Tesla Supercharger Valet Service In Action – Video


The iconic Bjørn Nyland reports on Tesla Supercharger stations in Southern California that now have attendants seven days a week, during busy times.

Attendant At Tesla Supercharger Station

Attendant At Tesla Supercharger Station

The company’s main objective is to help keep the station traffic organized and reduce congestion. The goal would be to get customers a quicker, trouble-free charge. At some of the stations, if a customer pulls in and there is no charger available, the attendant can take their keys and charge it for them while they relax or get other tasks done.

Tesla is reporting that this is not a “valet service”. But no matter what it’s called, it makes lives easier for Tesla owners. With the enormous amount of deposits for the Model 3, any expansion and ease-of-use plans by the company will prove much appreciated.

In theory, this new plan by Tesla may be replaced in the future by robots and autonomy.  As reported last year, the company is testing a “snake-like” device that could insert itself into the vehicle with no human intervention. Hypothetically, fully valet could be achieved using a fully optimized “Summon Mode” to get the car into position, and then let the robotic snake do its thing from there.

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I get it now. If you want supercharging you have to get the autonomous driving mode. It makes total sense. It is required to solve the supercharger crowding issue that could crop up.

I can see it now, some guy is going to hang out at a Supercharger station, pretend to be a valet, then drive off in their Tesla. 🙂

Selfie of us as Tesla valet. 🙂

Selfie…..L M A 0…

Wow, where’d you get the convertible Tesla? 😉

It seems some people don’t know the photo (those young’ins!) That’s from the movie, “Ferris Bueller’s day off” of valet who take the car for a joy ride instead of just parking it. Whenever the topic of valet comes up, I think of those two on a joy ride.

That wide grin would also be on my face if I get to “valet” a P90DL for few dozen 0-60 runs. 🙂

All very nice and job creation is good,So who pays this guy?…. Plus., I don’t like other people driving my car. I can plugin my own car & get out when it’s ready . It’s not very complicated… No Thanks, I insist !

Eventually, you’ll go out to eat, your car will drop you off at the door. It’ll go for a quick charge. Since your phone has GPS, your car will know when you’re moving around and getting ready to leave. It’ll meet you at the door to bring you to your next destination.

The next 10 years are going to be interesting.
I can’t wait.

A little Scary, But so very Interesting ! I’d rather have my car drive itself..

Once cars are fully autonomous, there’s little reason to own one personally. THAT will free my garage up for some other toys!

Imagining that guy trying to figure out which car is more topped off, I just realized I want an EVSE with LEDs on the cable that pulse like the fuel lines on space fighters in Buck Rogers, with pulsing speed proportional to charging speed (i.e. power leve, i.e. kW).

That’s… kind of exactly what the EVSE that comes with Model S does. Lights aren’t all along the cable, though, just on the box.

Of course my 2014 S 60 without autopilot will single-handedly ruin all their plans to automate this process.

The snake charger could work at a supercharger but you would then still need another automatic system at home. If you don’t want the wireless 10% loss and prefer not to duplicate systems to much for various type of charging, home low power, high power 100 KW, megawatt level, there are not that many alternatives that gives a one fit all.

Yes… almost ready for the 300K new Model 3 owners… LOL.

It will be interesting for the next couple years for sure.

I wonder how many of those charging Teslas are on a long road trip charging up while just passing though, and how many are local Teslas getting a free charge at the nearest-to-home Supercharger.

People please stop talking about it and get the cars out on the market so we can choose the right one with the right interior.

This has to be a short-term measure — perhaps some Superchrger sites have started to get crowded, with customers arguing over access, and Tesla wants to avoid any bad rep for the SC network.
No way it’s cost-effective in the long term to staff SC locations 24/7; not a Tesla owner, but I presume what Tesla normally does is have the SC station itself self-diagnose & report issues remotely, and they send someone over only if there’s a known issue (reported by the station or a customer).