18 States Where You Can’t Supercharge A Tesla Model S


As of this moment, there are 32 states where you can Supercharge your Tesla Model S, but still 18 in which you cannot.

Why can’t you? Simply because there is not yet a Supercharger in any of these 18 states.

The 18 states where you cannot Supercharge right now include:

Tesla Supercharger network by the end of 2015. Impressive!

Tesla Supercharger network by the end of 2015. Impressive!

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arkansas
  4. Hawaii
  5. Idaho
  6. Iowa
  7. Kentucky
  8. Louisiana
  9. Maine
  10. Massachusetts
  11. Mississippi
  12. Missouri
  13. Nebraska
  14. New Hampshire
  15. North Dakota
  16. Oklahoma
  17. Vermont
  18. West Virginia

Tesla began building its Supercharger network in the middle of 2012 and at this very point in time, there are 112 (and counting) Supercharger stations in North America (109 in the U.S.).

While we don’t expect Tesla to be able to fill in the remaining 18 states overnight, we do believe that many of those Supercharger-less states will be crossed off the list soon.

Tesla’s current U.S. Superchargers support complete east & west coast coverage, as well as coast-to-coast travel for the Model S.

An incredible picture of a Tesla supercharger in California, straight from Tesla Motors' website.

An incredible picture of a Tesla supercharger in California, straight from Tesla Motors’ website.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

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In tomorrow’s edition, there are over 2,900 counties, parishes (LA), boroughs (AK) and DC’s wards in the US without a Supercharger and though we don’t expect Tesla to fill them up by the end of this year, they will in the following Spring 😉

Can you get a Model S in Alaska? Is there service back-up there?
Hawaii may never get one. Why would one be needed?

Tesla has sold cars to every state, mississippi was the last to have a tesla owner. Hawaii doesn’t need a supercharger, my guess is alaska simply doesn’t make financial sense to supercharge given the cold weather.

Interesting that headline is focused on where Supercharger stations are not. The count-down, (vs. count-down) has begun!

It’s like the 1930’s when every community was building an airport to be connected to future travel. 😉

Milestone status check:
199 Supercharger stations globally
110 Supercharger stations in USA
– Largest Supercharger station has 16 stalls
– will number of operational Supercharger stalls/outlets exceed the number of CHAdeMO stalls in the USA before 2015?
(~650 Supercharger stalls vs. 650-700 CHAdeMO outlets)

Is there a list of states without CHAdeMO, and/or SAE Combo chargers? Expect these lists to be longer than the non-Supercharged states!

I’m not seeing much need for a supercharger in Hawaii. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have one right in the middle somewhere. I know they recently got their first chademo charger there.

Hawaii? Saddle Rd where an entrance is to Mauna Kea, on the big island. ½ way between Hilo and Kona would be nice!

Yeah, that’s a good point. The North Shore of Oahu might be nice too, just for people who go over there for the weekend.

Tesla Super Chargers are growing very fast. They are also placing their High Power EVSE locations at many Hotels. Of course you can use Level 2 chargers all over and even RV park 240 outlets.

With their range there is no place you can’t drive a Tesla S 85 and back. By the end of the year they will have even more Super Chargers, All FREE, All Renewable Powered.

All renewable powered? Humm, not the ones showcased here lately. Unless you mean something else by the word ‘renewable’ or else you are broadly defining it, as in Coal is renewable by that definition.

Bill — The goal is net-renewable over the entire Supercharger network. Some individual locations may vary.

Do we know what percent of super charger power is renewable today?

Hopefully this lights a fire under Tesla to get this list gone! My perception of the progress is that they have done a good job but this gives it some perspective.

Triadelphia, West Virginia might not be to happy with this article since it is the location of one of the 112 US supercharger stations.

Its a bit Ironic that Idaho, where the electricity is so cheap that many people have electric heat, doesn’t have a supercharger.

You’d think it would be in Musk’s interest to put them in places where they don’t run up his electric bill so much.

If you want to get into irony, the most populous state or province not to have a Supercharger is Quebec, which happens to be the place leading North America for least CO2 per kWh produced.

The chargers seem to be placed where tesla thinks traffic will use them most, and that isn’t idaho or mississippi, its not ironic. I would expect that they will be covered by the end of 2016. I don’t think cheap power is in the calculation at all. no irony there.

Not in the ‘public calculation’, no. But it always has to be in the back of Musk’s mind

1). How many Superchargers do we have and what is their operating cost? How much of them are financed?

2). What percentage total tesla charging is done at the supercharger? Around 9 – 11 % is the figure I’ve heard…. As more superchargers appear will the percentage go up?

3). In view of one and two, with sales in the US down (Tesla after all has not introduced a new model in years, and almost everyone who was going to buy an S in the states is pretty close to either having one or close to buying one), so the extra $2000 per car sale is slowing down, but the charging is increasing.

4). The “A tree never grows to the Sky” problem.

Well at least supposedly the Greater Toronto Area now has one….. (sorry Calgary, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon). I wonder if Jay Cole (our hero!) has figured out how to plug his Leaf into one yet?

Seems the only area of the country left out is Buffalo, NY. But since they’re building that Solar City factory there, you’d think they’d at least put in a token 2-car charger outside the plant to test out a solar cell or 2.

There is a SuperCharger in Massachusetts, it’s in Sagamore, MA, just before the Bourne Bridge. It’s been completed for weeks now, just waiting for Nstar to power up the site.
another SuperCharger is going in West Springfield, MA, and another one near Worcester.. there will soon be three.

Anyone remember the old Stuckey’s?

Dear Elon, Starbucks wants to expand food – get together and see if they’d like to Stuckey’s the interstate landscape with coffee-food bars and ‘happen’ to offer a supercharger at each location. They pay the physical install/maintenance, you pay the power bills, encourage them to split the cost of solar and run their store from that.
They get to market “Supercharge at Starbucks”
sincerely, a non-supercharged state.