a compact, lightweight package.”

Compact and lightweight still makes the most sense for any private vehicle, not just electric. The i3 is half way to a sensible sized EV.

I remember there being one of these on ebay for $3000 dollars but I don’t know if they sold it or not.

Those cars are a classic from the 1973 oil crisis. Alaskan North slope, Mexico’s Cantarell, and the North Sea fields soon came online to resolve the oil problems for a couple decades starting in the early 80’s. But all those fields are now in steep decline such that the oil issue has come back with a vengeance. Now all we have is expensive fracked oil to mitigate the problem such that electrics will be here to stay this time.

I have a 1976 citicar for sale. I’ve safely redone everything electrically with the support of a professional team. Email me for pictures and offers: mikey at evsource dot com

Here is some detail:
New controller, new F/R contactor, new cables, new 24A charger, 1 year old batteries, new DC/DC converter. Completely redone 12v system, new wheels, new tires.

Includes custom made trailer for hauling (with new tires on trailer too.)

New custom made tempered glass windows, added trunk support, rust repentant (no rust under vehicle yet!), new turn signal switch.

Did you sell your Citicar or do you still have it? Where are you located at? How fast does it go and how far does it go on a charge?