Over 18,000 New Energy Vehicles Sold In China In August

SEP 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 4

Chery QQ3 EV...Definitely Ugly, But Not Even Close to a Golf Cart

Chery QQ3 EV

In August, China set s new record for New Energy Vehicles (all-electric and plug-in hybrids) sales – over 18,000!

Now to be fair, not all of those vehicles were cars.  EV Sales Blog is indicating that over 14,600 New Energy cars were sold. The rest must be buses or tinier transportation devices.

China’s August NEV sales:

18,054 including 12,085 BEV & 5,969 PHEV

18,000 NEVs translates to growth of 350%, while BEVs increased 6 times year-over year!

After eight months of sales, China is already approaching 110,000 NEVs (63% BEVs).

The largest manufacturer is BYD with sales exceeding 5,000 cars a month. Other models are growing into thousands.

China plug-in electric car sales (source EV Sales Blog)

China plug-in electric car sales (source EV Sales Blog)

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@ Mark,
So more BYD QIN’s were sold in China (1400), than Tesla S’ in the US (1300)… (for August)

Is this the first time that a Chinese EV single top model sales have surpassed a single top model sales in the US?

Not sure exactly we the Qin 1400 number comes from, but the Qin is often the top monthly seller worldwide. BYD has a shot at moving 40k this year.

thanks for your reply. I totally mis-read the chart — BYD sold 3,534 QIN’s in August (with no export numbers).
Tesla sold 1300 “S” in US+ 400 “S” in China, so 1700 total, still only half of the “top model” sales for a NEV.
You are correct that BYD has had the “Top Model” crown for several months.

No worries my friend, (=