18 Electric Motorcycles For MotoE Go Up In Flames


The nascent all-electric MotoE championship has had its whole roster of Energica Ego Corsa bikes destroyed by an overnight fire.

The MotoE field was in Jerez for three days of pre-season testing, and all 18 bikes that had taken to the track for the opening day on Wednesday were burned.

The fire is thought to have began around 12.15am local time, completely engulfing the MotoE paddock structure that hosted the Ego Corsa machines.

“A fire in the newly-built E-paddock has destroyed the majority of material for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup,” a statement from the organisers read.

“The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

“Fortunately there have been no injuries. An update will follow in the coming hours regarding the exact causes of the fire and any subsequent changes to the calendar.”

The championship had been announced as last year as a new support category for MotoGP that would put on shorter races of around 10 laps on grand prix weekend Sundays.

A total of 12 teams, among then MotoGP outfits Tech 3, Pramac, LCR, Avintia, SIC Racing (which runs the Petronas Yamaha outfit) and Gresini (which operates Aprilia’s works team), signed up, and the rider roster included the likes of Sete Gibernau, Bradley Smith and Xavier Simeon.

The opening day of the Jerez test was topped by Avintia’s Eric Granado.

The championship’s inaugural five-round season was set to kick off during the Spanish Grand Prix weekend at Jerez on May 3-5.

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My first instinct is that this was an electrical fire

My first instinct was that it was arson.

Unfortunately that was the first thing I thought of as well. Just seams somewhat strange timing wise.

The FIM is really getting behind this and the racing scene in general has been generally accepting of EV bikes, although the fans less so. I really doubt it was intentional (I’m not suggesting it was electrical either). If it really was it would be someone that has ‘gone rogue’.

Insurance, or to cover something up maybe? But again I find it unlikely. Accidents happen. Put 18 experimental bikes together under one roof and there is the potential for something like this happen.

It is really a suspicious incident. There was so much hatred against the project…

My first instinct is that this was an electrical fire.


Hopefully not.

Horrible regardless.

This is a huge shame. I’ve been following the TT Zero for some time and looked forward to seeing this. Reports I’ve seen elsewhere suggest they’re doing what they can to get some more bikes ready, but it’s not going to be easy.

I read elsewhere that there was some concern about generators, but it wasn’t a good translation. That article suggested that this would stop them from racing in the short term. Really a shame that all the bikes were destroyed.