Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-In Hybrid Stars In “Highway Robbery” – Video

White Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine charging


The XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid is Volvo’s new luxury SUV, and is one of the most powerful Volvos to date. The company claims through this ad that it is the only car powered by gas, electricity, and “other cars.”

Volvo XC 90 Ready For Takeoff

Volvo XC 90 Getting Ready For Takeoff

What’s the catch?

The company uses a unique “peristaltic system” to grab the viewers attention and show what the future may hold. The Volvo is parked on the side of the highway and plugged in. A pre-constructed system charges the car every time a vehicle drives by. There is even a light up meter showing progress, and a digital billboard thanking cars.

How does it work?

Engineers fabricated a mat to sit on the road atop tubes filled with water. Pressure from cars driving over the mat push the water and subsequently create energy to charge the waiting vehicle. It’s easier seen than explained.

See it behind the scenes:

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12 Comments on "Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-In Hybrid Stars In “Highway Robbery” – Video"

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This is quite old already and the whole idea is based on other cars using more energy to overcome the “obstacle”. Simply a typical fossil fuel based company ad.

I would have been more impressed if they converted bridge vibrations and support beam stress than something this mechanically complex.

Utterly ridiculous…I certainly hope this silliness was done by unpaid volunteers. Agree completely with 1st 2 comments.

What was the point of this? To waste energy by moving it around inefficiently?

If you are going to “steal” energy, take it from somewhere where it’s not already doing useful work.

I thought that title was about the price of the vehicle.

I got it. “The plug-in hybrid takes from others. It asks for their tax dollars. It creates unnecessary friction in their lives”.

Some companies will do anything to keep consumers from getting what they pay for. How dare we eat into Volvo’s margin. Highway robbery. That’s the message I get. Profits are their entitlement, while product isn’t yours. Help me out, Volvo?

Despite that I like the Volvo XC90 PHEV and understand what they are trying to do (by showing that electricity can be generated in many ways which is a good thing), it is a silly ad in my opinion.

If I am a driver that actually drove over the system, I would have been pissed that it is basically a giant bump in the middle of the road that will slow my momentum just so you can get few Wh out of a system that isn’t very efficient in convert the pressure into electricity.

Any speed bumps in the middle of road for no reason would piss me off.

LOL, you wouldn’t last 1 day in Mexico City 🙂

The only highway robbery I see is how much the up charge is for the plug in model!!!

I think if this had been done with a cheap ev it would have been more powerful but this just looks like the rich taking from the poor.

In all seriousness this sort of system could be used in braking zones but it would have to be pretty resilient to last long enough to make any sense from an energy or cost perspective.

I’ve seen studies of various piezoelectric systems to recover energy from pedestrians walking, vehicles going over roads etc.
In all case, frictional losses are such that it never covers the construction costs, never mind the ongoing maintenance (and I can see a class-action suit by a lawyer who frequents a mall demanding a share of the energy his/her walking generates).

It.Is.A.Joke! A joke in a commercial.
No it wasn’t very funny, but hey guys…