18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Fuse Test – Video

JUN 16 2014 BY MARK KANE 2

18650 fire-proof battery cell-level fuse design test

18650 fire-proof battery cell-level fuse design test

Lithium-ion 18650 type cells are well known for high energy density, but the complexity of building such a battery pack with these cells is rather difficult.

So, the DIY community is looking for new and better solutions to enable using 18650 cells in many projects.

Recently, we found an interesting video on a 18650 battery cell cap fuse test in a new DIY battery assembly kit for 18650 cells. The fuses (one per cell) disconnect the circuit in case of cell short, preventing cells connected in parallel from high current and fire.

“Long story short, lithium cells, on some rare occasions, tend to short-circuit inside. If short develops and cell happens to be conected to some more cells in parallel, it could not hold the energy any longer and start burning with open flames. That propagates to other cells and we have a nice little (or large) lithium fire.
To solve this safety issue I have designed a new type of cell connection with embedded fuses. The idea is not new (Tesla Motors are well known for this), however my design is a lot cheaper.”

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The fuse design looks good. Tesla, though, has the cells separated and further divided into groups to prevent fires from spreading to other cells. This design doesn’t appear to take that into account.

Interesting design. Is there any way to introduce liquid cooling into this design, or would it be air-cool only?

I’d love to see a great aftermarket system that could use 18650’s reliably, and include a great BMS. That would finally give the hobbyists something good to add to their hybrids to convert them to plug-in hybrids.